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Catch Me If You Can

By: Stacey Espino | Other books by Stacey Espino
Published By: Evernight Publishing
Published: Jan 14, 2011
ISBN # 9781926950167
Word Count: 44,851
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Eligible Price: $4.99

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Categories: Romance>Multiple Partners Romance>Contemporary Romance>Westerns/Cowboys


Catch Me If You Can by Stacey Espino - Romance>Multiple Partners eBook

Christina is an ordinary woman, working a dead-end job as a bank teller. When her late grandmother gives her the gift of a luxury vacation, she looks forward to the break from reality. But instead of an upscale resort, she arrives at a working ranch with three dead sexy cowboys. They may not offer to give her the spa treatment, but they're eager to please her in other ways.

Just when the relationship between Christina and her cowboys moves to the next level, she's forced to leave the ranch in order to protect the men she loves. She runs from them, knowing that if they catch her, she won't be able to stay away. But being together seems destined to failure. Can they overcome the obstacles facing their loving ménage?

Be Warned: menage a quatre romance, menage sex, anal sex.

Reader Rating:   3.5 starstarstarstar (58 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
Editorial Reviews:
From Readers Roundtable by Mar
Ms. Espino is known for providing hot sexy cowboys in her novels and she did not disappoint in Catch Me If You Can. Ms. Espino has a knack for developing stories that leave you on the edge of your seat and the reader can expect nothing less with this novel. Hot blooded heroes, a level headed layered heroine, and a fun read await you...
From Manic Readers by Patrizia Murray
When she runs away from them, what follows is one of the hottest scenes when they take over the board room at her bank. In between tearing up the sheets with her men and helping them preserve a herd of wild mustangs from extinction, they solve a mystery that brings them even closer together.
From Romance Junkies by Suzie Housley
CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is one electrifying book! Stacey Espino is a master at writing a book that overflows with beautifully displayed ménage à trois scenes. This is the first offering that I have found of this author, but it surely will not be my last for she knows how to provide the best reading experience for her fans.
From Whipped Cream Reviews by Myrtle
If you want a book that will jump-start your libido then Catch Me If You Can is the book for you. Good plot, yummy sex scenes, and characters that jump out at you and seem so real. I am glad I was able to add this one to my library and enjoyed reading it.
From Happily Ever After Reviews by Denise
CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is a relatively short, smoking hot read, and fans of Ms. Espino’s work, and the ménage genre itself, will definitely want to whip out their credit cards for this one!
She felt surrounded—she was surrounded. The heat from their bodies warmed her sensitive flesh. She felt like a princess, so wanted, so adored. This was a beautiful dream that she half expected to wake up from. Christina may have been invisible back home, but here, she was the center of attention. How could she ever say good-bye to the best thing that ever happened to her?

Her thoughts drifted to the virility of these men. As James kicked off his pants, committing to this sex party, her eyes darted to his cock. She remembered how it felt against her tongue. There were three cocks vying for attention and only one of her. Her pussy pulsed as she envisioned taking all three of them.

"Tell me what you want, Christina." Her name on James' lips was erotic as hell. She never imagined him accepting her, not dismissing her, but here he was, offering himself. "Do you want me to suck your sweet little cunt?"

She couldn't reply, only gulped in a lung full of air, but her parted lips and hooded eyes were invitation. He crept up her body, peppering kisses along her stomach and the valley of her breasts.

"Please, James." She wanted him to please her…in any way imaginable. At the same time as she wanted sexual release, she wanted promises. Promises that he wouldn't walk away this time. Only now did she realize how many feelings she'd kept pent up over the past couple months. She tried to forget James, to ignore his casual dismissal, but it did affect her. Strongly. Each man at Golden Acres was unique, yet damaged in some way. She'd always been attracted to imperfect men, hoping to attain their love and heal them at the same time.

"Tell me." He licked her pert nipple, making her gasp and reach for his broad shoulders.

"Anything. Stop teasing."

He reversed until his hot breath heated her folds. James spread her legs at the knees and Jake's hands were there to keep them apart. When he lowered his head and lapped at her moist, swollen pussy, she thrashed her head from side to side.

The fact that James pleasured her, giving rather than just taking, meant a lot to her. She savored the feel of his lips and tongue exploring her pussy and suckling her clit. It took little time before she lost control. "No more, James!" It was too much, so intense that she thought she'd lose her mind if he continued.

