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Ember's Center

Series: The O-Line Series , Book 1.0
By: Jillian Jacobs | Other books by Jillian Jacobs
Published By: Jillian Jacobs
Published: Dec 24, 2014
ISBN # 9781942313038
Word Count: 98,487
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Categories: Romance>Drama Romance>Contemporary Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller


Ember's Center (The O-Line Series) by Jillian Jacobs - Romance>Contemporary eBook

She spent her life fighting for middle ground, and now that she’s found it, she’ll fight for her life.

Ember Brooks yearns for an end to the dark chapters of her life—abusive mother, negligent father, teenage trauma, and sibling suicide. Determined to escape her traumatic past, Ember is finally headed for solid ground, gathering strength and balance with the help of her trusted counselor and friend, Xander Kane.
Still reeling from the death of her brother, Ember finds solace when Manchester Marauders center, Owen Killion goes on the offensive and barrels into her life. Both on the football field and off, Owen is sure-footed and confident. With his domineering presence and reliable nature, he alters her game-plan. But for a girl continually left on the sidelines, can she leave her heart on the line?
When Ember is the victim of increasingly dangerous incidents, and Xander changes the course of their relationship, once more her life spirals out of control.
Ember trusts Owen to guard their love, but when someone else is calling the shots, can they reach the end zone or will they fumble?

Contemporary with a jagged edge.
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Stay awake. Stay alert.
Slowly lifting her teacup to her lips, her hand shook, sloshing liquid against her bandaged hand. The sides of her mouth stung when she opened her lips even the slightest bit, but she needed the calming warmth of Earl Grey.
Her greatest wish was to be alone, but yet, she hated the loneliness. Hated monsters waiting and watching from dark shadows. And Owen wouldn’t leave her. He’d remained by her side through his mother and sister’s fussing.
How did he truly feel about this mashed-up world she’d opened? What did he see in a pitiful girl, beaten and bruised? Ember refused to look in a mirror, viewing the results of her living nightmare would most likely push her past some breaking point—not that she wasn’t already broken. Or was she? How would she pick up the scattered pieces this time? Find sanity once more? Break past this stifling anxiety, this inability to actually breathe?

Ember's Center

By: Jillian Jacobs