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Beauty Touched the Beast: A Contemporary Erotic Romance Story

Series: Beauty , Book 1.0
By: Skye Warren | Other books by Skye Warren
Published By: Skyerotica
Published: Nov 27, 2011
ISBN # 9781465869043
Word Count: 6,000
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Categories: Romance>Free Reads Romance>Erotic Romance Romance>New Adult


Beauty Touched the Beast: A Contemporary Erotic Romance Story (Beauty) by Skye Warren - Romance>Erotic Romance

Erin cleans Mr. Morris’s house twice a week, soaking up every moment with the reclusive ex-soldier she secretly loves. Blake Morris knows he’s scarred both inside and out and is no good for the beautiful young woman who cleans his house to pay for college. But when Erin walks in on Blake touching himself and moaning her name, all bets are off.

Beauty Touched the Beast is a short erotic story of lovers finding refuge with each other. Not for those under 18 years of age or those uncomfortable with the subject matter.

"Sweet, touching and erotic, Beauty Touched the Beast was wonderful.” - Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

By reader request, this short story has been continued by several more novellas. Each installment has a happy ending, but you can read all of them for Blake and Erin's full story. The series is now complete.

Books in the Beauty series:
1. Beauty Touched the Beast
2. Beneath the Beauty
3. Broken Beauty
4. Beauty Becomes You
5. Loving the Beast

Keywords: new adult, beauty and the beast, tortured hero, professor/student, billionaire, wealthy, maid, college student, free, freebie, romance
Reader Rating:   3.7 starstarstarstar (183 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
Her breath caught in her throat as she took in the sight. He lay on the bed, his skin damp from a bath, a towel in disarray around his waist. Only his hand covered him at all from her view – his fist on his cock. And as she watched, it pulled down, baring a glistening head, and back up.

He was masturbating. Shit!

She ought to leave. She really should turn around, walk away and absolutely not watch. Instead she stood, her eyes riveted to his exposed cock standing up thick from his taut grip.

“God, baby,” he moaned, his eyes closed, “suck it, please.”

Every bit of her, from her tingling skin to her thudding heart jolted in response. Her lips parted, as if she could obey him from across the room. Her clit throbbed at the sound of his rasping voice, saying such dirty words. At the sight of his muscled body and thick, standing cock.

“Yes. Yes. So beautiful. God.” His other hand cupped his balls. “That’s right, baby. Lick them. Suck them.”

Her mesmerized gaze spanned to his face, snared on the interplay of shiny scar tissue and ruddy, healthy skin twisted in a grimace of pleasure. His burns and coarse features might make him repulsive to some, but when she saw only Blake, with his brilliant ideas and gruff kindness.

“Touch yourself. Yeah, yeah. Take me deep in your mouth and stick your fingers in your cunt.”

Her thighs squeezed together where she stood, giving herself relief from the ache at her core. She wanted more – more pressure, a stronger touch, but if she moved her legs or her hands, she’d have to acknowledge that what she was doing, being a voyeur was wrong.

He moaned her name. “Erin…”

Then he came, spurting into his cupped hand.

