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Eve's First Noel

By: Davee Jones | Other books by Davee Jones
Published By: Secret Cravings Publishing
Published: Dec 05, 2012
ISBN # 9781618854469
Word Count: 11,511
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Categories: Romance>Drama Romance>Contemporary Romance>Erotic Romance


Eve's First Noel by Davee Jones - Romance>Drama

Eve desperately needed to find Christmas magic to help get her through the holidays. Noel needed to fill the cavernous, lonely void in his heart.

Decked out in her sexiest holiday finest, Eve strolled into Noel’s life more unsure of herself than ever, yet determined to find joy for Christmas. Noel was having trouble learning to live ardently again, but one look at Eve roused his dormant masculine desires.

When they met, their smoldering chemistry thawed the frosty passions lying latent within each of them. But, can love really happen when two strangers meet by chance? Or is it only a momentary seasonal gift? Noel must help Eve destroy the bitter remnants of her past, while opening himself up to adoration once more. Finding a creative way they can both release their doubts and welcome this heartfelt new opportunity will be pivotal for their love in Eve’s First Noel.
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Adult Excerpt

For a moment, Eve was afraid of all the intensity she was feeling, but as he slid deep inside her, she lost the fear and let the rush take over. Her consciousness seemed to melt away. The intensity of her orgasm, the breathlessness of her lungs, the dizzying heights she felt in this high plane between reality and endorphins all so new to Eve. The fear she initially felt melted away into a passionate sea of warmth. The feeling of release was exquisite under Noel’s skilled fingers. Noel came in several shudders and moans, gripping her tightly as he climaxed.

Their breath slowed to a deep satisfaction, yet Eve almost felt guilty, but “for what?” She thought. Nikolas did not want her anymore. It was over. They signed the papers. At the same time, she felt like Noel was a gift from Nikolas, in a twisted way. With his absence, she regained her femininity, thanks to Noel. He was a virtuoso of her body and it had been so long since she had been played.

Eve felt a change beginning inside of her. Making love felt altogether new to her, as she and Nikolas lost that so long ago. Noel was unselfishly in the driver’s seat, she was getting what she needed from him. Was she brave enough to tell Noel what she really wanted?

Eve had always been fascinated by alternative lovemaking. Although never brave enough before to indulge her fantasies, she wondered if tonight was the night. By the way Noel took charge, it seemed he might be a willing participant. She had packed a small bag and brought it here earlier in the day. It was in the closet. In it were a few new things she was ready to explore. She quietly got up from the bed, and before Noel could protest, she drew her finger in a hush across her lips and then smiled.

She opened the closet door and brought the bag of goodies to the nightstand by the bed. Unzipping the bag, Noel joined Eve to see what treasures she had tucked away. His eyes opened in wide delight as he viewed the contents inside. He took out a soft suede flogger and began swiping it softly along Eve’s back and buttocks. The motions were meant to tickle, and Eve did not want to move, no matter how much her muscles wanted to twitch in tactile frustration.

Noel probably knew instinctively this was new territory for Eve. It seems they had both forgotten how the night began the more time passed. Noel kept gently touching Eve’s skin with the suede, and she moaned light appreciations with each caress.

He then took a silk scarf from the bag and gently bound her hands together. Looking into each other’s eyes, there was a trust and connection as if they had known each other for years. Eve knew by his actions and authority, this was not a first for Noel, and she was grateful. “I tied the scarf so you can wiggle out of it should you feel frightened. But, you just say the word and I’ll stop immediately.”

Noel put the soft flogger aside and began stroking Eve lightly with a wire brush. Caressing his way down her shoulders to the curves of her taut ass, he became harder with the stroke. Red streaks began to form all along her shoulder blades and spine. Eve could not help the involuntary shiver of her entire body. Noel obliged her with a soft kiss to her cheek, as he took in the smell of their combined energies.

Noel put the wire brush down and grabbed a black leather-riding crop. He used the leather tongue of the crop to brush Eve’s long hair away from the center of her back and slid the tongue along her shoulder blades. Methodically making his way down to the center of her back, he pulled the crop back and smacked her soundly across the small of her back. Eve barely winced and was intoxicated by her dizziness from his touch. Noel methodically smacked his way down her buttocks, to her quivering thighs and back up to her tanned shoulder blades. Red welts immediately formed on the skin of the back of her body. Noel whispered in her ear, “You will have a few bruises tomorrow, just a fair warning.” He gently kissed her earlobe speaking softly his words of endearment.

Finally, when he could contain his passion no longer, he pulled the scarf and it fell from her hands. She turned to face him and he grabbed her by the hair with each of his hands hanging at the sides of her face, and pulled her to him for a deep kiss. He twirled her long hair around his fingers as he kept her in close and continued kissing her and drawing her lips in to bite their lusciousness.

Intoxicated by what was happening, she could not stop the freight train of passion flooding her every movement. “Fuck me” she coarsely whispered into Noel’s face. She wanted to come, but her fervency told her to wait; although she would not wait patiently. He turned her around and pushed her down onto the floor and thrust his rock-hard cock into her pulsing pussy. “Oh, my” was all he could utter over and over for the next few seconds thrusting his cock into the wonderland of her tight pussy.

Normally he could control his climax, but this time, he could not. He came once again as he uttered a sigh of heavy relief. “It’s been so long, so, so very long…”

Noel reveled in the afterglow of his orgasm before he snapped back to reality and remembered where he was. Eve was lying on the floor underneath him, her chest heaving to gasp in deep breaths from the exchange they just had. He briefly felt a moment of betrayal toward Holly, even though she was gone and had been gone for a year.

They felt like the only two people in the hotel, falling into a deep and satisfied sleep. It was the best rest either of them had in months. It was like replenishing a parched soul with the waters of peace. They slept unmoving, yet melded together.

Eve's First Noel

By: Davee Jones