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A Vintage Affair

By: Josh Lanyon | Other books by Josh Lanyon
Published By: JustJoshin Publishing, Inc.
Published: May 20, 2012
ISBN # 9781937909093
Word Count: 41,960
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Categories: Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller Romance>Erotic Romance


A Vintage Affair by Josh Lanyon - Romance>LGBTQ>Gay eBook

Message in a bottle.

Somewhere in the cobwebbed cellar of the decrepit antebellum mansion known as Ballineen are the legendary Lee bottles -- and Austin Gillespie is there to find them. The last thing on his mind is hot and heavy romance with handsome bad boy Jeff Brady. But Jeff has other ideas and, after one intoxicating night, so does Austin.

The only problem is they have different ideas. Jeff doesnít believe in love at first sight, and even if he did, heís buried more deeply in the closet than those famous missing bottles of vintage Madeira. Popping a cork or two is one thing. Popping the question? No way. No how.

Unless Austin is ready to give up on another dream, heís going to have to figure out how to make sure the lights go on -- and stay on -- in Georgia.

(This 41K+ novella was previously published by Loose Id Publishing)

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He woke to a warm mouth moving on his with gentle insistence.

Smiling, his lips parted in welcome, he reached up to hook an arm around Jeff’s broad shoulders and draw him closer. Jeff’s mouth smiled against his. He tasted…robust, full-bodied. Sleepy and warm and human.

The last twenty-four hours came back in all their astonishing detail. Austin remembered thinking that nothing must be allowed to go wrong with the Cashel appraisal—shortly before everything that could possibly go wrong had gone wrong. It didn’t seem to matter much just now.

He lifted his lashes. Morning. A soft, rosy daylight filtered through the open drapes. Jeff’s eyes looked impossibly green in the vernal luminance. There was a faint gold bristle on his jaw, and his hair was sexily mussed.

“Thank you for last night.” The whispered words were commonplace enough, but Jeff’s expression transformed them into something more.
Or maybe that’s what Austin wanted to see. He said, equally unoriginal, “I had a really nice time.”

“I wish I could stay, but it’s already six o’clock.”

Austin wished Jeff could stay too. If Jeff changed his mind, he’d reschedule his own leaving. He couldn’t say it, though. He’d said far too much the night before. It had to be Jeff’s idea, Jeff’s choice, and Austin already knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“Part of why it’s special tonight is because we know this is a one time only.”

But for a few sweet heartbeats, it seemed like maybe Jeff would decide to at least postpone his leave-taking.

“You really are something, you know?”

“Naw,” Austin mimicked gently.

Jeff laughed. He rested his hand against the side of Austin’s face as though trying to memorize him in the soft uncertainty of the morning light.

Austin gazed unblinkingly up at him. Stay. Please.

Jeff’s face seemed to close. He drew back, rolled lithely off the bed, and reached for his underwear and khakis.

He dressed quickly, efficiently.

Austin enjoyed the view for a few seconds. There was no point rising until Jeff left. He planned to shower and then dress and then hit the road. He’d grab coffee and breakfast on the way, fill the gas tank at that station on the corner… He forced himself to think only of the day ahead, concentrate on the practicalities of his trip home. He must not—must not—be stupid about this. Indulging in a one-night stand had been stupid enough. Trying to make it into something more than it was would not only be stupid, it would be pathetic.

Interrupting his thoughts, Jeff said suddenly, “If they do send you back this way, you could give me a call.”

Was that supposed to be some grand concession? Judging by the guarded look on Jeff’s face, it was.

Austin said neutrally, “Sure.”

Jeff swiftly buttoned his shirt.

Austin knew it was a mistake, but he couldn’t seem to stop the words. “Do you ever get to DC? Or—”


Jeff didn’t look at him. He reached for his wallet, automatically checking its contents.

Austin opened his mouth, then closed it. What was the matter with him? It wasn’t like he couldn’t take a hint. Or like Jeff didn’t understand what he was saying.

He threw back the bedclothes, and the scent of warm linen and recent sex wafted through the room. He walked to the window and gazed down at the park.

He felt Jeff come up behind him even before warm hands fastened on his biceps.

Jeff said huskily, “Austin. I won’t ever forget last night.”

Austin said over the tightness in his throat, “The pleasure was all mine.”

