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Series: The Dartmouth Cobras , Book 3.0
By: Bianca Sommerland | Other books by Bianca Sommerland
Published By: Bianca Sommerland
Published: Oct 05, 2012
ISBN # 9780987904423
Word Count: 155,256
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Categories: Romance>Multiple Partners Romance>BDSM Romance>Erotic Romance


Breakaway (The Dartmouth Cobras) by Bianca Sommerland - Romance>Multiple Partners eBook

Against some attacks, the only hope is to come out and meet the play.

Last year, Jami Richter had no plans, no goals, no future. But that’s all changed. First step, make up for putting her father through hell by supporting the hockey team he manages and becoming an Ice Girl. But a photo shoot puts her right in the arms of Sebastian Ramos, a Dartmouth Cobra defenseman with a reputation for getting any woman—or, as the rumours imply, man—he desires. And the powerful dominant wants her…and Luke. Getting involved in Seb’s lifestyle gives her a new understanding of the game and the bonds between players. But can she handle being caught between two men who want her, while struggling with their attraction to one another?

Luke Carter’s life is about as messed up as his scarred face. His mother is sick. His girlfriend dumps him. When he goes to his favorite BDSM club to blow off some steam, his Dom status is turned upside down when a therapeutic beating puts him in a good place. He flatly denies being submissive--or, even worse, being attracted to another man. He wants Jami but can’t have her without getting involved with Sebastian. Can he overcome his own prejudices long enough to admit he wants them both?

Caught between Luke and Jami, Sebastian Ramos does everything in his power to fulfill their needs. His two new submissives willingly share their bodies, but not their secrets. When his own past comes back to haunt him, the fragile foundation of their relationship is ripped apart. As he works to salvage the damage done by doubt and insecurity, he discovers that Jami is hiding something dangerous. But it may already be too late.


This ebook contains material not suitable for readers under 18. It also contains scenes that some may find objectionable, including hockey violence, BDSM, ménage sex, bondage, anal sex, sex toys, multiple partners, woman love, and man love including, but not limited to an erotic shower scene. Readers are advised not to attempt reenacting the scene while reading the ebook.
Reader Rating:   4.5 starstarstarstarstar (19 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Sebastian waited by the window in his hotel room, staring out at the city skyline. Lack of sleep weighed on his body. He wanted nothing more than to stretch out on the bed for a nap to refresh himself before the game.

But not yet.

His lips curled as someone pounded at the door. "Come in."

The door hit the wall. The rookie who had confronted him, Luke Carter, stormed in and pointed at his suitcase, which sat on the floor by the TV stand. "What the fuck, man? Why’d you take my shit?"

Without turning away from the window, Sebastian replied calmly. "Close the door, Luke."

Luke reached for the door. Then stopped and fisted his hands at his sides. "I ain't staying."

Sebastian glanced at Luke over his shoulder. "Didn’t you have something to discuss with me?"

The young man gaped at him, blinked, and nodded as though suddenly recalling what he'd wanted to say. He raked his fingers through his already mussed up, dirty blond hair. "I did. Stay away from Silver. She's Bower's woman and she's having his kid. You missed your chance. Deal with it."

"Your loyalty is admirable, Luke—"

Swaying a little, Luke made a grab for his bags. "Hey, the guys call me Carter."

"I know that." Sebastian sighed as Luke tripped over his bags and knocked his forehead into the open door. "Leave the bags, Luke. I will bring them to you later. You need to sleep this off."

Luke kicked the bags and glared at him as he tipped off balance. "Hey, stop trying to fucking Dom me, man. I'm not a fucking sub."

Crossing the room in three long strides, Sebastian towed Luke away from the door by his wrist, kicked it shut, then shoved him towards the bed. His words came in a low growl as he loomed over him. "Don't move."

Utterly still, pupil dilated, Luke rested half on the bed. Then sprang up with a snarl. "Like hell!"

Sebastian caught the fist aimed at his face and deftly flipped Luke over, twisting his arm behind his back to hold him still. He shifted so his hardening cock didn't press against Luke's ass and inhaled deeply to regain control of himself. For a moment, he'd almost forgotten the man was his teammate. Which made him off limits. All he saw was the submission Luke fought so hard to bury. The dominant in Ramos roared for him to latch onto it, drag it out.

Reason took over. They had a game in a few hours. Luke had to be fit to play.

But damn it, if he had to 'Dom him' to see that he was . . .

Then that was exactly what he would do.

"Listen to me, rookie." His lips brushed Luke's ear and he felt the smaller man shiver. "This game will decide whether we play the Sabres or the Devils. And we need to be the ones to take out the Sabres, don't we?"

