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Breathless (A BBW Paranormal Romance Novel)

By: Tawny Taylor | Other books by Tawny Taylor
Published By: Novel Mind Books
Published: Jun 21, 2012
ISBN # NVLMND0000022
Word Count: 50,000
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Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Werewolves/Shifter Romance>Erotic Romance


Breathless (A BBW Paranormal Romance Novel) by Tawny Taylor - Romance>Paranormal/Horror

Determined to conquer her lifelong fear of water, Jane Wilde signs up for swim classes--only to discover her swim instructor brings new meaning to the words "picture-perfect abs". Josh, her instructor, (and a selkie) must find a mate, and, after a few laps--both figuratively and literally--return home. Jane seems to be the perfect candidate. However, he doesn't know one kiss will spark a sensual chain of events that will change both their lives forever. Because one taste of the seductive Jane Wilde won't satisfy him. Josh has big plans for the curvy temptress, plans that have everything to do with his most accomplished strokes.

(Previously published as WET AND WILDE)

"a delightful and sinfully delicious romance filled with fiery characters and intense passion."~Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today
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This was the one. She would be a perfect mate. His gaze settled on her face as he calmed her and enumerated her attributes. She had beautiful, classic features that would set the goddesses afire with jealousy. Impossibly long eyelashes fringed eyes the color of milk chocolate. Her nose was pert but slender, raised at the tip to give her just enough sass to amuse him. Her lips…those lips. He already knew they tasted of the sweetest nectar in paradise. How he wished to kiss them now!

Yet, he resisted. This woman—this human—possessed a fiery will, and would need some coaxing before she would fully submit to him.

He would settle for nothing less than full submission—of body, mind and spirit.

Besides, there was much to appreciate in the chase.

He mentally murmured more soothing words to her, taking full advantage of his powers over humans. Thankfully, she calmed, allowing him a brief but welcome opportunity to see her as she might be in his world—not that he’d ever expect her to follow him there.

Selkies had mated with humans for ages, but the hazards of falling in love with one was well known. It was much safer this way—to mate and leave. The land dwellers would raise his child until he was old enough to join his father in their world below.

But, as he watched her chestnut hair drift around her face and over her shoulders, flirting with breasts so ripe and firm they beckoned his touch, he found himself wondering if it might be possible…

Her panic sliced through him, cutting that thought off before he’d finished it.

Perhaps not.

Testing her powers of intuition, wanting to sense whether she felt the connection between them, he reached out, touching her between those luscious breasts. Her heartbeat, jackrabbit quick, increased in response to his touch.

Yes, very good. Her body was willing, even if her mind was not yet ready. His own reacted in a primal response, blood pumping through his body in hot waves, pooling between his legs until his erection pushed against the containment of his swim trunks.

Hush, love. You’re safe. Can you see how magical this place is below the surface? You came from water. It’s a part of you. He palmed her cheek before letting his hand slide lower to grasp her neck. Her hair twined around his fingers, dancing upon the shifting currents like tiny fish.

“Get me the hell outta here. I’m no more water than you are frickin’ gold! And how the hell are we talking?”

He let his fingertips stray lower and to the left, tracing the line of her collarbone before dipping between her tits and skirting the fullness of a breast. Then it continued down, following the line of her torso. Damn, she was perfect! Her body was soft, as a woman’s should be. Her skin was smooth under his touch, velvety. Her energy, and the unique taste of her filled the water surrounding them, sending his nerves aflame. His groin ached, his cock throbbed, and only one image played through his mind—bending her over and fucking her until he dropped dead away.

“And unless you’re going to rescue me, get your fuckin’ hands off! I’m dying down here!”

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Submitted By: DrJ on Sep 17, 2012
A paranormal romance lovers kind of book with a willing and wanton heroine loved by a prince of a guy. It's erotic and intense, with sexual tension throughout, but the reader knows, as does the heroine, that there's more to the story. A great story from a writer who is rapidly become one of my favorites. This story begs to be enjoyed!

Breathless (A BBW Paranormal Romance Novel)

By: Tawny Taylor