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Black Butterfly

By: Sienna Mynx | Other books by Sienna Mynx
Published By: The Divas Pen LLC
Published: Oct 22, 2011
ISBN # 9780983381280
Word Count: 135,000
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Eligible Price: $5.99

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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Interracial Romance>African-American


Black Butterfly by Sienna Mynx - Romance>Contemporary

Sydney Allen has a dream. To dance one day on Broadway, and be a star. She's moved to New York, and with her best friends Portia and Trish at her side, her dream is destined to be a reality. That is until she meets the Executive Producer of her show--Nolen Adams. A Wall Street Investment banker who's playboy ways are notorious among the Big Apple's socialites. His lust and desires for Sydney are at first spurned. She will never be a casting couch bunny. But Nolen Adams doesn't take well to rejection. He's a man who always gets who and what he wants. Despite her efforts to achieve her chance at stardom through handwork and discipline, she is forced to address the admiration of her Producer. His pursuit of her sets Sydney and her friends on a collision path of pain, heartache, and self-discovery that will forever change their friendship. Every bond between friends and new lovers are put to the test when lies and deceit overshadow the best of intentions. And Sydney soon learns the price of fame can ultimately be the cost of one's heart.
Reader Rating:   4.3 starstarstarstarstar (89 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Sydney closed her eyes and reached for him. The final act of submission she knew he’d been waiting for. Nolen pressed against her, he pinned her to the wall as his tongue chased hers. The kiss grew in its intensity and his erection made her move her hips involuntarily. Her desire controlled her actions while her brain checked out. She moaned under the kiss, feeling his hand as it pulled her shirt out of her pants. Sydney enjoyed his cool touch against her skin once it moved over her belly, and upward to her left breast, squeezing then pinching her nipple as he forced her into a throaty kiss that made it hard to breathe. The throb and ache between her legs wouldn’t let her resist.

She turned her head away from the kiss, and he immediately began to nibble her neck. “What are you doing?” She gasped as he pressed his erection against her thigh.

“What I’ve wanted to do since I first laid eyes on you,” he said, undoing her belt buckle. She felt the zipper slip down and opened her eyes.

“No, we shouldn’t,” she said her voice weak. He pulled her pants down to her hips. She pressed against him, unable to resist.

He mumbled something incoherent, then dipped his tongue inside her ear. Her nipples remained painfully erect, pushing against the lace fabric of her bra. Sydney began to moan again as Nolen’s hand disappeared into her panties, making her shudder with anticipation.

She parted her legs at his unspoken command, arching her back as he breathed kisses into her neck. Raising her left leg and wrapped it around him, she allowed his hand to travel farther. The tips of his fingers massaged her honey spot.

Sydney cried out loudly when she felt his hand plunge all the way into her panties and heard the delicate fabric tear before he eased two fingers inside her. “Oh, yes!” she breathed. He silenced her cries with a feverish, demanding kiss. He was much more powerful than she, and as he pinned her to the wall, making love to her with his hand, she was overwhelmed by his passion.

She opened her eyes when his kisses stopped and he removed his hand. She felt a wave of relief, thinking that he would now exercise the restraint that she couldn’t. But it was short-lived as she felt him tugging on her jeans and panties, forcing them down further. He knelt and first removed off her hiking boots, then her pants. Sydney looked down at him, unable to speak. When he placed her left leg over his shoulder, and his eyes lifted to hers, her breath caught.

