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Captured by the Bodyguard (BWWM Interracial Romance)

By: Dez Burke | Other books by Dez Burke
Published By: Pink Lotus Publishing
Published: Oct 19, 2014
ISBN # JDXNNX0000052
Word Count: 43,520
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Categories: Romance>Interracial Romance>African-American Romance>Erotic Romance


Captured by the Bodyguard (BWWM Interracial Romance) by Dez Burke - Romance>Interracial

Cane Hutchinson took one look at heiress Alexandra Duke and knew she’d be big trouble. He was an ex-Marine whose expertise as a bodyguard had him working with high-risk clients all over the world. Babysitting a billionaire’s princess was the last thing he wanted to be doing…

The last thing Alexandra wanted-or needed, was a bodyguard. But her father had worries for her safety after winning an important contract against an unscrupulous business rival. Being stuck with Cane 24/7 was bad enough; now she had to contend with an uncontrollable attraction for her handsome and virile bodyguard who looked like he belonged on the cover of GQ magazine. She was used to keeping people at a distance because of the fortune her father represented-but for how long could she keep her rising feelings for Cane at bay?

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Cane stepped out on the balcony his room shared with Alexandra’s, doing some last checks and catching the soft breeze. He found himself looking to the side at Alexandra’s windows - when he noticed her walk into her room and turn on the lights.

Outside was dark so he was sure she couldn’t see him. Cane paused as he realized he had a clear view through the big windows thanks to the open blinds. How many times had he warned her about closing the fucking blinds?

He bit down an angry sigh as she walked into her bathroom and he could hear sounds of her turning on the shower. Then she returned to the bedroom, sat in front of her dressing mirror and was soon taking off her jewelry.

Cane was about to walk back into his room when Alexandra stood, quickly unbuttoned her white jeans and wriggled out of the clinging fabric.

Suddenly, Cane’s brain misted over.

Alexandra was facing the mirror with her back to him which gave him the perfect view of her ass bared by the skimpy white lacy thong. Her fleshy orbs were ripe and smooth, and the most rounded bottom he’d ever seen. She kicked the jeans off her feet carelessly as she tugged her white shirt over her head. He had a glimpse of her incredibly tiny waist and a hint of side boob as she tossed the shirt on a nearby chair.

Fuck and double fuck! Cane knew he should move, walk away from the sight of Alexandra in just her bra and panties as she gathered up her springy curls into a band at the top of her crown. But Cane found himself rooted to the spot. This woman with the sexiest body he’d ever seen was no more than thirty feet away and giving him the most painful hard-on he’d ever had. Shit! She had flawlessly even-toned café au lait skin and the figure of a goddess; ample curves where he liked them yet slender in the middle coupled with long, toned legs he was twitching to place on either side of his head as he…

Something moved in the corner of his eye. Cane’s head snapped around but he could hardly see a thing. He swore under his breath; here he was acting like a rookie by staring into a lit room from his dark position which made it harder for his vision to adjust as he scanned the quiet, dim grounds around him. His mind raced.

Not wasting time to think further, he slammed a fist on the panic button just inside his room. And then he swiftly swung over the partition between their balconies and sped into Alexandra’s bedroom through her balcony entrance. His shoes made his movements silent and the young woman only became aware of him when he gripped her from behind, wrapping an arm around her waist as he swiftly backed her into the bathroom with him.

Cane could feel her body go rigid in shock at this sudden invasion. Before she could speak or let out a scream, Cane closed his hand over her mouth while he kept his ears trained for any sound from outside. What he didn’t see coming was Alexandra turning the hell cat on him, twisting her body and ramming her elbow into his side. Normally a woman landing him with a body blow wouldn’t rattle him for even a moment – but as luck would have it she caught him just on the almost-healed injury still covered with stitches.

Cane’s teeth gritted as he felt it split, and just for the one second that he released his hold, she shoved off him and made a run for it. He could hear her scream beginning to form and he swore, lunging forward and catching her before she could get past two feet. The sharp bite in his side didn’t slow him down as he was able to catch hold of her hair and pull her back with enough force to have her freezing from the sudden pain. Her legs were trailing forward in front of her as he drew her upper body back towards him into the now steam-filled bathroom.

The running shower got even the tiles slippery, so when Alexandra’s frame connected heavily with his it got Cane losing his balance as they both fell backwards into the open shower with her on top of him.
They landed in a heap on the shower floor and Cane felt another stinging pinch in his side impact as they both hit the floor of the shower. Unable to hold off another bout of swearing, he quickly placed his hand over her mouth again and whispered in her ear through gritted teeth, “It’s me, Cane your fucking bodyguard! Now shut it, there’s an intruder outside – “

He let out a muttered curse as she actually had the audacity to bite his flipping hand. But still he could feel her body go limp as she calmed down. Cane strained his ears to listen above all that falling water even as he suddenly became aware that Alexandra’s underwear had become transparent.

He glanced down at her whole body stretched out atop him, and he could clearly see the shape and color of her areolas and the shadowy, plump patch beneath her panties. With all that water rushing down on them, they were both getting soaked to the skin and with her spine pressing into his chest and her ass against his groin, there was no way he could conceal his erection. She had to feel that rigid stalk prodding her in the back and Cane swore to himself at his lack of self-control.
Reader Reviews (5)
Submitted By: lyjo46 on Jan 27, 2014
I loved loved this book, it has an great story line ,with well developed characters . I loved the chemistry between the hero and heroine. a must read
Submitted By: tendacowgirl on Jun 1, 2013
This was an excellent read so much so I purchase the series all I enjoyed greatly
Submitted By: Laters50 on May 23, 2013
The storyline started out really interesting,then it totally flopped. Took to long to get to the good stuff.
Submitted By: ladytee20019 on May 14, 2013
I enjoyed this short story, it was well written and erotic. The chemistry and sex was hot and sensual.
Submitted By: ct2014 on Apr 25, 2013
It was missing that link that brought the characters together. When I read the excerpt before I read the book I thought, wow how is he going to keep his hands to himself? Maybe if Ms. Burke had gone into them getting to know each other better on their island excursions it would have been better. The only part that I liked was how Cane kept her waiting until their wedding night before he let loose on her. :)

Captured by the Bodyguard (BWWM Interracial Romance)

By: Dez Burke