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Double Dipping

By: Marilyn Brant | Other books by Marilyn Brant
Published By: Marilyn Brant
Published: Jan 05, 2013
ISBN # 9781466038349
Word Count: 78,000
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Romantic Comedy Mystery


Double Dipping by Marilyn Brant - Romance>Contemporary

Who needs a man when you have a pint of fresh Wisconsin ice cream and full access to Cary Grant on The Movie Channel?

That’s what second-grade teacher and MGM-devotee Caitlin Walsh believes. After being left at the altar by her ambitious rat of an ex-fiancé, Cait has rededicated her life to her students and to the citizens of small-town Ridgewood Grove.

But when the school’s new financial director, Garrett Ellis, cancels the much-beloved Harvest Hoopla festival, Cait rallies the staff to fight the decision, which puts her in direct conflict with the most formidable man she’s ever encountered.

As a reluctant heir to the Ellis Fruit and Nut Gift Basket Empire and the second son of one of the country’s most affluent families, Garrett has a penchant for mixing sweet edibles with acts of love. He also has an undercover agenda: to find the person responsible for stealing the district money and to right the situation, while keeping his family background to himself. But in the process, he faces the one woman who challenges his longtime resistance to commitment.

Both Cait and Garrett end up secretly snooping into each other's past: Garrett looking for the thief, Cait uncovering Garrett’s private family history and his prior girlfriends -- one of whom turns out to be someone very unexpected...

Love and family complications abound in this small-town romance with a little humor, a light mystery and a lot of sweet ice cream.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
Editorial Reviews:
From Leatherbound Reviews
"Brant has provided a delicious story I devoured in one day! I just could not put down this book! Brant has an amazing ability to create real characters with real flaws, from Cait and Garrett's relationship issues, which are based on previous experiences, to snooty school board members, to loving family members who face their own challenges."
From Romantic Love Books
"Marilyn Brant has done it again with Double Dipping. And by 'it,' I mean thoroughly entertained and impressed me. The joy in Double Dipping is in Brant's ability to create real characters with real-life flaws...Double Dipping is witty and fun!"
From So Little Time
"Marilyn Brant has written another sweet story! You might want to grab a bowl of ice cream while reading this one! ...There are some pretty hot scenes in this story. It was fantastic! It had me laughing and on occasion crying, I love it when a story does that to me. I didn't want to put it down!"
Garrett watched the curvaceous blonde throw a few last things together, and he shook his head behind her back. This was exactly the kind of individual who could get away with skimming budget funds if she wanted to. No one would suspect someone as lovely and as, well, wholesome-looking as Caitlin Walsh. Not of fiscal misdeeds.

Still, it would be bad form to deny a teacher her glitter. The school board had approved the office supplies change, but he wondered who’d orchestrated it and why. Something seriously strange was afoot in this district.

He studied Cait. She was young, dynamic and closer to his sister’s age than his. Twenty-five, maybe. But unlike Sis, this shapely woman was a neat freak who used round vowel tones as weapons. She challenged him with that reserved posture, that combination of clarity and caution. With those huge gray-green eyes, freckle-splattered nose and forehead creased in concentration over God knew what, she was cute as hell.

Which annoyed him. He had too much to do. A leak to pinpoint. He had no intention of finding anyone “cute as hell.” Least of all a potential embezzler from Wisconsin.

He saw her lift a bulky beige tote with the letters “CLW” stitched in green. It looked as heavy as a golf bag, but shorter and twice as dense. She had it crammed with papers, scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers, lots of stuff he couldn’t see. He’d have offered to carry it for her, but she grabbed it tight. Didn’t look like she’d trust the FBI with that thing. Huh. Suspect behavior.

“What’s the ‘L’ stand for?” He pointed to her monogram. “It wouldn’t be Lynn, would it?” He squinted. “Leigh? Or Loretta?”

“None of the above.” Cait locked her classroom door.

Then again, maybe secrecy was just part and parcel of being a woman. They always thought they had to be so mysterious.

“So, what? You’re not going to tell me? Think I’ll laugh?”

She nodded, standing still and staring at him in the hallway.

He puffed out some hot air. He’d have to brush up on his chitchatting. Not a good idea to alienate the staff so soon, even if he had suspicions about somebody. He’d known her for…what? A whole fifteen minutes? And already she pretty clearly despised him. Well, never let it be said he couldn’t make a strong first impression.

“I won’t laugh.” He tried to radiate sincerity.

