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Breeding With the Beast: My Tentacle Romance

By: Aurora Dupree | Other books by Aurora Dupree
Published By: Aurora Dupree
Published: Aug 06, 2012
ISBN # RRDPRX0000026
Word Count: 4,000
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EligiblePrice: $2.99

Available in: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat

Categories: Erotica>Sci-Fi

Denise is ready to lose her virginity to her sexy scientist boyfriend. But little does she know her boyfriend has engineered a terrifying tentacle monster...and its dying to breed with her. Will Denise accept the alien baby, or will the tentacle love prove too much for her?

Warning: This 4000 word story contains hot tentacle sex, dubious consent, and forced breeding. Not for the faint of heart!
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
Denise eased her way onto the chair, hoping it wouldn't ruin her nice dress. She turned to her left, where Chester was looking over some sort of console. He pushed a button, and steel clamps suddenly shot out from the sides of the chair, trapping her in place.
“Hey, what's going on?” Denise yelled. “Chester?”
“Just relax,” Chester said. “It's part of the process.”
“I didn't agree to this!”
“You're going to like it,” Chester said. “Trust me.”
He walked over to her with something that looked like an exterminator's gun. He sprayed a few puffs of some perfum-y smelling liquid over her.
“What are you doing?” she cried. “What is this?”
“They're pheromones,” Chester explained. “They're designed to attract.”
“To attract what?”
Chester smiled.
“You'll see in a minute.”
Denise struggled against her restraints.
“Okay, this has gone on long enough,” Denise said, worry creeping into her voice now. “I want you to let me out of here.”
Chester shook his head.
“It's too late,” he said. “The pheromones have been applied. It'll be better for both of us if you're sitting down, when...”
“When what?”
Denise turned toward the tank. A thick, lime green tentacle had poked up out of the murk and was wiggling its way over towards her. She screamed.
“What is that?”
“My creation!” Chester said, with a beaming smile. The tentacle moved slowly but purposefully toward Denise, who was struggling against the bars.
“Chester!” she screamed. “Let me out!”
“It likes you!” Chester said, sounding delighted. The tentacle reached her feet, and paused. Slowly, it crept up, winding its way around her body as she squealed and recoiled from its touch. There were small suction cups on the tentacle that brushed her as it passed. The tentacle wound its way across her face, gently. She had expected it to be slimy, but it wasn't, just a slight hint of moisture. As soon as the thing touched her face, Denise felt a wave of relaxation come over her.
“Okay,” she called to Chester. “This is very neat, whatever it is. But I'd still like to get out now.”
“Not yet,” Chester said, still watching intently. “It's only getting started.”
The bulbous tentacle moved slowly over her face, like the caressing hand of a lover. Then, it sunk down towards her breasts, sliding over them. Denise was surprised to feel her nipples becoming erect. In fact, she felt a strange heat begin to spread upward from her belly. The more this strange creature touched her, the calmer she felt. Suddenly, Denise's eyes widened as another tentacle came bounding out of the strange purple liquid, also on a beeline towards her. The two tentacles circled her, bobbing and weaving. Then, one of them grabbed her dress and pulled down, yanking it away from her body in on swift stroke. Denise cried out. She was now sitting there in her bra and panties, mortified, her skin a deep shade of crimson.
“What is going on?” she yelled. “It took off my dress!”
“As it should,” Chester said. “This isn't just any old tentacle monster. It's a breeding creature.”
“I've spliced my own DNA with the creature. It's got my semen. You'll see shortly, I promise you.”
The tentacles continued to feel her up. One of them was fondling her breasts, while the other trailed along her thighs.
“I don't know about this...”

Breeding With the Beast: My Tentacle Romance

By: Aurora Dupree