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Exposed Desires

By: Brandi Evans | Other books by Brandi Evans
Published By: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
Published: Nov 17, 2010
ISBN # 9781419931208
Word Count: 13,557
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Categories: Romance>Erotic Romance


Exposed Desires by Brandi Evans - Romance>Erotic Romance

What says I love you like a lap dance?
Sophia Raines has the looks, the charm and the hottest strip club in Dallas. So why is she so glum? The man she loves is deploying to Afghanistan and she hasn’t had the courage to tell him she loves him. Tonight, however, everything will change. Sophia has the perfect plan to show Bret how she feels.
Bret Dowers has loved Soph for years, but between two tours of duty—three if he counts his brief marriage—things have never worked out. But when Soph rocks his world with some serious PDA, their friendship takes a dramatic turn. Can their new-found love survive the separation of deployment?
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Copyright ? BRANDI EVANS, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing,



It was
now or never.

stared across the smoke-filled club as the man she loved took a long pull
of his Heineken. Regret expanded in her chest like a balloon, so thick and
heavy she could hardly breathe. She?d had over a year to tell him the
truth. A fricking year! But somewhere along the way,
time had become her enemy.

In two
days Bret, her best friend for almost ten years, would ship out for another
tour in the Middle East and he might never return.

Never return?

words left a void in her soul. Trying to fathom the next eighteen months without
him was like trying to figure out how to reconfigure her lungs to process
carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. So picturing the rest of her life without


He was
her rock. The only man besides her father she trusted explicitly?even if she?d
never told him how much she cared. But no more. Tonight she?d finally tell
Bret Dowers the truth she?d been hiding for so long.

wiped her hands on the rag she kept draped over her shoulder when helping
out at the bar, gathered every ounce of courage she possessed and?

?Can I
get a beer??

Well shit.

turned her gaze from Bret and focused on the patron at the bar. Despite her
annoyance, she gave the sandy-haired young man a flirtatious smile and
flipped her dark hair over her shoulder. ?What can I get ya, sweetheart??

hated using the Brazilian Bombshell appeal her mother had cursed her with,
but her customers expected her to flirt. Expected all her girls to flirt. Why
else would they be at a strip club with rolls of bills straining their jeans?

he said to her breasts, ?what all do you have on tap??

she didn?t have time for this. She had a plan to put into motion.

she kept her smile glued on and listed off the names of the twenty beers on
tap. Boy-Man might be twenty-two. Might. If she didn?t have confidence in
her bouncers, she?d ID the guy again herself.

expected?and received?integrity from her employees. Exposed Desires was
many things. Sexy, sensual?naughty. But it wasn?t dirty. She?d worked hard
to change the club?s image when she?d taken over almost six years ago. As a
result, her club had become one of Dallas? most-talked-about erotic hot

Light,? Boy-Man finally said.

an original soul. ?Coming right up, hon.? She grabbed a frosted mug from
the freezer, filled his order then turned to Mindy, the busty redhead at
the end of the bar. ?The bar?s all yours, Min.?

waved without turning her thousand-watt grin from the serious tip she was
building from Baldy McBeergut.

smiled at a group of businessmen as she passed their table. The guys were
regulars, came in twice a week. Sometimes three when business was really
good. The club had lots of regulars, most of whom she knew by name. And by the
size of the tips they gave.

she arrived at the DJ?s station?an elevated platform along the club?s back
wall?she chanced another glance at Bret. This time, his gaze met hers and
locked in.

the distance and the distractions between them, desire simmered to life in
her body and kicked her heart into high gear. Bret had the physique of an
athlete. Not bulky but with the hard lines and sculpted ridges of a man who
worked and worked out hard. Then tack on sandy blond hair and eyes as blue
as the Texas sky and he was a shoo-in for the WWDAs?Walking Wet Dream

looked away before her cheeks heated to the point Bret would be able to see
the redness from across the club. She plucked a wireless mic from the cabinet beside the turntable then tapped
the DJ on the shoulder.

this number, Tee,? she said. She?d told him of her plan earlier, given him
the song she wanted him to play. ?And don?t forget to dim the house lights
when you turn on the spotlight onstage. I want the mood to be as intimate
as possible.?

it, boss,? Tee said then went back to jiving along with the pounding bass pumping
through the club.

the corner of her eyes, she could see Bret still watching her, and like
Odysseus to the call of the sirens, she couldn?t help but turn her full
attention on him.

waved her over. She took one step toward him. Then stopped. Bret asking
questions was the last thing she wanted. Lying to her best friend wasn?t
her strong suit.

neither was telling him the complete truth.


Exposed Desires

By: Brandi Evans