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Common Ground

Series: Tales of the Darkworld , Book 5.0
By: Lex Valentine | Other books by Lex Valentine
Published By: Pink Petal Books
Published: Jul 08, 2010
ISBN # 9780982763759
Word Count: 55,000
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Eligible Price: $4.95

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Categories: Romance>Werewolves/Shifter Romance>Multiple Partners Romance>Erotic Romance


Common Ground (Tales of the Darkworld) by Lex Valentine - Romance>Multiple Partners eBook

Werewolf Sair McCallan escapes the confines of her brother’s pack with the help of a mated werewolf couple who believe in open sexuality and relationships. With Weylyn and Keir Randall, Sair experiences freedom in all things for the first time in her life. When she meets her mate, she’s shocked to find he’s a boring, broody vampire. Uptight Marius Granville has his staid and orderly life completely shattered by the arrival of his bloodmate, a beautiful werewolf who steals his heart and expects him to join in her kinky play with the Randalls. Marius is forced out of his hum drum existence and opens himself to new sexual experiences to please Sair. As her new mate strives to give her everything she needs, Sair battles internal demons that threaten their fragile new relationship.

Warning: This book includes sex on a washing machine, a make out session ala From Here to Eternity, sex between best friends (F/F), double penetration of a female (oh, baby!), and the best blowjob in the world (M/M) all within the confines of the hottest ménage a quatre the Darkworld has ever seen.
Reader Rating:   4.0 starstarstarstar (1 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
After a hot shower, dressed only in a pair of boxer briefs, his hair still damp, Marius padded barefoot down the stairs to the kitchen. He tossed a frozen gourmet dinner into the microwave and leaned against the counter, watching the plastic carton spin. He could cook, and he had groceries, but tonight he just didn’t have the patience.

He ate standing at the counter, wolfing down the meat and potatoes without tasting them. His mind kept wandering back to the sound of the woman’s voice in his head. Her sexy tone caused goose bumps to rise on his arms. For all he’d thought he’d been in love before, no woman had ever given him such a reaction.

And Alfred had been no fucking help whatsoever. The man’s job as a Magia was to assist matings. Yet he refused to tell Marius anything about the woman he’d heard in his head. What the hell was the point in holding back?

Marius tossed the plastic tray into the trash and took out a container of blood. Much as he’d rather bite someone and drink from a free flowing vein, without a mate or even a girlfriend, that wouldn’t happen, so the bag o’ blood as Colin called it was his only choice. He nuked the bag a few seconds to make it room temp then held it to his mouth.

Closing his eyes, Marius thought of the smooth skin on the neck of the woman who currently made him hotter than a two dollar pistol. His fangs dropped. He imagined how it would feel to scrape the tender points over her flesh and sink them into the throbbing pulse of her vein…

His fangs punctured the bag and he drank quickly, assuaging the hunger that gnawed at his gut. As the hunger waned, his dissatisfaction grew. Being unhappy all the time wasn’t how he’d envisioned his life. He had pride in his work. It satisfied him and made him happy, but he couldn’t live at the office. He needed more in his life.

Going to bed at the incredibly early hour of 9 pm, Marius lay on the soft mattress of his king sized bed and frowned up at the moonlight dappled ceiling. If he needed more in his life, what exactly did he need? A girlfriend? A wife? A bloodmate? Every Acerbian vampire needed a bloodmate, but Marius had the niggling sense that he needed something even beyond that bond. Yet he couldn’t figure out what that something could be.

He closed his eyes and drifted to sleep. As his body went lax, the woman who haunted him appeared. Her naked body gleamed in the low light. She moved toward him, one hand outstretched. When her hand delved beneath the covers of his bed, Marius held his breath. Her palm slid along his hard thigh.

“Let’s have some fun, Marius,” she whispered.

“Who are you? Why are you in my dreams? Why do you come to my cemetery?” he asked, trying to see her eyes more clearly.

She caressed him slowly, the movement of her hand seductive. “You know why I’m in your dreams. For one, you can’t get me out of your head. For another, I’m your bloodmate. Bloodmates have the unique ability to share dreams.”

“Is that what we’re doing? Sharing dreams?” he demanded, wondering why he’d never known that before.

“Yes. It’s a little early for me to be in bed, but I knew you’d be sleeping soon and I wanted to speak with you.”

Her husky voice sent shivers through him. “Speak with me? Why don’t you tell me your name first?”


A jolt of electricity went through Marius; although, he couldn’t understand how that could happen while he slept. He let her name roll over him. It fit the taut body he’d seen out his window, and the lilting accented tones of her voice. She obviously wasn’t from California.

Common Ground

By: Lex Valentine