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Series: Lycan Warriors
By: Nathalie Gray | Other books by Nathalie Gray
Published By: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
Published: Jan 24, 2007
ISBN # 9781419907371
Word Count: 60,221
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Eligible Price: $3.75

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Categories: Romance>Erotic Romance


Feral (Lycan Warriors) by Nathalie Gray - Romance>Erotic Romance

Lycan Warriors, Book One
Imagine if the Big Bad Wolf had won?
Dex Solomon is the Big Bad Wolf. Leader of a lycanthrope team of mercenaries, he fights hard, plays harder. And on the battlefield as well as in bed he takes no prisoners. He has no finesse, doesn't know the meaning of the word "retreat". His men will follow him to the gates of hell if need be. His women regularly curse him off to the same place. But one woman — sexy, dangerous and enigmatic — has managed to penetrate the tough shell and ignite the sexual fury brewing underneath, has even managed to convince the ever-guarded Solomon to trust her. For the first time in his life, he's considering it…changing his ways, taming the beast within. He'd do anything for Eva.
And Eva, the Iron Conclave's top spy, sent to infiltrate a team of dangerous lycanthrope mercenaries, would do anything to protect her government. Even if it means betraying the one man she's come to love.
Reader Advisory: Contains some scenes of violence and bloodshed — not for the faint of heart.
Reader Rating:   4.3 starstarstarstarstar (3 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip

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An Excerpt From: FERAL

Copyright © NATHALIE GRAY, 2007

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.


Eva didn't think she could draw another breath and stood frozen against the stainless steel wall, her knees so weak it was a wonder she still stood at all. Her hands had fallen by her sides, hung loose and numb. Despite some debris still floating down on the floor, Solomon's arrival had proven relatively clean. Like a surgical blade.

The thought of his fangs and talons ripping at her made Eva gag. She gritted her teeth and watched as the lycanthrope stood slowly, his back arched slightly, his powerful legs ready to propel him great distances if need be. There wouldn't be. She couldn't move a muscle.

Fear gave way to horror, which readily dissipated into unadulterated primal alarm. Despite her still body, every last one of her nerve endings was working its microscopic ass off, firing signals to a brain long deadened by the overload. A frisson crawled up her spine with the tingly march of a caterpillar. She couldn't even shiver.

Solomon's chest swelled when he emitted a sort of half whimper, half grunt. He sounded in pain. She only noticed then the state of him. Shame and regret burned her cheeks. Lacerations--claw marks--covered his back and sides. Vestiges from his run-in with Cupcake and Dragana then Palmer. God, what had she done to the guy?

Though his eyes were a bit more slanted, the stare he planted on her face was the same that had accompanied her into oblivion back on the cruiser. The unchanged intensity...the fierce appetite.

With water now drumming on him, his hair started to slick down between his muscles, underlining the terrible force swelling his human frame, pushing it to the limit of endurance and cohesion. With a shake of his head, Solomon took a step forward. Then another.

Eva's heart beat so hard, she felt as though it'd become one continuous flutter against her sternum, in her buzzing ears. Water got into her staring eyes. She didn't blink. It seeped into her mouth. She couldn't swallow the excess and instead let it dribble back out again. Steam made everything fuzzy. Except the fear. This was plenty clear cut. And as Solomon continued his careful advance, some of the fear began to subside, be replaced with something she hadn't counted on at all. Adrenaline.

Born out of what, for heaven's sake? I'm about to be butchered.

Panting, Solomon advanced on her until he stood almost close enough for her to touch--as if she would. Eva knew if she made a single wrong move, too brusque or threatening, she'd be dead within seconds.

If she were lucky.

So she stayed perfectly still when he extended a taloned hand, the knuckles disproportionately large. But he froze, curled his lip and instead rammed his fist into the stainless steel wall an inch from her temple, buckling the panel as though it were cardboard. Despite her best effort, she let out a yelp of fright. He didn't like it at all.

She gasped when he wrapped his hand over her throat and pulled her closer to his face. Water ran in rivulets down his face, on either side of his flaring nose, into the cleft of his chin.

Oh god...

His mouth partly opened, he cocked his head, brought her face right against his nose and took a tentative sniff. After a series of quick sniffs, Eva's eyes filled with burning tears when it became obvious Solomon was going to bite her face off. She didn't want to see it coming. Not from him.

"I'm sorry," she murmured, closing her eyes and waiting.

The awful bite, the tearing and rending, the searing agony...they never came. Something hot and wet touched her on the cheek. She cracked an eye open just in time to see his ham-pink tongue disappearing back into his snarling mouth. He'd licked her face?

Stars began to fizz at the edges of her vision. His grip on her throat was making her dizzy. Perhaps he'd changed his mind and was going to play with her a bit before he shredded her lying ass.

Not as if you don't deserve it.

Solomon extended his other hand and delicately, as if he were only tapping his fingernails on a desk, punctured the stainless steel wall, each talon an anchor. Muscles bulged when he unlocked his elbow, leaned into Eva and gave her a really good sniff. Despite the state of her mental abilities, she could tell things had just switched gears, and she wasn't sure she didn't prefer the previous, carnage-oriented one. That Solomon had become so unexpectedly alert to her body did things to her she'd rather not dwell on right now.

His belt cinching his strong waist with each breath, he followed the contour of her face, her neck, across her bare chest then up the other side. He never touched her though. Only took intermittent inhalations. And when he licked her cheek, a good four-inch upward pass, Eva could only stare in incredulity. To her undying shame, an image of a sexually engaged Solomon--in lycanthrope form no less--triggered a heat wave down her belly, into her sex, along her cramping thighs. Her toes curled up.

With water and steam billowing in the decon room, Eva remained still as Solomon continued his olfactory inspection, each pass bringing him increasingly lower on her belly, which quivered with each of her superficial breaths. She looked down when he seemed to zero in on something he meant to inspect further.





By: Nathalie Gray