From shock, from arousal, she let out a sound – a whimper. Heavy lids slid open as he turned to look at her. His eyes, the green-brown eyes that were usually filled with good humor or earnestness, now stared at her in horror.
Reader Reviews (71)
Submitted By: zskd on Jan 27, 2015
Different take on beauty and the beast, characters grow over the series, first read was enjoyable.
Submitted By: fr_larsson on Jan 16, 2015
A very quick read, some smut and fluff. I was hoping for more, though.
Submitted By: ninie on Jan 6, 2015
A short but sweet (and steamy) story with a different take on beauty and the beast. Wished the story was a bit longer.
Submitted By: dovi on Jan 31, 2014
It was a really sweet story. The heroine was strong enough to take the bold step in this relationship. The hero was quite broken but still managed to come out strong and not pathetic. A very sensual relationship.
Submitted By: karol44 on Jan 4, 2014
Overall l enjoy this book....
Submitted By: sarahd123 on Jan 2, 2014
this is a very sweet story. Easy to connect with the characters. Great writing to be able to pull the audience in the way the author does with this story
Submitted By: areuhottoo on Jan 2, 2014
Very sweet short story with a great spin on an old classic. The beast in this story is sweet and endearing. He's a man that was wounded and scarred fighting for his country. Beauty's a young girl with a caring soul. She's just the person to help the beast understand that his true beauty comes from within.
Submitted By: ladytee20019 on Dec 22, 2013
I enjoyed this book very much, it was well written and erotic.
Submitted By: sjmaylee on Oct 24, 2013
I totally see why fans of this book asked for more. I was captivated by Blake. Like all of Skye's books I've read, she pulls you right in. I'll definitely read the rest of this series.
Submitted By: nverde6 on Sep 23, 2013
well written, but the abrupt ending leaves much to be desired
Submitted By: Safety Lady on Jun 8, 2013
Not what I expected and not really sure if I liked it. It made me think of all the wounded soldiers who have come home injured or scarred in a new perspective. Pretty good writing with an interesting story line but the line "old enough to be my father" kind of stopped me in my tracks and I could not get dirty old man out of my head.
Submitted By: sassycaligirl21 on Jan 31, 2013
Great book
Submitted By: magic598 on Jan 29, 2013
loved it!
Submitted By: ardent_reader on Jan 28, 2013
Bad. And I love Beauty and the Beast in almost any incarnation. Underdeveloped and lackluster writing.
Submitted By: tmh0616 on Jan 27, 2013
I loved the unconditional love that Erin feels for Blake, and the hero in Blake who never stops existing is awesome. This a very romantic and touching story.
Submitted By: sra246 on Jan 25, 2013
Sweet story line of love conquering all.
Submitted By: jslindzy on Jan 25, 2013
The concept is promising, but falls short somewhere. The characters seemed interesting enough, but the plot itself just didn’t grab me.
Submitted By: Tammy69 on Jan 24, 2013
loved the book. wish it was longer.
Submitted By: brownbrown on Jan 24, 2013
i liked this story, it was very sweet and hot. just too short!!
Submitted By: jokuehl on Jan 23, 2013
Sweet short story
Submitted By: CrazyKitty on Jan 22, 2013
I enjoyed this version of beauty and the beast. It was exciting read.
Submitted By: Sunshine74 on Jan 21, 2013
This was so beautiful and sexy! It made me hot and choked up all at the same time.
Submitted By: tara_neale on Jan 20, 2013
Fabulous short read for lunch or commute.
Submitted By: msxathena on Jan 19, 2013
Quick read but hot and sexy. The characters and plot were great.
Submitted By: lm145 on Jan 18, 2013
Scorching hot!! It's a quick read, but a great new twist on such a classic tale!
Submitted By: angieia on Jan 15, 2013
Great short story! I really enjoyed reading it! Will definitely read more by Skye Warren.
Submitted By: uksuzi on Jan 15, 2013
Great book, hot and sexy. The characters were realistic. Good plot.
Submitted By: msoddduck on Jan 13, 2013
Won't download PDF. Very disappointed!
Submitted By: Dncc28 on Jan 13, 2013
Loved this short story. It keeps you wanting more and from what I hear the author will be putting out a sequel. Nive touch with the beauty and the beast theme even though he's like a teddy bear. Great read.
Submitted By: redrose1321 on Jan 11, 2013
Too short! I would have loved to see more character development!
Submitted By: Calia on Jan 10, 2013
The usual 'Beauty And The Beast' sort of story. It was fairly well written, and the characters were interesting, but I did not find it all that gripping a story.
Submitted By: van-tastic on Jan 9, 2013
a short story indeed. i'm glad it was a fee read. i liked that the heroine saw past his scars to the man inside. a sweet enough read.
Submitted By: lgheath on Jan 9, 2013
This was a very sensual but short story. The connection between the characters was palpable, and I was rooting for them all the way. One of my faves!
Submitted By: merrymink on Jan 9, 2013
I enjoyed this. A richly laid romance upon a simple plot - winning! Liked the love scenes and the way the chemistry was stirringly showcased.
Submitted By: Dorthyn on Jan 8, 2013
First thoughts…HOT! WOW! Extremely short, yet a good glimpse into what I assume I would get if I read more of Skye Warren’s work, and I will definitely be looking for more of Skye Warren’s work.
Submitted By: on Jan 8, 2013
I really liked this book it starts off steamy and ends with a bang... literally. So happy to her that she is turning this book into a series.
Submitted By: parspi127 on Jan 6, 2013
this is a short story. it was ok but I'm glad it was free.
Submitted By: uniqueblack on Jan 4, 2013
A sexy twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast story. A hot short story!! Wish it was longer! Definitely worth it!
Submitted By: vayld on Jan 3, 2013
A short story, but very sweet
Submitted By: pudel on Jan 3, 2013
This was a short read but so intense. The hero was a sweet guy and I just wanted to hug him...and more. I would like to read more from this author in future.
Submitted By: Smiles on Jan 3, 2013
It was a sweet story. Nicely developed for a short story.
Submitted By: roula on Jan 3, 2013
a beautiful modern scenario of the classical story. Loved the tortured "beast"
