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Forbidden: The Temptation [Book 4]

Series: The Forbidden Series , Book 4.0
By: Samantha Sommersby | Other books by Samantha Sommersby
Published By: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Published: Mar 05, 2010
ISBN # 9781605048666
Word Count: 50,070
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Eligible Price: $4.50

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Categories: Romance>Werewolves/Shifter Romance>Erotic Romance


Forbidden: The Temptation [Book 4] (The Forbidden Series) by Samantha Sommersby - Romance>Werewolves/Shifter eBook

There’s a fine line between man and beast…one only the heart can cross.

Forbidden, Book 4

A year ago, Jacob Madison got more than he bargained for during a rock-climbing trip to Yosemite. A freak accident left him badly injured, at the mercy of the elements—and the wolves who rescued him. If it hadn’t been for them, he’d be dead. He’d also still be human. Now he’s back, hoping to find out who he is and what he’s become. Instead, he finds smart, sexy Allison Connelly.

A forensic psychologist, Allison is newly divorced and proudly standing on her own two feet…until an unexpected storm shears off the snow bank she’s standing on. She plunges down an icy ravine, thinking she’s heading for oblivion. Then she lands in the arms of a tall, dark Texan. Jake.

Brought together by circumstance and bound by passion, secrets from their past threaten their future before it can begin. And somewhere in the mountains lurks a rogue Were turned serial killer. Whatever the danger Jake’s inner beast poses to Allison, there’s only one way to protect her—unleash it. Even if it costs him her love.

This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release.

Warning: This book contains raging winter storms, truly inspiring sex, a kick-butt heroine, and one very hot, dirty-talking cowboy…who’s sometimes furry.
Reader Rating:   3.7 starstarstarstar (3 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
“Looks like you could use a lift, darlin’,” I shouted over the din of the wind.

Her eyes fluttered open, her lids seemed heavy, her gaze glassy as she stared at the tips of my boots. I knelt and lifted her, cradling her in my arms.

“You with me, sweetheart?”

Snowflakes were clinging to the tips of her lashes. She smiled weakly.

“I’m with you, cowboy,” she whispered, her voice tremulous and a little hoarse. “Where in the world did you come from?”

“Originally? Dallas.” I brushed off the dusting of fresh powder that had accumulated on her face. The flesh underneath was red from the cold.

“What the fuck is going on?” Mireya demanded.

She was afraid. Mireya wasn’t prone to cussing.

“I’ve got her. I’m going to start the ascent in a minute. Once I’m close to the top I’ll let you know, so you can take off and go ahead. I’m gonna bring her back to the ranch.”

“She probably needs to go to a hospital, Jake.”

“Look around you, Mireya. The roads are going to be closing if they aren’t closed already. Until someone plows us out, we’re probably going to be stuck.”

“Once you give the signal we’ll go on ahead,” she relented. “I’ll explain to Dakota. As soon as the woman’s recuperated, she leaves. Agreed? You have work to do, Jake. You aren’t here to play nursemaid…or doctor.”

“I remember why I’m here.”

“How did you find me?”

Since I was a terrible liar I stuck as close to the truth as possible. “I was just a little ways back in the clearing when you cried out. I would have been here sooner but I had to run back to my cabin for equipment. Can you stand, sweetheart?”


I smiled. “Can you stand, Allison?”

“I think so.” She nodded and, moving onto her knees, faced me. “What’s the plan?”
No nonsense. I liked that. I put my gloves back on, stood and offered her my hand. She took it and let me pull her up. She was a little unsteady at first and I was hesitant to let go.

“Depends on what kind of condition you’re in.”

“Just tell me what to do.” The determination in her voice was encouraging.

“First we get you strapped into this harness. Do you know how to climb?”
She shielded her eyes with one mitten-covered hand and looked up at the face of steep snow. “I’ve never climbed anything like this.”

A strong gust of wind blew through the passage. Allison stumbled. She bumped into me and I had to wrap my arms around her in order to prevent her from falling.
“Shit! Sorry.”

“It’s all right,” I assured her. “I’ve got you.”

“I’m not usually so… I don’t know what’s wrong.”

“The less time we spend out here the better. The storm’s getting worse and the wind chill is picking up.” I unclipped the spare harness. “I’m gonna help you into this. Hold on to me, all right? Can you manage?”

She nodded.

It was slow going and awkward, but we did it.

“Now what, Dallas?” she asked as I cinched down the last strap.

I paused to retrieve the two bottles of water from my backpack. I opened the first one and handed it to her.

“I’m going to use this webbing and the biners to connect our harnesses. Then I’m going to haul us out of here as fast as I can. Drink some water.”

“My car’s miles away, six or seven. I don’t think I can make it back that far. I can’t believe I was so stupid. When I started out this morning the sky was clear. I…”

She glanced down at the bottle. Her hands were shaking. When she looked back up her eyes connected with mine. They were filled with tears.

“It’s going to be all right. Don’t be hard on yourself. The storm blew in from nowhere. The ranch where I’m staying, it’s closer.” I opened the second bottle of water and swallowed down half the contents before realizing she’d yet to take a sip. “Drink. You need the water.”

“How far is it?”

“A few miles.”

She looked up. The top of the ledge was invisible, there was no way for her to judge the distance. “So all we have to do is get back up there, then walk a few miles.”

“All you have to do is hold on to me, darlin’,” I said, trying to make what we were about to do sound simple. I finished attaching her harness to mine. “Just hold on.”

We were in position now and ready to make our ascent. I’d done this before with packs as heavy as Allison was. I was younger then, weaker, still human. For the first time, I was grateful for my wolf. It was with me and would get us through this.

“I’m just going to slow you down, Dallas.”

“The name is Jake and,” I reached up for the rope, “I’ve always liked it slow.”

Forbidden: The Temptation [Book 4]

By: Samantha Sommersby