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Erotic Myths and Legends: Freya's Journey

Series: Erotic Myths and Legends , Book 1.0
By: Tiffany Rose | Other books by Tiffany Rose
Published By: Tiffany Rose Erotic Romance
Published: May 28, 2012
ISBN # TFFRSR0000002
Word Count: 12,000
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Erotic Myths and Legends: Freya's Journey (Erotic Myths and Legends) by Tiffany Rose - Romance>Multiple Partners eBook

Freya, the Norse goddess of love and beauty, Queen of the Valkries, is tired of waiting for her husband, Od, the Sun, to return to her bower. Desiring his touch, she decides to find him on her own.

Freya's journey is hampered by her need for physical pleasure daily. To assuage her desires, she seeks out her consort and step-brother, Frey, both for his knowledge of how to pleasure her and for information.

As her journey continues and she grows needful of a lover's touch once again, she meets a band of dwarven brothers who offer her the necklace Brisingamen and several days of sexual fulfillment.

Freya finally reaches her beloved Od, only to find him captured by the dangerous mountain giants, the Jotuun. Believing her to be a worshiper of Od and unaware of her true identity, the giants allow Freya to see him. Once together, the lovers must find a way to escape before their captors discover her true identity and kill them both.

Approximately 12000 words.

Note: This material contains explicit sexual scenes and language. Includes pseudo-incest (step-siblings). It is intended for adults 18+.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
After many twists and turns Freya entered a large cavern. She gasped in amazement at the beauty and the vastness of it. The stone walls sparkled with embedded gems. To her left was a pool of clear, still water. And in front of her were four little men, hammers in hand, standing around a glowing forge. Dwarves, she knew. The tapping stopped and they stared at her.

She stood straight, feeling afraid for a moment.

"Haven't you seen a woman before?" she asked them, her voice high and haughty. "I am the Vanir goddess, Freya."

The dwarves stood, still staring, their hammers in their hands. Freya moved into the room, replacing the glowing orb into her bag as there was now plenty of light.

"I heard the tapping and I had to see. I had to find out the cause."

She walked around them and saw the necklace on the stone before them.

"Oh," she breathed, and stepped close to them, her hands reaching out. "It's beautiful." She stepped between the four dwarves and almost touched the brilliant gold.

The dwarves grabbed her hands and would not let her come any closer. "This is the necklace Brisingamen." One of them said. "It is our greatest work, our greatest treasure."

"I must have it." Freya said, her eyes never losing sight of the bright yellow gold and the sparkling gems of the necklace. "I can give you whatever you ask. I have money. I have gold and jewels. I have two beautiful daughters that you may have as wives. You may have anything you wish if I could only have that necklace." Her green eyes never left the necklace that lay on the stone and her hands stayed stretched out, ready to grasp it.

The dwarves looked at one another, then the leader spoke again. "Are you truly the goddess Freya?" he asked her.

"Yes," she replied, trying to reach, but the dwarves were strong and held her hands tight.

"We have heard of you." The dwarf said. "It is said you are very beautiful, very desirable."

"Yes, of course I am. I am the goddess of love, of sex, of fertility. Oh, I must have this necklace. Its beauty matches my own." She was almost whining from all of the desires flowing through her. She had an unrelenting need to place the necklace around her throat. At the same time, being near the men had made her body ache for a lover's touch once more.

"There is only one thing that we desire, goddess." The dwarf said. "That is you."

Freya barely heard the words, but as soon as she understood their meaning she leaned back, away from the necklace, and the dwarves loosened their hold upon her. "Me?" she asked them, looking them over.

"Yes." The leader said again. He stood on her right, holding her right hand. His brothers surrounded her. "We have been very lonely here in our cave. We wanted to make beautiful jewelry, something that we could use outside of our forge, out in the world. The jewelry was to be gifts for our wives. But the necklace can be yours if we may have you, goddess, for four days and four nights. The necklace will be yours and," he paused, having another thought, "if we please you, we would like you to grant us our deepest desire. We desire to have wives for each of us, beautiful women that will come to our forge in our cave to tend to us."

Freya looked at the four little men. They all looked exactly alike. She knew of twins, of course, but never four that looked the same. They wore linen pants only, as it was very hot near the forge. Their bodies were bare of hair, including their heads. Their bald heads and thick, muscular chests and arms shined with sweat. Freya looked at the necklace and felt the ache within her body once more.

"Yes," she said, smiling at them, thinking of the pleasure to come. "Do you wish our bargain to start tonight?"

"That is acceptable." The dwarf said, and kissed the hand he held.
Freya smiled and stood. "Let's all go to the pond first and have a swim," she said. "And I hope you have a proper bed in this cave."

"Oh, yes, Lady, we do." The dwarf said as they made their way to the crystal water of the pond. "We have been hoping for wives for some time, so we are prepared with all that a lady needs to feel comfortable and happy here with us."

They reached the pond and Freya bent and lowered a hand in the water. She was pleased to find it hot to the touch.

"It's a spring, Lady, a hot spring from the mountain. I'm sure it will please you to have a swim or a soak."

Freya stood straight and tall, looking at the little men around her.

"Let our bargain begin," she said, and untied the belt at her waist and the ties of her dress at her shoulder. The gauzy fabric fell to her feet and she stood before them, naked, pale skin luminous in the light from the forge and the candles in the cave. She removed the circlet from her head. Her long hair fell to her waist in soft curls and there was only a brief, red puff of hair on her mound. She lifted her arms and gathered her hair together, the motion lifting her breasts. With a twist, she secured her auburn tresses and took her first step into the gloriously warm water.

The dwarves were quick to shed their clothing as well, with no embarrassment from any of the brothers. Freya watched them as they toed off their boots and let their linen breeches fall to the ground. To be so small in stature, they were very muscular with bulging biceps, cut chests and firm legs. And, she was happy to see, the four cocks that sprang up from all of them were long and firm and already hard. She felt a need course through her again and made her tingle from her toes to the top of her head. A heaviness settled deep within her belly and she could not wait for them to touch her.

"Join me," she said, reaching a hand out to them.

Erotic Myths and Legends: Freya's Journey

By: Tiffany Rose