Luke panted into the gold floral patterned comforter and nodded.

"I am . . . very happy that you agree." His accent thickened as his skin heated up. He had to focus not to lose the English words that sometimes slipped from his vocabulary in times of anger. Or passion. He would allow himself to feel neither. "Return to your room. Sleep. I will see you on the ice."

Luke growled something into the mattress.

"Excuse me?"

"Get. Off. Me."

It took every ounce of strength Sebastian had to loosen his grip on Luke's wrist. To push away from him. To put distance between them. He rubbed his face with one hand and pointed to the door with the other. "You may go."

With a hard laugh, Luke stood. And crossed the space between them to give Sebastian a hard shove. "May I? You seriously think I'm going to let you get away with that shit? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"I am tired and running out of patience. You approached me with violence. I merely restrained you until you regained control of yourself."

"Oh." Shaking his head, Luke tripped backwards. "Oh. Yeah, I guess I kinda flipped out a bit. Sorry about that. But you've got to stay away from Silver. That's all I wanted to say."

"And you've said it. But I have no interest in Silver. We are friends, nothing more."

"Really?" Luke's brow furrowed. "Bower was shooting daggers at you. Wonder why."

Sebastian had an idea, but he wasn't about to discuss it with Luke. More than anything, he wanted Luke out of his sight. The man stirred his blood and tempted him. He hadn't had a good fight in a while—not the kind of fight that ended in mutual pleasure. And he had a feeling he could have that with Luke. If only the man wasn't struggling with the very idea of being submissive. If only he wasn't a teammate.

A bottle clinked and Sebastian's brow shot up as Luke knelt in front of his liquor cabinet.

"You don't mind if I help myself, do you?"

"I wouldn't suggest it."

With a snort, Luke uncapped a bottle, then drained it.

Rage clouded Sebastian's vision. His hand was suddenly fisted in Luke's shirt. A wild punch caught him in the throat. He swung back and connected with Luke's jaw. Luke grunted and slumped over his arm.

"Stupid boy." Sebastian hefted Luke up and went to drop him on the bed. Sitting beside him, he watched carefully to make sure he hadn't done any real damage. Other than a thin trail over blood on the young man's bottom lip, he was well enough. He grabbed a tissue from the box on the night table and dabbed at the tiny cut. Took a moment to remove the cheap clip-on tie Luke wore and undo the top few buttons of his shirt.

Light, golden hair trailed in a line down Luke's chest. Sebastian fingered the remaining buttons, tempted to undo them all. Instead he worked the blanket out from under Luke, covering him completely. And went to take his nap in the hard chair in front of the desk. There was plenty of space on the king-sized bed for him, but he couldn't lie down next to Luke. He didn't dare.

He didn't trust his control to stretch that far. He'd tested it too much already and he couldn't afford for it to fail him now.
Reader Reviews (8)
Submitted By: sarahd123 on Aug 9, 2016
i have really tried to like this series but i just cant. the characters are too rough around the edges and i just cant like them.
Submitted By: carol55 on Aug 8, 2016
Flaming hot. Characters are interweaved like a soap opera.
Submitted By: mrsqak on Mar 26, 2014
I love it omg a must have
Submitted By: honk4love on Jun 11, 2013
Wonderful book. Deep characters with lots of interaction and side plots. Seb character is so perfect, who can resist. Steamy sex that flows through the whole book, not just as isolated scenes. One of my favorites.
Submitted By: tara_neale on Jan 20, 2013
Not for the faint of heart or prudes. But for those of us that like our romance and our men too hot to handle this book and the whole Dartmouth Cobra series is an awesome find. Multiple partners, bondage, domination and hockey have never looked better. Eagerly awaiting the next in the series.
Submitted By: rosemac on Jan 15, 2013
Another brilliant novel of the Dartmouth Cobras. Great story and fantastic hot sex scenes. Can’t wait till novel number 4.
Submitted By: north on Jan 4, 2013
Ms Summerland writes a great believable story with believable characters and smoking hot sex scenes. This one is a keeper
Submitted By: mesut on Jan 2, 2013
I enjoyed this book but not as much as book 1 and 2. I read in this book the struggle of the characters to be who they were and be comfortable and accepting of their issues. I kept wishing that Jami was a little older so that I could enjoy the book more but it didn't take away from the story. Like I said, I enjoyed book 1 and 2 but 3 was good to because I could catch up on characters from the other books and the story continued with the team as well. Read the series...you won't regret it


By: Bianca Sommerland