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Desperate Measures

Series: Coming Together: Off World , Book 1.0
By: Todd Thorne | Other books by Todd Thorne
Published By: Coming Together
Published: Jul 27, 2012
ISBN # 9781476143446
Word Count: 5,700
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Categories: Romance>Short Stories Science Fiction Short Stories


Desperate Measures (Coming Together: Off World) by Todd Thorne - Romance>Short Stories

When time runs out, people get desperate. That's why Shauna volunteered for the suicide mission against the alien Zets. Time was nearly up for the human survivors of a centuries-old war, so why not? Yearning for revenge leads to desperate measures. But then again, so does love. Somewhere in the intersection of those two powerful motivators, Shauna & Chuyen test the limits of their desires.
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Desperate Measures

By: Todd Thorne