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Christmas Cash

Series: Raising Cain , Book 1.0
By: Maggie Casper | Other books by Maggie Casper
Published By: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
Published: Dec 09, 2005
ISBN # 9781419904554
Word Count: 14,997
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Eligible Price: $1.49

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Categories: Romance>Erotic Romance


Christmas Cash (Raising Cain) by Maggie Casper - Romance>Erotic Romance eBook

Sassy Devils, LLC is a conglomerate of good and evil headed up by the Big Guy Himself, controlling all aspects of otherworldly interaction with humankind.

Urian is a son of the Devil — literally — an incubus working for the Demon Division. His assignment brings him back into the life of human Hailey, a woman he's fallen in love with through the sex dreams they've shared over the years.

Hailey isn't sure how to deal with this recent twist in her reality. The man of her dreams is really a demon and she discovers other supernatural beings are taking advantage of the magic of Halloween. And her relationship with Urian makes her a mighty tasty target.

Their passion burning hotter than the flames of hell, it takes both of them to bring things to an explosive climax.
Reader Rating:   5.0 starstarstarstarstar (2 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip



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Copyright ? MAGGIE CASPER, 2005.

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing,

Noelle opened her mouth to continue her argument but was
cut short when Cash pushed off the bar to stand directly in front of her.
He grasped her upper arms, turned and lifted her until her ass landed
firmly on the bar.

All thought of arguing fled when Cash wrapped his arms
around her lower back, pulling her to the edge of the bar. When his head
dipped toward the juncture of her thighs, Noelle thought she?d shatter into
a million pieces.

He was so sinfully close Noelle could hardly catch her
breath. His scent wafted around her, drawing her deeper under his spell. He
nipped at her clothes, catching her thin pants and panties between his
teeth in the process. Noelle couldn?t help but gasp when Cash let them go
with a snap. He seemed to enjoy teasing her.

The fingers of one hand kneaded her ass but it was his
other hand that caught her attention and kept it. With sure, deft
movements, Cash rubbed her through the thin barrier of her drawstring
pants. He had to feel how hot and wet she was.

Noelle was so consumed with lust it never even dawned on
her that she might want to say something, to insist he stop. When he used
his thumb, adding pressure against the already sensitive bud of her clit,
Noelle nearly shot off the bar her climax was so sudden.

She was a boneless heap when Cash pulled her from the
bar. ?Careful,? he murmured against her ear as he turned her away from him.

The feel of his warm breath against her neck sent
shivers of delight coursing through his body even though his mouth didn?t
actually touch her.

?This,? Cash growled while pressing the thick length of his
cock to her ass, ?is why you can?t work here. You?re a distraction I don?t
need or want.?

His words struck like lightning, cooling Noelle?s ardor
as if she?d been doused with a bucket of cold water.

?You?you?? Noelle hadn?t been prepared for the impact of
Cash?s refusal or how he?d go about doing it. She was so angry forming a
coherent sentence seemed impossible.

?This conversation?this lesson is over, Noelle.
The answer is no. You should know me well enough to know I won?t change my

The damned man was built like a brick wall and had the
mentality to match. There was just no swaying him once he made a decision,
and he certainly wasn?t known for his willingness to compromise, which was
why Noelle found herself standing on the street corner dressed as Mrs.
Clause and ringing a stupid bell.

The only joy she got out of the whole damned fiasco was
the knowledge that she?d been stationed right across the street from
Raising Cain. Knowing Cash was trying to sleep in his apartment above the
bar made everything bearable.

The giggle that escaped her chilled lips was one of
sheer wickedness. Cash McCain was going to have a miserably annoying
Christmas season if she had anything to do with it.



Reader Reviews (1)
Submitted By: jslindzy on Jan 26, 2013
Even with my frustration at the hero at times, I still enjoyed this book quite a bit. The general plot at the heart of the book held my interest and I rather liked the heroine. However, I thought the romance between the two had some weak points.

Christmas Cash

By: Maggie Casper