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Cuckold's Nightmare: An Interracial Breeding Story

By: Arthur T Mitchell | Other books by Arthur T Mitchell
Published By: Red Ice Press
Published: Oct 04, 2012
ISBN # RCCPRS0000081
Word Count: 8,100
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Categories: Erotica>BDSM Erotica>African-American Erotica>Interracial


Cuckold's Nightmare: An Interracial Breeding Story by Arthur T Mitchell - Erotica>African-American eBook


Marcus Hook is new to the neighborhood, and the last thing the off duty cop wants to deal with is a domestic dispute. When he busts in, he finds the Emmers arguing over Ashley's decision to sleep with another man. Her cuckold husband, Hank, isn't satisfied with the way it went down, but he also knows his place.

Ashley senses an immediate connection with Marcus. At first, the strong African policeman thinks it's crazy, but he just can't take his mind off her body. She offers seductive curves, a guilt free romp with a married woman, and best of all, she's right next door.

Marcus is glad to embrace his instincts with the white wife, but he has no idea how far they will take him. Soon, it becomes clear that Hank is a willing participant in her debauchery. Ashley also has plans of her own, including a scheme that will bind him to her forever with the baby she's always wanted.

Adults only, 18+. An erotic novelette of over 8,000 words. This ebook holds back nothing in its exploration of interracial sex, breeding, and cuckold humiliation.
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“So strong,” Ashley murmured, hissing through her teeth. She reached her right hand down and squeezed his bicep. It was like grasping a warm rock. “Is this what forcing the laws on us commoners all day will do?”

Marcus nodded, drawing on his discipline. It took years of delayed gratification in the army to prevent himself from slinging her over his shoulder and carrying her off to his bedroom. That was for later.

“Don't sell yourself short,” Marcus whispered, his deep voice flowing through her ears, comforting and honey thick.

“I already did when I married Hank,” she said with a laugh. “But not anymore. We only started righting our mistakes this past year. The man who set off the argument the other night was only my second, and not a very fine specimen.”

Say it, Ashley. Go ahead and tell him, the voice in her head screamed. “Not like you.”

There. Her words came out, a dollop of kerosene that kindled the last burst of energy he needed. Before she could do anything else, Marcus' great black hands tightened on her and he craned his head down.

Pleasure exploded through her brain as soon as his lips met hers. He didn't stop with a single kiss. Once his lips were attached to her head, his mouth parted and his tongue snaked beyond her lips, tasting what she had to offer.

There was none of the uncertain lightness when Hank and the other men had kissed her. Marcus knew what he was doing, shoving her lips apart to make room for him. He forced her to taste his flesh, confident that she would beg for more...and he was right.

Her own wagging tongue greeted him eagerly. They wrestled in her mouth as she gnashed her teeth against his bottom lip, a hopeful sign of what would come later.

Marcus' hands drew down her body. They fell upon her round ass, squeezing her curves so hard that she opened her legs and pressed into his loins, her moist sex only separated by a few layers of fabric. Her knees buckled as the electricity he pumped into her snapped up her spine.

“Ohhh,” Ashley moaned. Marcus' ears perked up, her little sounds drawing him back to reality. He pulled away as she eyed him with surprise.

“What is it?”

“I don't...I don't know about this. Having another man's wife? Is he really gonna be okay with this?” Marcus asked. He didn't draw his hands away from hers.

“Don't worry about that miserable prick! He'll protest when he finds out, but who cares?” Anger sparked in her eyes, but not at Marcus. “If he were worth having, I wouldn't be over at your house, begging you to take care of what he never can. Hank loves to watch, but he pretends he doesn't. If he were here right now...he would be looking at me with his sad little eyes, joining in my wishes to be carted off to your bedroom.”

Cuckold's Nightmare: An Interracial Breeding Story

By: Arthur T Mitchell