"Relax, darlin'." Noah kissed her cheek, his stubble scraping her soft skin. "You've gotta relax before you can really enjoy yourself."

"I can't," she assured, tightening her muscles. "I can't…"

Noah descended to her breast. She was so exposed and didn't care for a second. These men made her feel desirable despite her many flaws. The sharp pull on her other tit made her gasp. Both dark heads stole a breast. The overflow of stimulation had her calling out with complete abandon.

"Oh my God!" Then her voice left her, but her mouth remained open. Her blood began to burn, starting in her toes and racing up her limbs. A new calm filled her, eliminating her oversensitivity. Everything the men did made her transcend her body. She felt as if she were floating and she never wanted it to end. She dropped her legs loosely to the sides and thrust up into James eager mouth. "Don't stop."

"That's a girl." Jake kissed her lips, once. "I can't wait to get inside you. I'm gonna fuck you good and hard." His strangled words stole her last shred of control and the heat climbing her body pooled in her clit…building…building. Then she exploded, wave after wave of heavenly bliss crashing through her body. She sucked in short shallow breaths.

"Let go, sweet thing," Noah whispered in her ear, his rough hand massaging her breast.

She wanted to scream with her release, had difficulty holding back, but refused to embarrass herself. Letting go completely, allowing that tsunami of pleasure to control her felt too intimate. There was still a sprinkling of fear within her that was scared of rejection, of disapproval.

When James sat up, looking down on her, he shook his head in disapproval. "By the time we're finished with you, you'll be screaming. Promise you that." She liked that promise, looked forward to whatever they had planned for her body.

Reader Reviews (16)
Submitted By: lyjo46 on Jan 23, 2015
It has a workable story line, the chemistry between the hero and heroine is ok.
Submitted By: unicorn/kathy on Jan 7, 2014
I liked this book. Hot sexy men and one lucky lady made for a lot of hot sex. The lady gets scared and runs, but that doesn't stop her men.Well written and a good read.
Submitted By: bartman on Jan 7, 2014
Great story about a woman finding her sexuality with three men. Couldn't put it down.
Submitted By: sassycaligirl21 on Jan 31, 2013
Great book
Submitted By: skeyac on Jan 30, 2013
She is becoming one of my favorite authors that I basically read anything book that she writes because she always catches me on the first chapter that I want to know what happens.
Submitted By: uksuzi on Jan 23, 2013
I enjoyed this book, it was hot with an interesting storyline.
Submitted By: angieia on Jan 22, 2013
I really enjoyed this book. Stacey really drew me in and I couldn't put this book down. I could really see things from Christina's point of view. I will definitely read more of Stacey's books.
Submitted By: mommag on Jan 22, 2013
This book was okay. It wasn't a favorite.
Submitted By: Isabelle on Jan 17, 2013
This story has a lot of controversy. It kind of jumps around and the problems seem to resolve themselves. I think the story lacked fluidity. Overall the story was ok and it had a good ending.
Submitted By: harr4563 on Jan 8, 2013
Very good book
Submitted By: mamalevan on Jan 1, 2013
Stacey is known for her sexy writing. The humor and sexy edge result in enjoyable stories. Stock up on her books when you get a chance!
Submitted By: chiemi66 on Apr 27, 2012
Certain parts of this book I enjoyed but for the most part this story left me unsatisfied. I couldn't really connect with the characters, didn't really understand where they were coming from.
Submitted By: blueisland23 on Jan 15, 2012
This story was a tad boring and the story line was a bit lacking. There wasn't much background (or should I say interesting background) information regarding the characters.
Submitted By: sassykitty on Dec 29, 2011
I do not particularly care for the writing style of this author, thus the low marks. Not an author I would recommend.
Submitted By: blittle on Dec 22, 2011
Terrible. Choppy and amateurish. Good idea (that's been done before), but it went nowhere.
Submitted By: wpchris on Feb 9, 2011
This is one of Stacey's best books to date. A hot read if you like your cowboys really hunky, a bit damaged and ready to fight for what they want! Christina was a great heroine because she was open to what life threw her way and wanted to make changes, and she definitely found her future with these three cowboys. James was one of the hottest heroes I've read about in ages. Jake and Noah were just the icing on the cake. Again, it was a great read, well written, a fab story. All it needs is a bow!

Catch Me If You Can

By: Stacey Espino