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Fencing You In

Series: Riding Tall
By: Cheyenne McCray | Other books by Cheyenne McCray
Published By: Cheyenne McCray, LLC
Published: Dec 21, 2012
ISBN # 9780985853440
Word Count: 61,500
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Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Westerns/Cowboys


Fencing You In (Riding Tall) by Cheyenne McCray - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Tess Grady doesn’t do playboy cowboys and as far as she’s concerned that’s exactly what Gage McBride is. Tess wants steady, stable, and secure in a man and Gage seems to be the farthest thing from that. When women come up to a man in a bar and slap him, that’s got to be a good sign that he’s not the one for her, or a suitable male role model for her young daughter. After losing her husband in a car accident, Tess isn’t even sure she can love again.

Gage has been waiting for the right woman, and he’s sure Tess is the one. The problem is that she believes the reputation he has somehow earned after being betrayed by the one woman he ever loved. He’s not the “cowboy with a woman in every town” that Tess believes he is and he intends to prove it to her.

Tess starts to fall for the sexy cowboy when things go desperately wrong. Harvey Norton, a man from Gage’s past is seeking revenge. Not only did Gage help to put Harvey behind bars for embezzling, but Tess, the woman Harvey is attracted to, seems to be falling for Gage.

Gage’s life is in danger and soon Tess’s is, too. Gage must save Tess while at the same time trying to stay alive.
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“I don’t date playboys.” Tess Grady wiped down the bar, shaking her head and trying not to smile as she looked at Gage McBride sitting on the stool in front of her. “Once again, the answer is no.”
“Playboy?” The cowboy raised a brow as he set down his cold mug of beer. “Now I’m a playboy?”
“A cowboy with a girl in every town.” Tess began polishing a glass. “I’ve heard the rumors.”
“You believe everything you hear?” An amused smile curved the corner of his mouth. “Don’t tell me you judge a man based on rumors.”
She shrugged one shoulder. “If the Stetson fits…”
He leaned forward, folding his muscular arms on the bar. Hell, every part of the man appeared muscular. She was loath to admit it, but the thought of undressing such a hot package made her mouth water. “Why don’t you get to know me?” he asked. “Judge for yourself.”
As she polished another glass, she tried to ignore the pull the cowboy had on her. Ever since Nectars had opened, Gage had been coming into the bar and would flirt with her when she wasn’t working in the Hummingbird, the restaurant side of her family’s establishment. Most of the time, she was in the restaurant so she didn’t see Gage often enough for him to corner her like he had now.
When he was near, he set her senses on fire, and she always tried to find a way to get away from the man as fast as possible. Unfortunately, today wasn’t a day she could escape because they were short-staffed in the bar.
She blew a blonde curl out of her eyes. “No thanks,” she said despite the fact that she was so very tempted.
Clear green eyes without a hint of hazel in them studied her. His eyes held the kind of sensuality that caused a woman’s belly to squirm. He had dark hair and just enough stubble on his jaws to add to his rough, sexy appearance.
The tempting thing with Gage was that rough and sexy was natural. He was not some guy trying to look like a hardworking cowboy. She’d been told how successful his water well drilling business was and that he might play hard but he worked even harder. Of course, she’d never let him know she’d been intrigued enough to learn more about him. She found it curious and rather attractive that he never mentioned his business success to lure her in.
“Come on, Tess.” Gage’s sexy drawl was enough to make her toes curl. “One date.”
She opened her mouth to respond when she saw a tall, gorgeous redhead making a beeline through the establishment, headed straight for Gage. A flare of heat was in the woman’s gaze and she looked like she could spit flames.
She came up behind Gage, so angry looking that Tess could imagine the woman’s eyes glowing red. “Well hello, Gage.” The redhead spat the words with venom.
A pained expression crossed his face and Tess thought she might have seen him wince.
Slowly he turned toward the redhead and smiled. “Hi, Nandra.”
