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Series: Kiss Me at Midnight
By: Xelly | Other books by Xelly
Published By: Less Than Three Press LLC
Published: Jan 30, 2013
ISBN # 9781620041505
Word Count: 7,500
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Eligible Price: $1.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, HTML, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>Fantasy Romance>LGBTQ>Gay


Blackbirds (Kiss Me at Midnight) by Xelly - Romance>Fantasy eBook

Rizki is long used to the tourists who flock to attend Endless Nights. They bring good money and, thankfully, are gone the rest of the year. This year, however, he finds himself captivated by one of the strangers crowding in, a man who brings unexpected things out of the Endless dark.
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Snow covered the frozen valley, along the edge of the imposing, inhospitable mountains. The vastness seemed to swallow any sounds. A single bonfire lit the center of field. A single voice suddenly broke the silence, calling out.

“Long ago, there was light by day and the clouds were not so dark that the stars could be seen by night. Yet these day were no to last, storm came to cover the stars and mute the sun. As the sun rays made their ever more arduous journey through the ever increasing storms, the people fled, leaving behind their fading Earth. The Earth was dark, and out of the emptiness, a man came forward to lead, saying he knew how to stop the storms. A visionary people called him. Fires were lit to push back the night, but the storms would not stop. Pilgrims came to see their old home and the mad visionary who kept setting the fires. Eventually the fire went out, and the land became a land of ash and darkness. The fires finally went out and then, they said the darkness won.” The man telling the story paused, a crooked smile on his face, waiting for the audience to respond. The silence was held for a long time before it finally broke. A single murmur that ran through the crowd, “But it did not win.”

With that the man threw his arms up to encompass the whole crowd, as he grabbed a torch and shouted, “Let Endless Night begin …”

Soon the darkness was further drove back by a ring of torches set around the perimeter to the field, an inviting light for anyone who braved the long passage to the lonely village to come and take part. Earlier that day, the people had watched the last bit of sun disappear. Its weakened rays had barely counted as light, but it was the last that anyone there would see of it for a long time.

Now, however, the festival had begun. Dancers whirled ’round and ’round the field, spinning and changing partners, moving to keep the cold at bay. The snow had been trampled into mud under the multitude of feet that had trod upon it. The storyteller watched the dancers; the crooked smile still played upon his lips. His brown eyes skipped over the whirling forms, examining his choices, before he dove in to pull a young man from his rather confused partner without breaking the steps of the dance.

Grabbing the other man’s hand, he admired his new catch. Although his partner’s clothes were worn, they were easily overlooked in favor of the bright blue eyes that flitted around the crowd, trying to take in as much as possible even as the dance carried them across the floor. A pink flush graced his young partner’s cheeks when those eyes settled on him, and the storyteller took advantage of the crowded floor and press of bodies to move improperly close.

“I’m Rizki. What brings you here this Endless Night, beautiful?” Rizki asked his recently captured companion.

Rizki’s companion just shook his head, bemused, as Rizki pulled him around in another turn and continued dancing. As the night spun on, they split as the wheel dances turned until they once again found themselves together. Sometimes Rizki chased and sometimes he was followed. Hands held too long or bodies stood closer than was considered proper, every action holding promises for the remainder of the night.

Couples slowly dropped out due to fatigue or in order to find other sport. There were very few left when Rizki finally pulled his partner through the crowd to a spot near the large, central fire. His partner sat down on one of the large blankets set there, pulling Rizki down on top of him. Not one to refuse an invitation, Rizki settled in his lap and leaned over to take the mouth offered to him. The other man was surprisingly possessive, and Rizki smiled. He hadn’t enjoyed kissing this much in some time. Stopping, Rizki looked into dilated eyes. Pausing when a hand was placed on his chest, Rizki tilted his head slightly.

“Ethan, and as to your question, I would think that obvious.” Reaching up with his other arm, Ethan pulled Rizki down for another kiss. Rizki laughed when Ethan’s enthusiasm sent them rolling in the mud and snow. Using the movement as a distraction, Ethan flipped Rizki over so he was on top and pulled the tie out of Rizki’s hair. As Ethan threaded his hands into the loose strands, Rizki let his hands wander up and under Ethan’s shirt, bringing them to rest on his hips. Upon the next pause for breath, Ethan sat up and moved away for a second. Confused and breathing hard, Rizki looked up, only to be pulled to a sitting position.


By: Xelly