He could feel Jeff’s uncertainty, his hesitation, and it was ridiculous that he found himself unable to make this easy on them both. It was crazy. Crazy to react like this. It wasn’t like he hadn’t understood the rules of engagement. Or hadn’t had them explained to him in words of one syllable.

He hadn’t had enough sleep; that was all. And yesterday had been stressful by anyone’s standards. Naturally, after all that had happened, the evening with Jeff seemed to take on a greater, almost symbolic importance. Once he was home and everything got back to normal, he was going to wonder what the fuck his problem had been.
Maybe he was coming down with the flu or something.

“Are you…?” Jeff stopped. “Austin?”

He could hear the uneasy question in Jeff’s tone, and he nodded tightly to show he was listening. He hoped Jeff didn’t say anything that required a verbal response, because that was going to be hard to pull off without embarrassing them both.

“You take care of yourself, you hear?” Jeff said at last. He dropped one quick, final kiss on Austin’s shoulder and turned away.

Austin was counting the leaves on the tree across the way when he heard the door close.
Reader Reviews (11)
Submitted By: Fehu on Jan 10, 2016
A vintage Affair is a solid story, I liked one of the main character but hated the other, which is akward in a romance mystery. The story is well written and I usually am a huge fan of Josh's work, but in this one, I didn't feel the love or the chemistry.
Submitted By: enjoy on Jan 16, 2014
Very enjoyable read, perfect for that rainy day.
Submitted By: pointycat on Jan 31, 2013
Enjoyable read - lovely writing, interesting characters and a fun plot. A good comfort read.
Submitted By: knutznboltz on Jan 26, 2013
As always, Josh Lanyon writes in intriguing story that sucks you right into it and keeps you reading, unable to put it down until you reach the end.
Submitted By: Urbanista on Jan 11, 2013
No one does it better than Lanyon. One thing I like about his books are the unique professions his characters have. Yes, Lanyon does his share of cops, spies, and detectives. In the story, however, Austin is a wine specialist, who is researching some legendary wines at a southern plantation. I was fascinated by Austin's work, and by the Tennesee Williams southern belles and beaus on hand for the mystery.
Submitted By: Connie1209 on Jan 8, 2013
First time reading this author and I really enjoy the style. Good mystery, good characters. Is not common to find a book that is not based on the MCs chemistry or their romance. So it was a good change. Yes, like many said, the m/f/m scene took me back a bit but it's not a major issue and serves it's purpose. I adore Jeff, confusions, insecurities and all.
Submitted By: vallyboo on Jan 4, 2013
Another great book by Josh Lanyon! Also the mystery part was a bit disappointing, the romance was totally satisfying and I really enjoyed it! (And if you absolutely don’t like a little bit of m/f in your m/m books, you probably won’t enjoy this book as much as other books by this author)
Submitted By: Fehu on Jan 4, 2013
Can't say it's my favorite, mostly because there is a scene that is pretty intense and somewhat dub-con. All in all it's a well written mystery, I just didn't like one of the characters all that much.
Submitted By: roula on Jan 4, 2013
I didn't like much this book. Maybe is because all this graphical southern attitude was not as charming as the writer tried to portrait it. Maybe is because there was no real mystery since i didn't seem to care by the end, what really happened. Maybe is because Jeff was a little to easy to through a girl in the bed and Austin to follow and the whole threesome scene didn't make much sense. I don't know. In the end, maybe is because i don't care much about wine.
Submitted By: syfy on Jan 3, 2013
This one is typical Lanyon in that the characters and story are set like a game of chess. No one behaves out of character, if they do it is the exception and backed up with reason. Nothing fly's out at you from left field, you can relax because the writing is impeccable. It's smart, funny, takes you through a full range of emotion.
Submitted By: alexandra36 on Oct 20, 2012
First story ever read from this author and I was bored w/ it. I ended up skipping pages until the end. I'm not even sure if there was a threesome, I think there was, I'm not sure as I skipped that too...maybe there wasn't..I've no idea. I didn't feel the chemistry b/w the main characters. One was was too needy, feeling things that wasn't there (ummmm...no, thanks) and another who slept w/ a different person possibly every day?? No idea....ROTFL. Not my type of story to read, sorry.

A Vintage Affair

By: Josh Lanyon