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Fire's Field

Series: The Elemental Series , Book 2.0
By: Jillian Jacobs | Other books by Jillian Jacobs
Published By: Jillian Jacobs
Published: May 19, 2015
ISBN # 9781942313052
Word Count: 94,099
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Eligible Price: $2.99

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Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Fantasy Romance>Sci-Fi


Fire's Field (The Elemental Series) by Jillian Jacobs - Romance>Fantasy eBook

Bound by a dark enchantment, only an elemental flame can light the way.
Forged in rage and sorrow, a dark witch’s spell travels down her ancestral line to Violet Levina. Enchanted with the power of the entire Electromagnetic spectrum—microwaves, gamma rays, radio waves, Violet is cursed with limitless energy and the obligation to destroy an insidious creature composed of dark matter.
For over five hundred years, Flint has served as Fire, aiding Earth’s environment and its people as one of four Elementals. Yet only once in his long existence has he been burned. A flaming redhead ignites the embers of his heart, but he finds her resistant to the heat building between them.
Knowing she must fulfill her destiny, Violet travels to her home in Ireland, accompanied by the fiery Elemental. Not fooled by his charms and brazen demeanor, Violet wishes only to shield him from the coming battle, but can’t deny the flames of desire flickering when she is at his side.
While standing together against unrelenting adversaries, false friends, family betrayals, and an underlying seed of darkness, they must burn bright, or the ruthless power behind the ancient spell will turn everything to ash.

With Flint as her beacon in a field of darkness, Violet will discover that love holds the most powerful magic of all.
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“Flint, please. I must fulfill the spell. I am the 25th daughter.” She took the rose and ran her thumb across a thorn. “Therefore, the responsibility lies with me, and you are an unwelcome distraction.” And there were too many thorns to bear before she could ever welcome the rose.
He barked out a laugh. “I am the distraction?” With a searing smile, he trailed a finger along her bottom lip. “I’ll tell you what I am. I am the heat that smolders through your body, burning, blazing as desire. I sense each red stroke, flaring toward mine.” Flint placed a hand upon her chest, just above her wildly beating heart. “Red and blue swirling into a heated pulse of violet. I resent this connection as much as you, but after living for almost six centuries, I…I can’t believe I’m going to say this…I want to feel.”
He ran a hand through his hair and then rested his forehead against hers. As if the weight of the world had dropped on his shoulders and he could no longer bear the burden. “Stop running. We both must stop running.”
“I can’t…I will never be that girl for you.” Why did her heart suddenly ache? Why must she stay in this cold existence, never allowing the touch of another to melt her defenses? She had accepted her solitary existence, and this desire she felt for Flint was an unfair temptation. “I have no future,” she whispered against his lips.
“Then I’ll share some of mine.” He nudged her mouth open with his own, teasing with light kisses, and then slanted his mouth over hers, again and again.
Though she could stop him, this…this heat, this instant spark, electrified her soul. Why now, when she was so close to fulfilling her ancestor’s spell, was this opportunity for an emotional connection offered? These feelings racing through her body were too intense to quantify with simple words. With each stroke of his tongue, he made her believe she could lean on him. Grasp the support of his muscular body, hide behind his fiery protection, and build a wall of flame that no one could extinguish.
The scared, abandoned girl who craved the love of another, a soft touch, a warm embrace, allowed the kiss to go on and on, until he stilled and murmured a soft curse.

Fire's Field

By: Jillian Jacobs