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Baby Boy 3: The Heist

Series: Baby Boy , Book 3.0
By: Alex Anders | Other books by Alex Anders
Published By: RateABull Publishing
Published: Oct 13, 2011
ISBN # 9781465876041
Word Count: 15,000
Heat Index     
Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Erotica>LGBTQ>Gay Erotica>Contemporary


Baby Boy 3: The Heist (Baby Boy) by Alex Anders - Erotica>Contemporary eBook

Baby Boy 3: The Heist -
Baby Boy, trapped into Rex’s plan to rob his dangerous father, learns Rex’s dark family secret. Forced to reconsider his commitment to Rex, Baby meets an astounding man who opens up a new world. Inspired by the stranger, Baby Boy embarks on a sexual adventure that could finally liberate him from his past. But unable to completely escape Rex’s reach, Baby has to choose between his sexual freedom and following his heart on a journey that could end in death.

This story contains rough sex and sex in public.

‘Baby Boy’ is a hot erotic romance series.

Series Description:
Baby Boy, a Nebraska farmhand, moves to Hollywood in search of a place where he can belong. Scared by the big city he falls in love with Rex, his ruggedly gorgeous, and savvy next door neighbor who works as a male escort to escape his twisted past. Baby Boy, with his corn fed 10-inch tool, follows Rex into his dark underworld of sex; and even if they can both survive the ravenous desires of the men around them, neither one will ever be the same again.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
Through Pat's thick jeans Baby felt the bulge against his chest and imagined what he would find when he ripped the jeans off. Baby, pinned on the hood of the car, reached down to unleash Pat's c***. Battling with the belt he unlatched it, after that he unsnapped the button.

"Ahhh," Pat groaned knowing that there were people around that stopped to watch these two beautiful boys go at it on the busy Sunset Boulevard sidewalk.

Pat, hesitating when he felt his pants drop, knew that he was standing in his underwear. But after slowing down and feeling Baby's petite hands grab his seven inch c***, Pat let go of his inhibitions and pulled off baby's shirt.

Baby, not caring where he was, let his shirt fly. He was ready to do it right there on the hood of the car. Baby slipped his hands into the sides of Pat's boxer shorts and pushed them down. The crowd watched as Baby revealed Pat's ass. They approved.

Baby Boy 3: The Heist

By: Alex Anders