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Conquest of the Gladiator

By: Virginia Wade | Other books by Virginia Wade
Published By: Excessica Publishing
Published: Jan 02, 2013
ISBN # 9781301032358
Word Count: 30,897
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Categories: Romance>Historical Ancient Romance>GLBT>Lesbian Romance>Erotic Romance

Seduction…lust…and blood…

From the splendor of Rome to the blood splattered sand of the Colosseum, a beautiful slave and a freeborn gladiator succumb to a forbidden passion.

Sold to the house of Getha after her owner dies, Floriana is required to pleasure her mistress and her master in naughty, wicked ways. A chance encounter with Marcus Ahala, a gladiator of unparalleled potential, leads to romantic trysts in the garden. Marcus and Floriana are determined to be free, but can he survive the arena, where even the strongest are doomed to die?

This story contains lesbian sex, group sex, virgin ravishment, erotic romance, rimming, sex toys, oral sex, and double penetration. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

30,000 word erotic novella.
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“I found this present in my own home,” said the Dominus. “We need some entertainment tonight.” He waved to a slave. “Go to the ludus and retrieve Marcus Ahala. Make haste!”
“Yes, master!”

I stared at a thick carpet, and willed my mind to take flight, finding refuge in memories, where I was in a safe place with people who loved me. Prior to my sale in the slave market, I remembered my mother’s last words.

She had said, “You were my dream, Floriana. I had you, and now I’m complete. I shall pray to the gods every day that you’re given a good life, a happy life. You mustn’t fret. Do not fear. All will be well.”

I clung to her words, as if I was in the Tiber River, drowning. I wished they were true, but I had experienced nothing but endless toil, and I expected something far worse was about to happen to me. The minutes ticked by like hours, and, as the door opened, I held my breath, ready to face whatever horrors the night intended.

“My prized possession!” exclaimed the Dominus. “Behold Marcus Ahala. He’ll lead his troupe to victory, and I shall experience glory.”

Interested murmurings abounded, as every man in the room eyed the mass of muscle that stood in a white loincloth. I stared as well, shocked that I was this close to the man who had rescued me from the soldiers. The fear that had twisted my tummy lessened slightly, but anxiety remained. He glanced at me; his astonishment was poorly hidden. I forced my attention to the carpet, but my heart pounded a wild staccato.

Senator Getha took a seat. “Bring me wine,” he bellowed. A slave appeared instantly. “Well, what do you think of my gladiator?”

“He’s magnificent,” said one of the men.

“You’ve done well,” said another. “He looks expensive.”

“He cost a bloody fortune.” A look of satisfaction softened the harsh lines of his face. “I want a demonstration of your prowess, gladiator slave. Your task is to make this little virgin scream. I don’t care how you do it.” This was met with murmurings of approval.

“Beat her into submission with your cock,” quipped a bearded man.

“Indeed! Show us how a Syrian fucks.” Laughter ensued, which was mortifying.

Marcus was even bigger than I remembered. The training he had received had forced the muscles in his arms and shoulders to bulge. The taut planes of his stomach were defined to such a degree that each muscle seemed to move of its own accord. His presence in the room made the other men appear malnourished.

“Yes, Master Getha,” said the gladiator in a rich, silky voice, that I remembered all too well.

Silence descended, as the men awaited the perversions that would occur, delighting in the fact that I would lose my virginity in their presence. The gladiator neared, his intense blue eyes bore into me, and I cowered, feeling ashamed and frightened. He grasped me, hauling me to him, and I found myself pressed to the heated expanse of his chest. I could feel his heart beating through my tunic.

“Don’t be afraid,” he whispered. “You’re safe with me.”
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Submitted By: merrymink on Jan 25, 2013
Reminds me a lot about a popular tv show - this detracts nothing from the plot delivery however. Many writers get inspiration from wherever they wish and sometimes, turn it around into something special. That happened here and I really would like to see more of the same.

Conquest of the Gladiator

By: Virginia Wade