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Double the Pleasure: Prescott Twins, Book 1

Series: Prescott Twins , Book 1.0
By: Jasmine Haynes | Other books by Jasmine Haynes
      Jennifer Skully | Other books by Jennifer Skully
Published By: Jasmine Haynes
Published: Apr 27, 2012
ISBN # JSMHNS0000004
Word Count: 32,000
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Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Erotic Romance


Double the Pleasure: Prescott Twins, Book 1 (Prescott Twins) by Jasmine Haynes, Jennifer Skully - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Don’t miss the Prescott twins. First up is Kristin’s story in “Double the Pleasure”.

Hitting the big 3-0 birthday like a brick wall, shy, reserved Kristin Prescott just has to break out of her sensible shoes and buttoned-up blouses and find herself a man. And the only one who will do is Ross Sloan, her sexy boss. The problem is, she isn't Ross's type; he prefers sensual, seductive women like her identical twin. But Kristin isn't sure she can let go of her inhibitions.

Unless she pretends to be her twin sister.

Ross Sloan has lusted after his secretary, Kristin Prescott, since the moment she walked into his office. When she seduces him while playing the role of her twin sister, he sees through her masquerade immediately. But Ross wants both sides of Kristin: the prim, efficient woman who runs his office and the passionate woman she exposes in the guise of her sister. Forcing Kristin to release her inhibitions and claiming the desirable woman beneath the facade becomes his ambition.

But will the pleasure cost them their business relationship? Or can they have both?

Don’t miss Book 2, “Skin Deep”, Kirby Prescott’s sensual story.

[Previously published in 2005 in the anthology “Twin Peaks”]

“Double the Pleasure” is a contemporary erotic romance of approximately 32,000 words / 125 pages.

The book contains the following bonus material:
A special excerpt of “Skin Deep”, the second Prescott twins story. Also excerpts from “Dead To The Max” and “Revenge Sex” by Jasmine Haynes, and “She’s Gotta Be Mine” by Jennifer Skully (Jasmine’s alter ego).

*** Warning: contains explicit sexual material ***


“An erotic, emotional adventure of discovery you don’t want to miss.” Lora Leigh, New York Times bestselling author

“Super sexy...” Bella Andre, author of The Sullivans series

“Ross and Kristin set the sheets on fire in this sizzling romance!” Sensual Romance

“Incredibly moving and utterly sensual!” Reader to Reader Reviews

“Characters [that] grab you by the throat and won’t let go.” Romance Junkies

“Jasmine Haynes ... knows how to get your pulse racing and your temperature rising!” Romance Reader at Heart
Reader Rating:   3.7 starstarstarstar (3 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
Ross saw her the minute she entered the hotel bar. Miss Prescott. His Miss Prescott. In an exceptionally short red dress with an unbelievably gorgeous pair of thighs to match those calves, better even than he’d imagined. Reality certainly surpassed fantasy. Damn. That red dress...

It didn’t matter. In the morning she’d still be his secretary. And he needed her.

She turned, and her gaze traveled over the cluster of tables flanking the small dance floor. The bar was by no means full, and if she’d been looking, she couldn’t have missed him sitting at the far end of the counter.

She never even looked.

Just as well, it allowed him to observe every curve revealed by the brevity of her skirt. Her hair cascaded over shoulders covered only by the thin red straps of her dress. Oh, yeah, her hair was exactly the stuff of his fantasies, rich shades of reds and browns, curling softly over the tops of her breasts. Speaking of breasts, if he’d seen her like this in his office, he’d never have been able to keep his hands off her.

His heart stopped as she touched the red-and-black beaded choker at her throat. Just a brief caress. His eyes tracked the brush of her fingers down the slender line of her throat, leading his gaze to the soft swell of a plump breast. Magnificent. His smart, efficient secretary was sexy as all get-out.

His temperature rose by degrees as she moved to the bar and slid onto a free stool, crossing her legs. Endless legs. The red dress rode up her thigh. She signaled the bartender, and the man jumped to attention as if she’d handed him twenty bucks. Ross understood the feeling; he’d jumped to attention himself.

She ordered and, when her wine came, lifted the glass to her lush red lips. She raised a finger and slid it across her bottom lip, trapping a droplet. He barely suppressed a groan, closing his eyes briefly just to keep his sanity.

This couldn’t be his Miss Prescott. He opened his eyes.

Oh, but it was. Beneath the chatter of voices, the laughter, and the thrum of elevator music, the soft chink of her nails against the glass floated down the length of the bar. His groin tightened. God, there was something about that sound. It sent him into orbit.

He forgot his boredom of late. Miss Prescott in a sexy red dress was a breath of fresh air from the stuffy executive offices he’d been inhabiting, both professionally and personally.

Double the Pleasure: Prescott Twins, Book 1

By: Jasmine Haynes, Jennifer Skully