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Dungeon Royale

Series: Masters and Mercenaries , Book 6.0
By: Lexi Blake | Other books by Lexi Blake
Published By: DLZ Entertainment LLC
Published: Feb 18, 2014
ISBN # 9781937608231
Word Count: 118,749
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Categories: Romance>BDSM Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller Romance>Erotic Romance


Dungeon Royale (Masters and Mercenaries) by Lexi Blake - Romance>BDSM eBook

An agent broken

MI6 agent Damon Knight prided himself on always being in control. His missions were executed with cold, calculating precision. His club, The Garden, was run with an equally ordered and detached decadence. But his perfect world was shattered by one bullet, fired from the gun of his former partner. That betrayal almost cost him his life and ruined his career. His handlers want him to retire, threatening to revoke his license to kill if he doesn’t drop his obsession with a shadowy organization called The Collective. To earn their trust, he has to prove himself on a unique assignment with an equally unusual partner.

A woman tempted

Penelope Cash has spent her whole life wanting more. More passion. More adventure. But duty has forced her to live a quiet life. Her only excitement is watching the agents of MI6 as they save England and the world. Despite her training, she’s only an analyst. The closest she is allowed to danger and intrigue is in her dreams, which are often filled with one Damon Knight. But everything changes when the woman assigned to pose as Damon’s submissive on his latest mission is incapacitated. Penny is suddenly faced with a decision. Stay in her safe little world or risk her life, and her heart, for Queen and country.

An enemy revealed

With the McKay-Taggart team at their side, Damon and Penny hunt an international terrorist across the great cities of Northern Europe. Playing the part of her Master, Damon begins to learn that under Penny’s mousy exterior is a passionate submissive, one who just might lay claim to his cold heart. But when Damon’s true enemy is brought out of the shadows, it might be Penny who pays the ultimate price.
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Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
I’m going to kiss you now, Penelope.”


“You seem to have an enormously hard time understanding me today. We’re going to have to work on our communication skills.” He moved right between her legs, spreading her knees and making a place for himself there. One minute she was utterly gobsmacked by the chaos he’d brought into her life in a couple of hours’ time, and the next, she couldn’t manage to breathe. He invaded her space, looming over her. Despite the fact that she was sitting on the counter, he still looked down at her. His hands slid her skirt up, making her gasp a little. “You said yes. That means you’re mine, Penelope. You’re my partner and my submissive. I take care of what’s mine.”

She swallowed, forcing herself to look into those stormy eyes of his. He was so close she could smell the scent of his aftershave, feel the heat his big body gave off. “For the mission.”

“I don’t know about that,” he returned, his voice deepening. “If this goes well, I get to go back out in the field. It’s always good to have a cover. Men are less threatening when they have a woman with them. If you like fieldwork, there’s no reason you can’t come with me. Especially if you’re properly trained. Tell me how much your siblings know.”

She shook her head before finally realizing what he was asking. His fingers worked their way into her hair, smoothing it back, forcing her to keep eye contact with him. “Oh, about work, you mean. Everyone in my family thinks I work for Reeding Corporation in their publishing arm. They think I translate books.”

Reeding Corporation was one of several companies that fronted for SIS. When she’d hired on, she’d signed documentation that stated she would never expose who she truly worked for.

“Excellent. If they research me they’ll discover I’m an executive at Reeding. We’ve been having an affair for the last three months. You were worried about your position at the company and the fact that I’m your superior, but I transferred to another department and now we’re free to be open about our relationship.”

“I don’t know that they’ll believe we’re lovers.”

“Of course, they will. I’m very persuasive, love. Now, I’m going to kiss you and I’m going to put my hand in your knickers. You are wearing knickers, aren’t you?”

“Of course.”

He shuddered. “Not anymore. Knickers are strictly forbidden. I told you I would likely get into your knickers, but what I really meant was I can’t tolerate them and you’re not to wear them at all anymore. I’ve done you the enormous service of making it easy on you and tossing the ones you had in the house out.”

His right hand brushed against her breast. The nipple responded by peaking immediately, as if it were a magnet drawn to Damon’s skin.

“You can’t toss my knickers out, Damon. And you can’t put your hand there. We’re in the ladies’ room for heaven’s sake.”

“Here’s the first rule, love. Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” His mouth closed over hers, heat flashing through her system.

His mouth was sweet on hers, not an outright assault at first. This was persuasion. Seduction. His lips teased at hers, playing and coaxing.

And his hand made its way down, skimming across her waist to her thigh.

“Let me in, Penelope.” He whispered the words against her mouth.

Drugged. This was what it felt like to be drugged. She’d been tipsy before, but no wine had ever made her feel as out of control as Damon’s kiss.

Out of control and yet oddly safe. Safe enough to take a chance.

On his next pass, she opened for him, allowing him in, and the kiss morphed in a heartbeat from sweet to overpowering.

She could practically feel the change in him. He surged in, a marauder gaining territory. His tongue commanded hers, sliding over and around, his left hand tangling in her hair and getting her at the angle he wanted. Captured. She felt the moment he turned from seduction to Dominance, and now she understood completely why they capitalized the word. Damon didn’t merely kiss her. She’d been kissed before, casual brushes of lips to hers, fumblings that ended in embarrassment, long attempts at bringing up desire.

This wasn’t a kiss. This was possession.

He’d said she belonged to him for the course of the mission, and now she understood what he meant. He meant to invade every inch of her life, putting his stamp on her. If she proceeded, he would take over. He would run her life and she would be forced to fight him for every inch of freedom she might have.

“That’s right, love. You touch me. I want you to touch me. If you belong to me, then my body is yours, too.”

She hadn’t realized her hands were moving. She’d cupped his bum even as his fingers slid along the leg band of her knickers, under and over, tickling against her female flesh.

He’d said exactly the right thing. He hadn’t made her self-conscious. He’d told her he would give as good as he got. It wasn’t some declaration of love, but she’d had that before and it proved false. Damon Knight was offering her something different. He was offering her the chance to explore without shame.
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: AnimeLady04 on Sep 29, 2015
Derek is a likable guy though he has had to make very hard choices for the greater good. But with Penelope, this mindframe goes out the window. From the beginning the tension and sexual awareness is amped up but there are times in the book Derek makes really stupid decisions but Penelope is no shrinking violet and while she may need to back off and regroup, she is very good at dissecting Derek's words and then figuring out what he was really saying (or meant) and if she is in the wrong, accepting it and apologizing instead of burying her head in the sand. I enjoyed this fast pace of the book because they were on a very short time schedule so the fast paced plot makes sense. Great addition to the M&M Series.
Submitted By: ladytone on Oct 23, 2014
I have nearly all these books and i will admit its like reading a mission impossible episode. It has all the elements of a fantastic movie with hot sex. Keep entertaining us.
Submitted By: daisydoodlers on Mar 4, 2014
Just curious if anyone has received this book? I keep getting that its a corrupted file

Dungeon Royale

By: Lexi Blake