“You—” Nandra raised her hand and slapped Gage hard across his left cheek “—bastard.” The sound of her hand contacting flesh was loud.
The few patrons in the bar went quiet.
The woman cut her gaze to Tess. “So you’re his little squeeze now? Just don’t get too comfortable.” Nandra spun around and marched out of the bar, her heels clicking on the wood floor.
Gage watched Nandra walk out as he rubbed his jaw while talking resumed. Fortunately, those in the bar all had full drinks and Tess could enjoy Gage’s discomfort.
He looked back at Tess as she was trying to hold back laughter. He picked up his cold beer mug and put it against the side of his face. “She packs some power.”
“You have a way with the ladies.” Tess looked at him with amusement.
“Second time this month.” He gave a rueful smile as he lowered his mug to the bar. “I guess you might as well just slap me now and get it over with.”
Tess did laugh then. “Assuming I’d be foolish enough go out with you to begin with.” She gestured toward the entrance. “And that was not the best endorsement.” She braced her hands on the bar. “I suppose you didn’t deserve that.”
“No, I deserved it.” His admission surprised Tess. “Long story.”
She leaned down and rested her elbow on the bar, her chin in her hand. “The bar is nearly empty. I have time.”
He grinned. “Go out with me and I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.”
She rolled her eyes. “Good try.”
“How about tomorrow night?” His green eyes held hers and she knew exactly what a romance heroine meant when she felt like she was melting. She felt like her bones had gone soft and she was breathing a little faster.
She pushed away from the bar and felt like she had to physically break the connection with him to do so. “I’m busy.”
“Is that right?” he said.
“My daughter has a kindergarten open house.” Tess smiled at the thought of Jenny then felt an immediate stab of guilt that she had to work so late when she should be home with her.
Gage started to say something but to Tess’s relief, a crowd of young adults pushed their way into Nectars.
“Excuse me.” She gave Gage a quick smile then moved down the bar to where one of the young men had come up to order. “I’ll need to see your ID,” she said to the guy. He pulled out his driver’s license and handed it to her. The license had the name Hal Johnson on it. When she returned it, she gave a nod in the direction of the two young women and another young man who sat as a nearby table. “Theirs, too, if they’re ordering drinks, Hal.”
Hal looked a little annoyed, but said “All right.”
After checking everyone’s ID and making sure they were at least twenty-one, Tess took their orders and served up beers for them.
When she finished with that group, two separate couples walked through the door. The evening crowd had begun to filter in. She glanced back to where Gage had been sitting and saw that he was gone, and that once again he’d left a generous tip sticking out from beneath his beer mug.
Even though he’d left, she still felt as if she could sense him watching her. Warmth spread over her skin as if he was touching her now. Just thinking about the man was going to drive her crazy. She shook her head. Damn.
There was something about Gage McBride that intrigued her in ways she couldn’t begin to understand. She liked solid, dependable men like the man she’d married. Steve had died from a car accident some time ago and she hadn’t dated anyone since he’d passed away. Pain still squeezed her heart when she thought about him but the pain had faded enough that maybe she should start dating again.
But not a sexy cowboy ladies man. That was not smart. Not smart at all.
Reader Reviews (2)
Submitted By: slinkydennis on Jan 25, 2013
I just bought this book today and couldn't stop reading until I finished it. I loved it. Super steamy and both had issues. Tess lost her husband 3 years prior and Gage had his heart broken 12 years ago. I loved how they both forge past their issues and make it work. It might take a couple of near tragedies for them to admit how they feel to each other, but once they do they don't waste any time!
Submitted By: bookworm77 on Jan 7, 2013
What a great series by Cheyenne McCray! The McBride cowboys are hot and Gage is no exception! Tess and Gage's story is filled with romance, heat and intrigue. This story was difficult to put down and kept me turning the pages until I reached the end. Ms. McCray's writing is thought provoking and riveting. I totally recommend this story for readers who like contemporary western romances, you will love it.

Fencing You In

By: Cheyenne McCray