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Foreign Affair

By: Shelli Stevens | Other books by Shelli Stevens
Published By: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Published: Feb 07, 2012
ISBN # 9781609285579
Word Count: 68,356
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Eligible Price: $5.50

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Categories: Romance>Contemporary


Foreign Affair by Shelli Stevens - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Revenge can be sweet...and oh so sexy.

Lena Richards’s whirlwind vacation to Europe with a friend is a welcome chance to shake her pre-wedding jitters—until she learns her high-school sweetheart is cheating on her, Hawaiian-style. Figuring all’s fair, she indulges in a fling of her own with a sexy New Yorker she meets in Amsterdam whose kiss blows her mind—and the lid off her hormones.

Tyler Bentz is wary that the petite bombshell, who only a short time ago insisted their one kiss must never happen again, has done a complete 180. His questions only make it clear she’s interested in probing of the sexual kind. Who is he to turn her down?

As they burn their way across Europe, something shifts, and it’s not just the earth moving with their exploding passion. Lena begins to realize what it really means to fall in love. And Tyler finds himself tumbling hard and fast.

Reality catches up with them in Paris, leaving Tyler to wonder if Lena’s really the one, or if he’s nothing more to her than a pawn in her game of revenge.

This book has been previously released.

Warning: Americans misbehaving in Europe. An attraction more potent than any drug Amsterdam has to offer. A fling that breaks all the rules. And the creative, sensual use of Chinese takeout.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
Copyright © 2012 Shelli Stevens
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

“I’m not sure you should wear that.”

Lena glanced up from fastening a black heel strap around her ankle and frowned.

“Wear what?”


“This? You gave me this sweater for Christmas, Keith.” She glanced down at the red cashmere sweater. “What did you want me to do with it? Use it to wash my car?”

“The sweater is fine, Lena.” He stepped forward, grabbing the hem of her skirt and pulling it downward. “This shows off too much of your legs.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Lena blinked. “Jesus, you’re not. Did you attend some kind of make your woman submissive and wear tents seminar?”

“Of course not.” He apparently failed to share her humor. “It’s not appropriate to travel in.”

“We’re driving into Portland, not flying around the world.”

“Yes, we are.” Stephanie popped through the door with a huge grin. “And don’t you look absolutely perfect.”

“What?” Lena tilted her head. What had Stephanie just said? “I must’ve have heard you wrong.”

Keith turned to Stephanie and shook his head. “Of course she can’t travel in that outfit. It’s almost an eleven-hour flight. There’s no way she’ll be comfortable.”

“Flight?” Lena blurted.

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “Keith, don’t be so damn uptight. She looks hot, and you’re just worried about some other guy snagging her. Relax, turbo, you’ve got to trust your woman.”

“Uptight?” He jerked backward and snarled, “I am not uptight, and I’ll have you know I have all the trust in the world in my fiancée.”

“Okay, stop it.” Lena threw her arms up between them. “Will somebody please tell me what the hell is going on? Aren’t we going to lunch at a French restaurant?”

Stephanie paused and glanced at her, almost in surprise. “Of course we are. It’s in Paris. I thought you figured it out, Lena. I’m taking you to Europe as a pre-wedding gift. The last vacation you’ll ever take as a single woman.”

Lena’s jaw dropped, the word Paris spinning around in her head. “You’re taking me to France? Is this a joke?”

“No.” Stephanie shook her head. “I asked for some time off from this project. So I want to take a vacation.”

Lena stared at her in amazement. “But I can’t go to Paris.”

“What? You have to,” Keith snapped.

“I—I have to work, for one reason....”

“I rearranged your schedule,” Keith intervened. “I’ve known about this for about a month. You’ve got the next two weeks off. Your work arranged to cover for you.”

“You did what?” Lena’s eyes widened. “But how? This is so sudden. I’m not even packed.”

“Well you’d better hurry up and do it before the limo gets here.”


Stephanie grinned. “I hired one. But we’re going to miss our flight if you don’t hurry your butt up, so let me help you.”

“I can’t believe this,” she muttered as they finished packing. “Is this really happening?”

“Oh yeah.” Stephanie nudged her in the side after tossing another shirt in the case. “This is happening.”

Once Lena snapped her suitcase shut, Keith pulled her in for another hug and gave her a quick kiss.

“I wasn’t too keen on this whole trip, babe. But we’re not married yet, so it’s kind of hard for me to say no.”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “You know, you’re kind of a control freak, Keith.”

“Yeah, and you’re kind of a bitch.” Keith gave her a hard smile.

Lena, refusing to get sucked in by their usual bickering, instead grabbed her jacket. “Can you guys at least try to get along?”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll work on that. Right after we get back from Europe.” Stephanie grabbed her arm and ushered her out the door.

A second later Lena found herself stuffed into the back of a shiny limo. And then, as she waved good-bye to Keith and the limo pulled away, it all began to sink in.

“I’m actually going to Paris.”

“Yes, you are.” Stephanie gave a wicked smile and pulled out a bottle of Dom Perignon. “This is your get out of jail free card, Lena. So you’d better get ready. We’re celebrating.”

“Apparently.” Lena accepted the glass of champagne and watched Keith walk back into the house as the limo pulled away.

“And since I’m using my money to fund this trip, I have one condition for you.”

“And that is?” Lena would have agreed to anything at this point. She was going to freaking Europe!

“There is to be no talk whatsoever about Keith. You are a single woman these next two weeks. Flirt. Have fun. It’ll be like a two-week, European bachelorette party.”

Lena hesitated. Hell, all she had to do was agree, it didn’t mean she’d actually flirt with anyone.

She raised her glass and clinked it into Stephanie’s. “You’ve got a deal.”

“Good.” Stephanie winked. “And, by the way, speaking of party? We’re going to Amsterdam first.”

Foreign Affair

By: Shelli Stevens