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Desperate Measures

Series: Coming Together: Off World , Book 1.0
By: Todd Thorne | Other books by Todd Thorne
Published By: Coming Together
Published: Jul 27, 2012
ISBN # 9781476143446
Word Count: 5,700
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Categories: Romance>Short Stories Science Fiction Short Stories


Desperate Measures (Coming Together: Off World) by Todd Thorne - Romance>Short Stories eBook

When time runs out, people get desperate. That's why Shauna volunteered for the suicide mission against the alien Zets. Time was nearly up for the human survivors of a centuries-old war, so why not? Yearning for revenge leads to desperate measures. But then again, so does love. Somewhere in the intersection of those two powerful motivators, Shauna & Chuyen test the limits of their desires.
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Desperate Measures

By: Todd Thorne