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Brianna's Navy SEAL

By: Natalie J. Damschroder | Other books by Natalie J. Damschroder
Published By: Amber Quill Press, LLC
Published: Jan 01, 2007
ISBN # 9781592796533
Word Count: 67,000
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EligiblePrice: $7.00

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Categories: Romance>Contemporary

Brianna Macgregor longed for adventure, until tragedy cured her forever.

Or so she thought...

Former Navy SEAL-turned-kindergarten teacher Cable Addison enters Brianna's life, and he’s everything she wants. But even though he’s left adventure behind, it’s followed him in dangerous ways.

When old Macgregor enemy Darcy Langlais sets her sights on Cable, Brianna has to decide if love is worth the risk.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
Editorial Reviews:
From Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews
"...A fun-loving, adventurous, romance story...delightful characters who complimented each other very well...The love scenes between them were intensely sizzling and the dramatic conclusion will have you gasping for breath. Overall, I found the plot was well balanced with humorous moments, heated romance, and thrilling suspense."
From Tara Manderino, MyShelf.com
"...Full of action, romance, and comraderie, nicely rounded with humor...a fast-paced read. Ms. Damschroder does a marvelous job of bringing Brook Hollow and its inhabitants to life!"
From Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies
"...Highly suspenseful and very sensual. I found myself slowly turning the pages in anticipation of what would happen. Most of the time, just when I thought I knew what would occur, I was completely surprised! I loved the fact that I could not anticipate the plot twists..."
What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking about this.” Cable rested his hand on the back of Brianna's neck and pulled her slowly toward him, lifting himself off the rock ledge to meet her mouth halfway.

The kiss was gentle, full of early promise. His lips were firm on hers, confident, tasting of coffee and him. Brianna shifted closer and he immediately released her, sliding his hand from her neck to just above her elbow and putting several inches between them.

“It’s getting dark,” he said, his eyes still holding hers. She couldn’t be offended that he’d stopped, seeing the look on his face. He was being a gentleman, moving slowly. Most of the women she knew would kill to find a guy who would treat them like this.

“I guess that means we should start heading back.”

“Or…” He looked around. “We could catch fireflies.”

She realized they were surrounded by the flickering green lights. “Really?”

“Really.” He reached up, making a closing motion with his hand, but shook his head. “Missed.”

“The females would be easier,” Brianna said. She moved back across the street to the grassy area under the trees. Downtown was nearly deserted now, and the streetlights were just starting to come on. She bent and cupped her hand around a beetle on the ground, lifting it for Cable to see.

“That’s lazy,” Cable said. “I thought you were adventurous.”

“Ooooh, you’re challenging me?” She let the bug go and looked around. “Five minutes. Whoever catches the most wins.”

They chased around on the grass, laughing and bumping into each other, jostling for the same bugs, then tumbling in a heap against each other when Cable deemed the time up.

“I caught seven,” he said, peering into his loosely closed hand.

“No way, let me see.” He showed Brianna the group crawling around on his fingers. “Good job,” she praised him. “But I caught nine.”

“Yeah, right.” He attacked her, trying to pry her hands apart.

She squealed. “You’re going to crush them!” She rolled away and opened her hands, shaking them to encourage the bugs to fly away. Most of them did.

Cable loomed over her. “Cheater.” His features were in shadow with the only light behind him. She wondered what it would be like to witness him in the field, doing his deadly duty. He moved so lightly and easily, even being away from the job for as long as he’d been. She bet he was beautiful to see.

“I didn’t cheat.”

“Then why didn’t you let me count them?” He focused on her mouth.

“I—um—I…” She licked her lips, forgetting what they’d been talking about. Her heart thudded in her chest. Kiss number two, coming up.

His elbows bent and his mouth met hers unerringly, even in the dark. This time his tongue joined in, coaxing, and she welcomed the deepening. It had been a long time since she’d been involved with a man. A long time since anyone had kissed her, or touched her, or held her. With a flash of awareness, she realized this could be what she’d been missing in her life.

Startled, she let her head drop to the ground. Cable eased back.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Her pulse was racing. Her body felt electric, alive in a way she couldn’t remember feeling, just from a simple kiss. Hell, she wanted more. “Come here.” She fisted her hand in his shirt and pulled him closer. He didn’t resist but slid his arm under her, then rolled them so he cradled her in the crook of his other arm, off the ground. The kiss went on until Brianna lost track of time. Until full dark descended.

Until a siren went off not twenty feet away, and a blinding light landed on them...
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Submitted By: sandwich73 on Jan 25, 2013
Great suspense novel with much heart and lots of fun. Very entertaining.

Brianna's Navy SEAL

By: Natalie J. Damschroder