Submitted By: Katiescarlettc on Jan 3, 2013
Not a good read at all. The characters were not believable. For example, I could not really grasp Erin's attraction to Blake--or WHY she was attracted to him. All she did was talk about it. I wanted to SEE it. The steamy stuff was very forced, too.
Submitted By: podunk on Jan 2, 2013
I really enjoyed this book it was very sexy and sweet. I love how the Erin sees Blakes scars for what they stand for(his bravery and sacrifice) and not as something horrifing.
Submitted By: luckynlust on Jan 1, 2013
This was the first book I read by this author and I liked it. It was sweet and sexy. Not overly graphic. This is a book a read over and over when I need a little fairytale type get away from the dad to day reality of life. I will be reading more by her.
Submitted By: mamalevan on Jan 1, 2013
Love how the lead heroine not only overlooked the hero's scars, but realized what they really stood for, his strength and bravery! Sexy, evening read!
Submitted By: Ssh! on Jan 1, 2013
This is a beautiful while very erotic short story, especially if you like an emotionally wounded hero who is sexy with a large helping of sweet and giving. It is the most mainstream of Skye Warren's that I have read and because of this and it's completeness my favourite.
Submitted By: yolanda l loves to read on Jan 1, 2013
This was a quick read and a cute story. i love beauty and the beast stories so even if they are short i will try them out. he was scarred and she was young and cute. Would of loved if a little longer. Steamy none the less. worth a half hour that's about how long it will take to read.
Submitted By: BonDarKen on Dec 21, 2012
Very, very, nice, great read. I would like to be able to give this a 10 on the review.
Submitted By: rainy86 on Dec 21, 2012
Great job, very sensual and very realistic. I loved it.
Submitted By: SAPPHIRE12 on Dec 4, 2012
Beauty Touched the Beast was a touching story. Regardless of your circumstances, your emotional or physical scars, love will happpen. We have to believe and take a chance, if we never take a chance how will we ever know the true meaning of love. Beauty's love touched the Beast and made him complete. He finally knew the true meaning of love. The power of Love is a beautiful gift to behold.
Submitted By: jobyreader on Aug 5, 2012
It is a single scene. The back story is way too complex for a single scene read.
Submitted By: wolffaerie17 on Jun 10, 2012
Blake Morris is a handsome yet scarred man, who is a writer. He has his house cleaned twice a week by Erin, a college student. Erin enjoys working for Mr. Morris. Erin is secretly attracted to her boss but doesn't know that it's true of her boss. Erin arrives early for work an catches Mr. Morris in an interesting position. Erin goes to leave when she hears her name called. Erin is torn about what to do. What will Erin decide? What does Blake want? Can they meet in the middle?
Submitted By: shawnyj on Jun 8, 2012
I love this story, wish there was more. I reread it often when I'm looking for something short and sweet. The characters are so well developed in such a short period of time, it would be interesting to see what would happened in a longer novella or even a novel format.
Submitted By: Babybluhearts on May 20, 2012
I loved it. It was a quick cute story that got right to the point. It goes to show that beauty comes in all packages.
Submitted By: Change on May 17, 2012
Very well-written romance story, and like other reviewers I would have loved to read more about the characters: how they first met, how the attraction between them developed and build - as it is, the story jumps right in. Of course, with a free book I'm not complaining! It's just written so good I'm sad there isn't more of it.
Submitted By: youngromancelover on Apr 29, 2012
Enjoyable if somewhat short
Submitted By: shazamy on Apr 4, 2012
Excellent story and character development for such a short piece.
Submitted By: Naneemcgee on Mar 27, 2012
I really enjoyed this story. Liked the characters as well.would also have made a great long romance novel
Submitted By: Cybil on Mar 3, 2012
Loved this short story. Wished it were longer.
Submitted By: g'licious on Mar 2, 2012
I really liked this book. I love the vulnerability of both characters. It wasn't too short, but I would love to read a longer version of this story. It has a really great potential. An erotically tender love story.
Submitted By: DrJ on Feb 28, 2012
A delightful short story that will grab your heart and entertain the mind with the experiences of two people whose love for each other is clouded by the external physical disfigurement. Yet the power of love to overcome is at the core of this story. Just a really cute tale.
Submitted By: ALP on Feb 7, 2012
Great short read! Unlike some of the short stories, it had plot and flowed through it.
Submitted By: karenminfl on Feb 6, 2012
The story of Erin and Blake is a quick read but full of emotion. They each care for each other but neither is willing to take a risk to end the friendship or to seem like the are taking advantage. But once they got together the sparks fly.
Submitted By: pivoine on Feb 1, 2012
This short story is so touching. I liked both characters' innocence, tenderness and deep respect for each other throughout the story. It shone through their interaction and their intimate moments.
Submitted By: on Jan 26, 2012
I downloaded the Adobe reader version and only the first few pages were there, the rest were blank, the story was promising though, I wish I could have the whole thing.
Submitted By: patll on Jan 1, 2012
A very sweet, but hot love story.
Submitted By: littlemiss on Dec 18, 2011
Loved this book!! Plenty of laughter and sex, and keep you reading.
Submitted By: punya on Dec 9, 2011
Excellent short story. I wish it was a full novel, I wouldn't mind buying it if it was. I really wanted to watch the relationship grow, for the story to continue.
Submitted By: homerlee on Dec 9, 2011
Story of love and admiration between younger woman and older man with war wounds. Very touching.
Submitted By: Sirs kitten on Dec 4, 2011
Loved this version of Beauty and the Beast. What a clever, sexy, and inventive way to recreate this classic tale. By far one of the best erotic retellings of the story.

Beauty Touched the Beast: A Contemporary Erotic Romance Story

By: Skye Warren