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Close Obsession (The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 2)

Series: The Krinar Chronicles , Book 2.0
By: Anna Zaires | Other books by Anna Zaires
Published By: Mozaika Publications
Published: Feb 22, 2013
ISBN # 9780988391321
Word Count: 88,000
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Eligible Price: $4.99

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Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Sci-Fi


Close Obsession (The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 2) (The Krinar Chronicles) by Anna Zaires - Romance>Paranormal/Horror eBook

The highly anticipated sequel to Close Liaisons . . .

In Lenkarda – the main Krinar colony on Earth – Mia is completely at Korum's mercy. With no way to leave and no idea how to operate even the most basic Krinar technology, she has no choice but to trust the K who brought her there – the lover whom she had betrayed.

Will he keep his promise to bring her home, or is she destined to be his prisoner forever? Can a human become a part of Krinar society? Does Korum love her, or does he only wish to possess her?

Read on to find out . . .

WARNING: This book contains strong sexual content and explicit language and is not suitable for readers under 18.
Reader Rating:   4.8 starstarstarstarstar (21 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Editorial Reviews:
From Brenda, Naughty Bits' Book Reviews
"Seriously, I LOVE this series and this book! Lenkarda, the Krinar colony, is absolutely fabulous! . . . [Mia & Korum's] relationship is changing and growing deeper while they face new dangers. In book 2 you get a mix of darker and loving sex scenes that to me feel a lot naughtier then those in book 1."
From CaroleDee, Bitten by Paranormal Romance
"If you enjoyed Close Liaisons I have no doubt that you'll fall in love all over again with Close Obsession. . . . I devoured it and, once again, can not wait to see what happens next!"
From Aman, Enticed by Books
"The Krinar Chronicles series is recommended to readers who enjoy other worldly stories with a hot romance."
From Sahara, Wicked Little Pixie
"I loved how book one, Close Liaisons showed the relationship between Korum and Mia was a fragile thing not an insta-love connection although they do have some really hot sex. The series also deals with how scary dating an ultra-powerful being can be, something not a lot of paranormal/sci-fi romances delve into."
Entering the living room, Mia saw Korum sitting on the couch with his eyes closed. Surprised, she stopped and stared at him. Was he sleeping? Hesitant to disturb him, she just stood there, using this rare opportunity to study her alien lover with his guard down.

With his eyes closed, the bronzed perfection of his face was even more striking. High cheekbones blended synergistically with a strong nose and a firm jaw, forming a face that was as masculine as it was beautiful. His eyebrows were dark and thick, slanting straight above his eyes, and his eyelashes looked incredibly long, spread out like dark fans above his cheeks. His hair had grown in the month that she’d known him – he’d probably been too busy chasing after the Keiths to get a haircut, Mia thought wryly – and it was starting to brush against his ears.

As though sensing her gaze on him, he opened his eyes and smiled when he saw her standing there. “Come here,” he murmured, patting the couch next to him. “How are you feeling?”

Mia blushed slightly. “I’m fine,” she told him.

He just continued looking at her with a mysterious expression on his face, almost as if studying her for some reason. Feeling a little uncertain about where they stood after yesterday’s conversation, Mia cautiously approached him. Even though she’d spent most of last night writhing in pleasure in his arms, there was still so much unresolved between them. Pausing a couple of feet away, she asked, “Were you sleeping just now? I’m sorry to interrupt if you were . . .”

“Sleeping? No.” He looked surprised by her assumption. “I was just taking care of some business.”

“Virtually?” Mia guessed, and Korum nodded, patting the couch again.

Mia came closer, and he reached out with his hand, pulling her onto his lap. Burying his hand in the dark mass of curls, he tilted her head toward him and kissed her, his mouth hot and demanding, his tongue stroking hers until she forgot everything but the incredible sensations he was provoking in her. Barely able to breathe, Mia moaned, melting helplessly against him, her loins filling with liquid heat despite the fact that she should be wrung out after the excesses of last night.

Apparently satisfied with her response, Korum raised his head and looked down at her with a half-smile, releasing her hair but still holding her tightly in his arms. “You see, Mia,” he said softly, “it really doesn’t matter what labels are placed on our relationship. It doesn’t change anything between us.”
Reader Reviews (5)
Submitted By: msladye on Feb 7, 2015
This book was not the speed I was looking for. I became bored right into the beginning of the book. Could make it past the third chapter.this book was a failure for me I will not be reading the third.
Submitted By: Amayeli on Jan 27, 2015
The second book in the Krinar Chronicles is also good. After getting all 3 books in this series, I also bought the Twist Me books from this author. I hope to see more new books from Anna Zaires soon.
Submitted By: ratherbereading on Jul 30, 2013
As I said in "Close Liaisons"- truly fascinating approach to our evolution by this author. Can't wait for bk #3 in Sept. According to the author's site- she's planning many more of this series in the future. Yay! Thank you Anna!
Submitted By: Safety Lady on Jul 9, 2013
Loved it! Wow just when you think book one was good, book two is better. The story develops really well and "bumping' like bunnies" pretty much sums up how things go in the bed room, shower, kitchen, couch etc. I can't wait until the next one. Strong woman, stronger man makes for some great fireworks in and out of the bed room. Happy reading!
Submitted By: MrEyez on Apr 24, 2013
Loved it! This sequel did not disappoint. Mia and Korum' s relationship continues to develop with several bumps along the way. And, there is just enough mystery/suspense to push the series from good to great. I cannot wait til the next book comes out. Zaires makes me want to go out and find a sexy vampire alien of my own! Don't miss this series.

Close Obsession (The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 2)

By: Anna Zaires