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Dragoste Academy: Bayne and Lucas

Series: Dragoste Academy , Book 1.0
By: Kayci Morgan | Other books by Kayci Morgan
Published By: Forbidden Lust
Published: Jan 06, 2013
ISBN # 9781301406036
Word Count: 5,313
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Categories: Romance>Werewolves/Shifter Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Romance>Short Stories Romance>Free Reads


Dragoste Academy: Bayne and Lucas (Dragoste Academy) by Kayci Morgan - Romance>LGBTQ>Gay eBook

When a lecherous werewolf falls for an aloof nymph, he pursues the dryad's affections, only to realize his persistence may be killing it.
Reader Rating:   2.7 starstarstar (6 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplip
In his beast form Bayne ran free through the forest. He was glad Chad had thrown him out of the room. It would have been a stifling cage, driving the beast mad. This was much better. The ground moved quickly beneath him as his body tightened then expanded thrusting him forward at incredible speeds.

He stopped in his tracks. What was that smell? It wasn’t food. Not the blood of some wounded animal. It was more like fresh dew on leaves after a hard rain. But it hadn’t rained and this smell was coming from a specific direction. Bayne crept towards the sweet aroma, standing on his hind legs to sniff the air from time to time.

From the shadows he watched the source of his distraction. A forest nymph danced naked among a circle of trees. Bayne had seen a great many nymphs give praise to the gods they descended from. And every dance was beautiful. He once stood on the shores of Tani and watched in awe as waves rose high as mountains and fell beneath a sea nymph’s feet, effortlessly. But that paled to the beauty of what was in front of him. The dance of this nymph was different from any he’d seen before.

Nymphs were usually a happy, free loving people. But the forest nymph’s movements told tales of agony and imprisonment. Vines rose from the ground, encircling the nymph’s wrists. In his dance, he battled against the pull of the vines, twisting and struggling. But even in his helplessness, every movement was sublime. His sorrow was pungent but alluring.

The nymph was radiant. Light brown hair swayed in the air as he glided across the grass. His well-defined muscles tensed as he pulled against the vines. His amber eyes glowed as the power of his element filled his body.

Bayne’s chest hurt. He didn’t understand why, but more than anything he wanted to stop the nymph’s pain. Make him dance for joy like his brothers and sisters. A creature so lovely deserved to be happy.

The nymph collapsed. His dance had ended. Bayne couldn’t take his eyes away. He was wasting a full moon. Instead of hunting, he was watching the rise and fall of a nymph’s chest. The creature even panted with ethereal grace.

“I know you’re watching me.” The nymph said between breaths.

Bayne stood frozen.

“All I can see is two glowing blue eyes in the darkness. It’s creepy.”

Bayne glanced around not sure what to do. Most people were scared of his werewolf form and for good reason. Usually when werewolves turned in front of outsiders it was to fight and kill. The more of themselves they gave over to their beast the stronger they became. There was a good chance a turned werewolf was running purely on instinct. Bayne had turned because of the moon and was mostly in control of his faculties but he had no way of conveying that.

He approached the nymph slowly, trying to appear as unaggressive as an eight-foot, four hundred pound monster with three inch fangs could.

The nymph showed no fear. He didn’t even have the strength to stand, but he stretched out his hand toward Bayne. “See now. That’s much less creepy.”

Bayne watched in disbelief as the nymph scratched behind his ear. No one had done that since he was small enough to fit on his mother’s lap. Bayne closed his eyes and a strange sound rumbled in his chest. He was purring. Werewolves didn’t purr. Nonetheless, he found himself using his fur covered body to shield the nymph from the cold night air, watching over the nymph as he slept.

Morning came and Bayne woke up in his human form, alone in the clearing. He had to find that nymph.
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: enjoy on Jan 26, 2015
This series is a fun, smutty read. The pairings are at times up-the-wall-crazy, but the author manages to make them work out in the end. I enjoyed this free read and will be reading the rest a.s.a.p
Submitted By: craft13 on Jan 24, 2014
Good story. Liked the characters and their interactions. From the blurb I wasn't sure how this story would go, but it was good. Bayne and Lucas were good together and the ending was a surprise. Recommend this story.
Submitted By: Safety Lady on Aug 2, 2013
Did not realize this was a m/m book, not really my thing so I didn't finish it.

Dragoste Academy: Bayne and Lucas

By: Kayci Morgan