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A Thug's Love [Morality Of Sin Book 1]

By: BL Bonita | Other books by BL Bonita
Published By: Whiskey Creek Press
Published: Jul 15, 2012
ISBN # 9781611604115
Word Count: 7,637
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller Romance>Erotic Romance


A Thug's Love [Morality Of Sin Book 1] by BL Bonita - Romance>Contemporary

An enforcer for one of the biggest crime syndicates in Toronto, Chase Carter is on the job when he interrupts a near rape, and the victim just happens to be Sam, the boss' adopted daughter. With few options worth taking, he brings her to his secluded cottage where she can hide out. He intends to return her home without touching her…

Sam is beyond thankful Chase came to her rescue, considering the guy is hot as hell and her father's right hand man. She decides to give him a wicked night he'll never forget. But somebody else has the same idea, and what they have in mind could tear their new-found passion into pieces.
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Beads of sweat slithered down Chase Carter’s temples. He rubbed his forearm over his face and cursed. His jeans clung to his legs and the fresh t-shirt he’d donned this morning was already soaked, clinging to his back and armpits. He hated the smoggy, energy-sucking weather in Toronto midsummer. It made his job a bitch to deal with.

He flicked the butt of his cigarette onto the driveway then checked his watch. He was five minutes early but he couldn’t risk being seen hanging around Eddie’s front door for too long. Darting a quick glance around, he saw nothing to give him pause, and slipped in without knocking.

The moment he set foot in the front hallway, he drew back in disgust as the distinct odor of crack smoke hit his nostrils. The air was so thick with it he figured he’d be blasted before he finished his business and got out of here.

Judas Priest’s Turbo Lover screeched through blown speakers. The lights flickered. He made his way into the living room and halted as he took in the disaster before him.

Liquor and beer bottles dotted the floor. Various stains—he didn’t want to know of what—covered the carpeted floor. The sickening odor of booze, sweat and crack made his stomach turn. Crack pipes and empty baggies lay scattered over the glass coffee table with remnants of blow dusted across the surface.

He shook his head. Some people never learn.

For a man to say he couldn’t pay his debts but could get his friends drunk and high was a big slap to Vinny Carbone’s face, and Chase knew how often Eddie supplied his buddies. It was his job to have eyes on everyone.

Clenching his fist, he vowed Eddie would get a rude awakening. Not only was Vinny like a father to Chase, he paid him well, and for that, Chase promised to always deliver an asswhooping when called upon.

He retreated back to the hallway near the stairs and did a double-take at his reflection in the floor-length mirror. A long time ago, as a young man fresh out of college, he had once been clean-cut with a bright future ahead, until he started with the wrong crowd. Now his shaggy dark hair hung to his shoulders. Broad and sculpted from years of fighting, he looked much different in his mid-thirties than the lanky kid back in college. Now, he stood six-foot-four, built for his job—solid, unflinching, and dependable. But it was his eyes that told his story. Dark eyes as emotionless and lifeless as a corpse’s. Those who knew him were well aware that what they saw in his eyes reflected a life of violence.

He took the stairs two at a time to the second floor, unheard through the screeching music below. A red glow emanated from Eddie’s bedroom. He jerked the leather gloves from his pocket and slipped them on, the tight leather gripping his knuckles like a dangerous promise.

Adrenaline swept through him. He was ready to deliver a promise and a threat, but when he rounded the corner and peered through the bedroom door, rage burst inside him.

Vinny’s daughter lay unconscious on Eddie’s bed…and she was tied up.

Without hesitation, he shoved the door open, violently smashing it into the wall. At the foot of the bed, with his hands about to pull down his pants, Eddie scrambled back in surprise and disbelief.

Chase quickly glanced over Sam’s body as he clenched his fists, then he fixed a deadly glare at Eddie.

Obviously knowing he was destined for a beat down, Eddie grabbed a hardcover book and threw it at him. Chase sidestepped and the book hit the wall behind him. The corner of his mouth tipped up and he shook his head at Eddie.

“ What are you d-doing here?” Eddie stuttered. “I still have two days left.”

Chase punched the palm of his hand, thrilled to see Eddie’s deflated reaction. The loser slunk into the corner of the room as tears filled his eyes.

“ Two days don’t mean shit to me, Eddie.” He briefly glanced at Sam who lay there, unmoving. “What the fuck is she doing here?”

Eddie shook his head and pursed his lips.

At that moment, Sam groaned and tried to move. As Chase bent down to check on her, Eddie took his distraction as a means of escape. He lunged for the door, but Chase quickly stepped back, blocking his exit and seized his throat.

“ I’ll take the money now, before you blow it up your nose.”

“ Okay. Okay. It’s under the bed,” Eddie cried, struggling to loosen Chase’s grip on his throat.

Chase pulled Eddie down to the floor as he searched beneath the bed. He found the briefcase and pulled it out.

“ What’s the code for the lock? You better hope it’s all in here, or you’ll be seeing me again.”

“ Please, you got the money, CC. Just let me go!” Eddie’s face turned red and his eyes bulged.

If only Eddie would’ve left Samantha alone, maybe Chase would be a little forgiving.

He released him, giving Eddie a chance to catch his breath, before he balled his fist and slugged him in the jaw. Eddie flew back, hitting the far wall. A picture fell down, shattered glass scattering along the carpet. Chase grabbed his hair, tilted Eddie’s head back and pounded the piss out of his face.

“ Never forget me, Eddie. Never forget what you did to Sam.”

Every time he pulled his arm back to repeat the blow, blood spattered the drywall.

When Eddie’s eyes rolled back, Chase released him.

Satisfied he wouldn’t be getting up for a while, Chase grabbed a fistful of sheet and wiped the blood from his gloves, his attention locked on Sam.

How did she end up here? She was the boss’ daughter, and if Chase knew anything at all about Vinny, he’d want Eddie dead. But that was a decision he would have to wait for.

Sam looked so vulnerable, so beautiful. He moved to the bed and untied her, swearing out loud that he was a fool for caring about her in secret. Women only made life complicated, and yet, he’d always wanted her. He still remembered that night eight years ago like it was yesterday, when Vinny threw a party for his twenty-fifth birthday. Sam had just turned of age and Vinny allowed her to have a few drinks with the guys. She’d made an impression on him immediately and he had to fight his basic instincts, knowing she was Vinny’s daughter, and therefore untouchable.

But after all these years his attraction hadn’t faded. Her smile still made his normally tense nerves break away like a busted dam. Sometimes it made him feel weak and useless, but at least she made him believe that maybe, just maybe, even a bad guy could have a happy ending.

Seeing her like this struck a lethal chord in Chase. He’d take pleasure in torturing and killing Eddie for doing this to her. But for now, he had to wait for the order. If he killed Eddie without the go-ahead, that would be disrespectful to the boss.

He stared at her soft-looking, dark hair and the pale perfection of her face. Beneath her closed lids he knew well the startling blue-green of her eyes, like the Caribbean ocean. Those eyes, sultry and seductive, made many a man in Vinny’s employ fall for her.

Within five minutes he had found her clothes, got her dressed and scooped her up in his arms. He needed to get her out of here and away from danger before Eddie woke up and called his goons.

He carried her to his black El Camino parked in the dead-end alley beside Eddie’s house.

Chase managed to open the door and slide her onto the bench seat, along with the briefcase, just as a familiar, navy blue sedan with tinted windows drove slowly past Eddie’s house. It was a car Chase saw parked at Eddie’s frequently. He crouched behind the passenger door hoping they hadn’t seen him, for most people in his line of work knew what he represented.

A Thug's Love [Morality Of Sin Book 1]

By: BL Bonita