“You’re mine,” he said before burying his face between her legs.
Reader Reviews (37)
Submitted By: sam1slim1 on Mar 6, 2015
There is plenty to love or hate about this book, overall it was okay. Yes, you have to suspend belief just a bit,and overlook a few typos, but it is still enough there to make you want to know how it would all end. Loved Sydney for going after her dreams in a very responsible way, but disliked her for giving in so quickly to Nolan after seeming so passionate about how she wanted to succeed, or not, at her career. Loved Nolan Adams for staying true to himself throughout the entire book.
Submitted By: papinprincee on Jan 5, 2015
Loved this story. Has a mob like feel and I love mafia movies and mob boss stories. I love interracial romances and this quickly became a favorite. Oh! By the way I'm married to an African-American and I am African-American.
Submitted By: girlup on Dec 25, 2014
I love the book my favorite. She is an excellent writer
Submitted By: Mrs.Dunbar on Mar 23, 2013
I enjoyed this read very much. The Hero of the book was my favorite, the heroine was great as well, however a certain part of the book had me frustrated with her and I found myself siding with "Nolen". Great book a good read...If a book can make you take sides, appreciate some characters over other characters and make you hope that the main characters work out their issues. Then in my opinion you have a great book :)
Submitted By: k33sha on Mar 4, 2013
I love this story!! It's filled with passion, deceit, pain, envy, jealousy, sex, sensuality, comedy,... Forme it covered the full gambit. I love a good story with some grit, hope and most of all true love.
Submitted By: seelk on Jan 26, 2013
I really enjoyed this book. It has everything to make a great read. A hot man, who is used to getting his way, an ambitious woman who goes for her her dream, hot love scenes, drama and intrigue.
Submitted By: courtneyc22 on Jan 18, 2013
This book was smoking HOT. The way the male character carried hisself was truly in a bastardly way, but it fit him and made him sexy. This is truly a must read.
Submitted By: Laters50 on Jan 18, 2013
This book was a very good read/there were multiple characters and they all had their own story which all connected to the main character. Awesome!
Submitted By: lyjo46 on Jan 17, 2013
very nice read
Submitted By: uksuzi on Jan 17, 2013
Oh the drama of this book. I could not put it down! and oh so sexy. The characters were all so well developed and plot was good. Loved it!
Submitted By: cgirl99 on Jan 13, 2013
Enjoyable read. I bought it because the characters (dancer / rich guy) was similar to Annabel Joseph's, Mercy. Hot scenes, strong characters. 50 Shades of Grey fans will enjoy this book.
Submitted By: vickie on Jan 13, 2013
I absolutely loved this book, both the h&h were well written, with flaws and all even the friends were well represented without taking away from the h&h, would love to read more about them...Just goes to prove you can have it all.
Submitted By: lashawn on Jan 1, 2013
This is a great read. This is my first book by this author and it will not be my last.
Submitted By: Akashajess7 on Feb 14, 2012
The overall story was nice. The sex scenes were steamy. The author really could have left off the erotic asphyxiation. It really took away from the enjoyment. Otherwise it was nice.
Submitted By: katkat40kats on Jan 28, 2012
What a wonder, completely satisfying story. This is a novel worth every penny. If enjoy reading a little over 200 pages you will enjoy this book. Sienna Mynx has done it again and I cannot wait for her next full length story.
Submitted By: silvrcat on Jan 27, 2012
Sitting at page 36 of 211 and not sure I want to continue. This is slow moving. Plus, I can already see myself not liking one of the friends. If I do decide to finish I'll come back with a final review, so far though, the main characters don't seem to be jiving.
Submitted By: naillik on Dec 27, 2011
I have never wanted a H/H to NOT have a HEA before... Kept reading thinking that something would redeem just one of the myriad of relationships/people in the book, but sadly this never occurred.
Submitted By: crys1 on Dec 24, 2011
WHAT an amazing read. From beginning to end! Sydney and Nolan's journey is so amazing. What an enjoyable ride we walk through with them. Not to mention Trish and Troy. SO SO AWESOME if you don't buy this book you're making a grave mistake!!!
Submitted By: uniquelysweet on Dec 20, 2011
Wow. There are no words. I don't think I even got through the first chapter before I gave up on this book.
Submitted By: mollianna on Dec 19, 2011
All I have to say is AMAZING...I could not put this book down to save my life and it was like I was completely glued to it from start to finish. This story had me on a emotional roller coaster, which is a complete first for me when reading a book. From one fellow author to the other, I have to say that I loved this book completely and I can't wait to read more of your work.
