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Coming Together Presents: Remittance Girl

Series: Coming Together Presents
By: Lisabet Sarai | Other books by Lisabet Sarai
      Remittance Girl | Other books by Remittance Girl
Published By: Coming Together
Published: Feb 11, 2010
Word Count: 81,170
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Categories: Erotica>Anthology/Bundle


Coming Together Presents: Remittance Girl (Coming Together Presents) by Lisabet Sarai, Remittance Girl - Erotica>Anthology/Bundle eBook

A collection of erotic fiction by Remittance Girl, edited by Lisabet Sarai. All proceeds benefit the ACLU.

Thanks to the generosity of ARe/OmniLit, 100% of your purchase price of Coming Together titles goes to charity!

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I first "met" Remittance Girl on the Writers email list of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association. Not long after she showed up and began offering literate and insightful commentary on the various writerly topics we were discussing, I read one of her stories in the ERWA gallery. I was incredibly impressed at her combination of heat and craft. Then I read a few chapters of her on-line novel, The Waiting Room. It was rich in sensory impressions, dark, perverse and haunting. I was astounded by this talent who seemed to have sprung fully formed out of the recesses of the Internet, like Athena from the forehead of her divine sire.

I'd never read anything she had published. I'd never heard of her. Yet here she was penning these incredible tales of twisted desire and overwhelming lust, intricate and perfect as some Chinese jade carving.

I became even more fascinated by this mysterious woman when I learned that she lived in Vietnam. Perhaps that was one reason why her work resonates—I recognize so much in her descriptions from my own travels in Southeast Asia. The debilitating heat and humidity. The riotous energy and color. The loneliness of being an outsider.

I think there's something more, though. When she and I finally had the opportunity to meet in the flesh, it felt as though we'd known each other all our lives. We couldn't stop talking. It's been the same every one of the few times we've managed to get together. Perhaps we were sisters in a former life. Perhaps we were lovers. I don't pretend to understand, but I feel the connection when I see her and when I read her tales. That's one reason I'm so proud to offer this volume through Coming Together. It's a very personal pleasure for me to share her work with the world.

Don't expect light-hearted tales of playful sex from RG's pen. Don't expect romance—well, not much anyway, though sometimes it's difficult to distinguish true love from satisfied desire—and perhaps there really isn't a difference. Be ready for tales with an edge, with a sting, and occasionally, with a moral. While many of RG's stories are vividly realistic, some of the works you'll find here are fables: unsanitized, old-fashioned fairy tales that retain a taste of terror.

RG's writing strikes to the heart of the erotic. Her sex is strong and messy and real. She is not afraid to explore the darkest, rawest fantasies. When she writes kink, it's not fashionable sex games—it is inevitable, compelling, inescapable, cutting to the core of her characters.

The proceeds of this volume benefit the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Knowing RG, I find this especially appropriate. There are many who would rather silence voices like hers, authors whose fiction makes you squirm. RG's stories are not polite and some of her work breaks taboos. For nearly one hundred years, the ACLU has fought for the rights of individuals like RG to speak and publish freely. Many of the freedoms that Americans take for granted are the result of hard-won battles by the ACLU.

I'm grateful that Remittance Girl has chosen to expose her visions with the world in support of the ACLU. And I'm glad that I've had the chance to help a bit by editing these stories. At this point I've read them many times, but they still amaze and arouse me.

~ Lisabet Sarai, editor

Coming Together Presents: Remittance Girl

By: Lisabet Sarai, Remittance Girl