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Dangerously Inked

Series: Dangerous Romance Series , Book 1.5
By: Eden Bradley | Other books by Eden Bradley
Published By: Garden of Eden Books
Published: Feb 25, 2014
ISBN # 9781310904042
Word Count: 31,270
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Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.mobi)

Categories: Erotica>BDSM


Dangerously Inked (Dangerous Romance Series) by Eden Bradley - Erotica>BDSM eBook

When the submissive he played on New Year's Eve turns out to be his tempting tattoo artist...Finn knows Rosie may soon have him on his knees.

Aussie Dom and ultimate ‘player’ Finn Carter is in New Orleans to spend New Year’s Eve with his friend Mick at The Bastille, the city’s infamous BDSM club. A night of play with a beautiful sub leaves him wanting more…more than he’s ever imagined with any other woman. When the tattoo artist he has an appointment with turns out to be her more than his flesh may be marked forever.

Roisin ‘Rosie’ Gallagher’s past and working as a tattoo artist has taught her to be tough. Even in her scenes as a submissive she’s strong, always fighting to give herself over. Tattooing Finn may give her a thrill at being the one in command now, but as they explore the kink dynamic in private the control ceases to matter, and all that’s left is pure pleasure…and the possibility of something that could last as long as the ink on his skin.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
“Well, there are a few things I’m going to tell you. I’m a sadist. I like to hurt pretty girls like yourself. But I also enjoy sensual touch, and that often leads to sex. Is that an issue for you? Sexual contact? Going in one of the back rooms I’m told they have here for more intimate play?”
Her breath hitched, a delicious buzzing beginning between her thighs. Oh, hell—it had been there since the moment she saw him. But now it was an insistent hum, making her wet. For him.
She raised her chin once more, locking her gaze with his as she ground her jaw. She wasn’t even sure why she was angry. Maybe she was angry with herself. For wanting it—him—too much. “No, that’s not a problem. Sir.”
He reached for her and stroked one finger over her jaw, then down the side of her neck, over her collarbone. Her nipples were so damn hard she thought they’d burst the tape.
He was watching her—tuned into her every breath, she knew, every beat of the pulse at her throat, in the way a really good Dom did. She suspected this man was very, very good.
“Time to celebrate the New Year, then, pretty girl. With pain. With pleasure.” He gripped her chin in his strong fingers, forcing her gaze to stay on his. Forcing her to understand that he was the one in charge. Inarguably. Utterly. He said quietly, “Do not forget to call me ‘Sir’. Do not forget that you may not do so in any way other than out of respect. And Roisin? Do not forget that tonight you belong to me.”

Dangerously Inked

By: Eden Bradley