Submitted By: littlemiss on Dec 18, 2011
This book had some redeeming qualities but, it was choppy in parts. I can not believe that after what Portia did to the girls, they would forgive her. Trish must be the most perfect friend in the world. Too bad there isn't one like her in the real world. Still the sex was smoking with plenty too keep you reading. On a scale from one to five, I give this one a 3
Submitted By: lov2liv on Dec 18, 2011
This book was waaaaaaaaaaay to long and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow. About 30% of the way through I thought "it has to get better..." by halfway through I was invested and determined to finish, but it was definitely a challenge. I actively disliked more than half of the main characters, and only one was even more than tolerable. Dont waste your time, even if you get it for free.
Submitted By: homerlee on Dec 18, 2011
I enjoyed the story. Lies and jealousy can make everybody unhappy, especially when used against your friends. People cannot help who they fall in love with, no matter what the color of their skin...love conquers all. Good read. I'd give it 5 stars or higher.
Submitted By: celeste30 on Dec 18, 2011
Wow! This was so good. I didn't think I would like it due to having so many characters and subplots, but I really enjoyed it. At first, I thought it was moving slow, but then I got hooked and couldn't stop reading. Definitely going to get more books by this author.
Submitted By: dvivster on Dec 18, 2011
This was my first book by this author and will not be my last. It was a great read!! Hot hot sex and passion, a flawed sexy Alpha-male and a heart-of-gold strong black woman. What more could we want. I read lots if IR romances and this one was great. I will keep my eye out for other IR romances from this author!!
Submitted By: dozyllama on Dec 17, 2011
I abandoned this load of crap on page 15. Boring as hell.
Submitted By: coco69 on Dec 17, 2011
This was one GREAT READ! The story read like a top drama movie, but with a little more spice. ;) I was fortunate to get this as a free read, but it's definitley worth the price. Read it you won't be disappointed!
Submitted By: kokobrown on Dec 17, 2011
It was really hard for me to get through this book just way too many pages, too many characters that lend nothing to the story except distraction and not much of a storyline making it a slowwww, think molasses on a cold pole, irritating read.
Submitted By: italy2295 on Dec 16, 2011
I could not put this down. This was so much better than I could have imagined. The storyline and the characters were excellent. There were many twists and turns with a solid ending. It makes you wonder if this actually happens.
Submitted By: selisista on Dec 10, 2011
I picked up this book after having read some short works by Sienna Mynx. The interwoven stores of the five main characters kept me intrigued from the first chapter. While this is a full length novel it was easy to read and because it was so interesting it didn't seem long. I would love to know what happens next.
Submitted By: alysa_1love on Dec 7, 2011
First I have to ask myself, could I be anymore of a Sienna groupie? With that being asked, here's my review of this book. Awesome, it is a just a well written as her Daisy and Aiden series. It has a ton of suspense, twists, and turns to keep anyone glued to their reading device. The only thing that was troubling for me was the asphyxiation during sex, uhm to each his own on that subject. The development of each of the characters was well thought out as well as concluded in the end. Great read.
Submitted By: Tonya.Denise on Nov 14, 2011
Great book!! I would love to see these characters again to see how certain issues were resolved. The book was full of life's drama without being over-the-top unbelievable and aggravating. The story moved at a decent pace and kept me engaged. Loved the length, as I have been feeling cheated with books of late that feel like the story is being cut off or ended to soon.
Submitted By: gunnysgirl on Oct 29, 2011
This book is rich! In rich I'm saying that the story and characters in the story are full and inviting. The secondary characters were as well done as the primary characters. I enjoyed every minute of it, I love this author and look forward to more great stories from her.
Submitted By: lisaj64 on Oct 27, 2011
I'm in love with this Author's work. She never fail to delivery a story line that has you on the edge of your seat. This is another book form this Author that will be kept in my MUST READ file. Truly enjoyable!!!
Submitted By: acnisja on Oct 26, 2011
Wonderful Book..She has again written thrilling book.....5 stars and 2 snaps
Submitted By: kls on Oct 25, 2011
Sienna Mynx has done it again! The story of Sydney and Nolan was a fantastic read from start to finish. I couldn't put it down. This is definately worth the money.
Submitted By: wle on Oct 25, 2011
Enjoyed reading very much! Despite the editing errors, it was an excellent reading!

Black Butterfly

By: Sienna Mynx