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Dragon Fae

By: Terry Spear | Other books by Terry Spear
Published By: Terry Spear
Published: Sep 27, 2012
ISBN # 9781301535996
Word Count: 52,866
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Categories: Romance>Fantasy Romance>Young Adult


Dragon Fae by Terry Spear - Romance>Fantasy eBook

Seeking to save Cassie from the dark fae, Princess Alicia runs into trouble in the form of dangerous fae seers. A dragon fae, who is different from all the rest, is sent to locate and rescue her. Simple mission. All Ena has to do is find the princess and return her home. Except nothing is simple in the world of the fae. Not when two fae kingdoms are involved. And humans. And fae seers. And all the trouble that can cause.

Fearing losing Alicia, Prince Deveron is ready to eliminate his own cousin for all the trouble he has caused over Alicia's best friend, Cassie, a human she grew up with. But Micala is not giving her up, even if it means taking drastic measures.

And Ena has her own troubles when this one little mission turns into a nightmare of epic proportions.
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One of the boys she’d seen standing with the other two in the hall who had been watching her as she went to the school office—one of the ones she’d thought of as a wolf who was wearing the shirt with the skull—was now observing her, his blue eyes wide with shock.
Her mouth gaped. Oh…my…God. He could see her. As the fae. Just like the time she saw Deveron’s friends as the fae that they were. And just like she knew Deveron was one of them. The dark fae. Dangerous to anyone who was a fae seer.
She froze in place, having intended to take an empty seat on this side of the classroom where there was a vacant seat near the door.
He quickly looked away, his blond locks hiding his expression. So he wasn’t such a wolf after all. Not when he knew she knew he could see her. When no one in the room should have been able to.
And not now that he didn’t have his wolf mates to back him up.
He was texting, warning his friends that the fae had come after him, she suspected. In her history books, she had read about a number of cases where the fae had killed people like him because they could see them. She couldn’t imagine anything so horrible. The humans who were fae seers couldn’t do anything to the fae. So why did her people need to eliminate them?
Yet a cold shiver ran up her spine with the notion he could not only see her but knew just what she was when no one should have known. No one human. She realized that she was feeling as though she was something alien, something that needed to be eliminated in their world.

Dragon Fae

By: Terry Spear