She gave him a thorough once-over. “Livie,” she mumbled. “After my grandmother Olivia.”

“Oh.” He shrugged. “That’s not so bad. Olivia’s nice, too. Why’d your parents shorten it?”

At this she chuckled. “Think about it, Mr. Ellis. You couldn’t have grown up around here. Even in Wisconsin—the ‘Dairy State’—having the initials C.O.W. is hardly a woman’s deepest desire.”

A laugh erupted from deep within him. So there was a sense of humor behind the snow queen façade. Good. Maybe she’d thaw a bit, they could talk, he’d figure out her angle and, hopefully, discount her from his investigation. He needed to concentrate on forwarding his career…and on keeping his father from disowning him. Ogling attractive women was his brother’s department, not his.

“You have bright parents,” he said finally. “Bet you appreciated their foresight.”

“I did.” She surprised him with a grin that lit up her whole face. For a moment he was rendered speechless.

They strolled outside toward the parking lot.

“Okay,” she said. “Now that you know my secret, what’s your middle name?”

Sheesh. He hadn’t been thinking. Sharing his middle name could only land him in boiling water. “Mine’s not real interesting.”

The light in her face vanished. She turned huge, distrustful eyes on him. “So?”

He grimaced. “My middle initial’s ‘M,’ how ‘bout you guess?”

“What? I practically told you mine outright. There’s no reason to hedge with me. It couldn’t be that terrible.”

“Oh, don’t be so sure. Your parents altered yours from your namesake’s to be less embarrassing, my parents did nothing of the kind.” He hesitated, praying she’d back off. The name recognition, he knew from years of painful experience, could be instantaneous. But no such luck. This Miss Walsh was a persistent one.

Her forehead crinkled. “Hmm. Well, it couldn’t be Michael or Matthew, could it? Those aren’t unusual enough to upset anyone. Max, maybe? What about Mitch? Or, Marvin?”

“I wish,” he muttered. And he did. For maybe the ninety-thousandth time he wished he came from a family that wasn’t internationally famous.

They reached their vehicles, and he changed the subject. “Look,” he told her, “why don’t you jump in with me? It’ll be easier than taking two cars. I can drive you back here later.”

“Oh, um…sure.”

He opened the passenger door of his red BMW and held it for her. She slid into the black leather seat, her eyes bulging at the rows of gadgets on the dash. He knew how impressive it looked. He liked his cars complicated, his women simple. Yet another reason the chilly and changeable Miss Walsh posed a problem: She did not seem simple. But someone was meddling with funds and, although instinct and experience told him Cait didn’t have the bearing of a ringleader, she might know who was at the center of these thefts.

He slipped into the driver’s seat and retrieved a second list from the glove compartment. Time for a test.

He pasted on a grin, wondering how invested she was in this silly fall festival. If he could draw her off track, it might not be much. “Now that we’re out of school, I hope you don’t mind one addition to our plans. I need to grab a few things from the bookstore before they close. Is it okay if we head there first?”

She gave a curt nod and laced her fingers together, looking about as enthusiastic as a shop mannequin.

Within ten minutes, he had them parked in front of Bookends. First they’d book shop, then they’d drive to the supplies store. His two-part strategy to relax, converse, slide into informality. He’d try to find out what she knew, if anything. If he could rule her out, he could get back to investigating the problem. Alone.

Garrett leaped out of the car. “You coming in?” he asked as she sat, pensive, in the passenger’s seat.

“No, I’ll just wait here for you.”

Damn. “Are you sure? If you don’t want to browse, there’s a nice coffee bar and snack area inside. You could relax a little.”

She glared at him like he’d suggested a round of strip poker. “I’m fine here. Really. Get what you need. Take your time.”

“Okay.” What could he do? Garrett tossed her his car keys. “If you want music, feel free to pop something in. CDs are in a case under your seat.” At that she looked almost intrigued.

“Thank you.” Cait doled out one of her angelic smiles. It made him tense, uncomfortable and kind of…warm. Aw, hell.

He took a few brisk strides across the street toward the shop. He had a job to do, he reminded himself again. He didn’t need complications like, oh, lady swindlers.

But he hoped to heaven she was innocent and he could maintain a friendly distance from her. Something about this woman just got to him. A point underscored by the fact that, as he entered the bookstore, he found himself wondering what he might buy her to make her smile again.

At him.

Like that.

Double Dipping

By: Marilyn Brant