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Forced Fantasies

By: Cassandre Dayne | Other books by Cassandre Dayne
Published By: Naughty Nights Press (NNP)
Published: Dec 09, 2011
ISBN # 9780987853950
Word Count: 39,594
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Categories: Romance>GLBT>Gay Romance>BDSM Romance>Erotic Romance


Forced Fantasies by Cassandre Dayne - Romance>GLBT>Gay

Devlin Carter yearned to find a new life including a career that allowed him more freedom to be the man he’d buried inside. Longing for a partner to share his dark cravings of being owned and collared, he fought his personal demons wearing a conservative mask but something had to give. Stumbling onto Dark Obsession, an Internet Fetish Community that catered to every kinky need, he was intrigued. Invited to a very posh and private party hosted by the owner of the site, Devlin was concerned co-workers would find out about his exotic hungers and he’d lose his job.

Granger Williams, Staff Master to all that knew him, savored owning the extensive Internet site with his partner and lover, Tanner Simpson. Enjoying all flavors of BDSM, they shared a life together but they both held a horrible secret and one Granger refused to talk about. For some reason Granger couldn’t keep his mind off of the very sexy Devlin and against his better judgment invited the newbie to the highly sought after event. After all, Tanner wanted him to find a new partner before it was too late. Unfortunately fate had other ideas. Torn apart, could the two souls forgive and learn to deal with the unfolding tragedy?
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Gliding into the room, he swallowed hard as he gazed around the perimeter. The hallowed space was lit with sconce lights flanking the rich crimson walls.
Granger clenched his hands open and closed as he stared first at the chains swaying back and forth from the ceiling and second at the thick rope meant for binding. His legs quaked as he walked toward the wooden stool they had purchased together several months before. The polished cherry was affectionately titled ‘the throne’ and was meant as a place of reverence for both men when they were in charge. The mat in front was nothing more than a placeholder for the sub to know his place.
Kneeling slowly, Granger held the submissive stance, his legs apart, head down, waiting in peaceful solitude for Tanner’s arrival. As they often told their other subjects, this moment of quiet was meant for honest reflection of desires and the understanding of what discipline was needed.
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Submitted By: fergie12 on Jan 30, 2014
Just didn't like it. A little to dark for me.

Forced Fantasies

By: Cassandre Dayne