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As You Wish (Rock Stars in Love, Book 1)

Series: Rock Stars in Love , Book 1.0
By: Elyssa Patrick | Other books by Elyssa Patrick
Published By: Elyssa Patrick
Published: Sep 04, 2012
ISBN # LSSPTR0000001
Word Count: 85,000
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Available in: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi)

Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Romantic Comedy Fiction

Love doesn’t always follow the sheet music . . .

This Christmas, Portia Jackson needs a miracle to save her family’s generations-old florist shop. What she gets instead is a car that breaks down during a blizzard. Help arrives unexpectedly when the infamous Aubry Riley pulls over. She only expects him to drive her to the gas station . . . she never expects that kiss. But Portia lives in the real world—she knows this is only a holiday fling for Aubry. Except it doesn’t feel so temporary, and the last thing she wants is a broken heart.

Sometimes you have to sing some different notes . . .

Rock star Aubry Riley has no secrets. Thanks to the media, everyone knows about his troubled past. Six years have gone by since his world crashed, and now he’s ready for a comeback. But first he needs to reconcile with his family—starting with his six-year-old daughter. A month-long vacation at a Vermont lake house affords him the perfect opportunity to take a step in the right direction. He doesn’t need any other emotional entanglements, especially not with the bright-eyed florist he can’t stop thinking about. But no matter how hard he tries to resist her, he can’t. Now all he has to do is to convince Portia that there is nothing temporary when it comes to love.
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Editorial Reviews:
From NYT Bestselling author Maya Banks
"As You Wish is a heartwarming feel good read. The characters are quirky and lovable and I enjoyed every moment spent within the pages. You'll love this story! It will fast become a comfort read that you'll want to read over and over again." ~ New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks
From Julie Anne Long
"Elyssa Patrick's AS YOU WISH has everything I enjoy in a book: depth, wit, heart, and serious steam. Not to mention the irresistible combination of edgy rock star glamour and small-town closeness, and characters who are sympathetic, flawed, lovable and memorable--in short, it's a winner." ~ Julie Anne Long
From Miranda Neville
"A delicious rake of a rock star warms up winter in Elyssa Patrick's wickedly entertaining debut. Hot enough to melt snow." ~ Miranda Neville
From Kati Brown, Dear Author
"...a sweet, satisfying romance." ~ Dear Author
From Jennifer Porter, Romance Novel Reviews
""As You Wish" by Elyssa Patrick is a smart, fun and enticing read with nuanced and compelling characters who I came to love. It is a highly impressive debut that deserves to be on people's reading radars. I can't wait to read more from Patrick." ~ Romance Novel Reviews
From Slick Reads, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
"Elyssa Patrick has written an amazing debut novel that is destined to be a favorite for romance readers" ~ Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
She licked her lips. "You could have called."

"I hate phones," he whispered, his breath fanning over her neck. "Besides, I wouldn't be able to do this."

His mouth replaced the fern. He kissed under her jawline where her pulse made a staccato beat.

"I also couldn't do this."

A kiss against the corner of her lips, and her eyes fluttered shut.

"And I certainly couldn't do this."

His mouth covered hers. Hot. Demanding. Conquering. His hands gripped her waist and lifted her onto the edge of the table before resting them on her upper thighs. With a gentle pressing of his fingers, he spread her legs open. His hand skated down her leg to her calf, lifted it, and raised it around his hip.

"Put your other leg around me, Portia." He dragged wet, hot, open-mouthed kisses down the side of her neck, his hands at the buttons of her shirt. Toying with them. His tongue darted out and licked the base of her throat. "So damn sweet."

She lifted her other leg, draping it around his waist. His hardness pressed against her center. He captured her moan with another slow kiss, his fingers working one button free. Another. Then another. Done at such a leisurely place where every single pink button slid against her skin. The coolness of them made her gasp into his mouth. She wrapped herself tighter around him and ran her hands through his hair.

She moaned in protest when his mouth lifted away. Cool air whispered against her flesh, and she opened her eyes. Her shirt was unbuttoned but still tucked into the waistband of her jeans. The panels of her pink shirt fell open, revealing her porcelain skin and the flower-printed white bra she wore.

"You really do have a thing for flowers, don't you?" His eyes were dark and heavy, his breathing harsher. With every touch and kiss, he didn't hold back in his desire. He didn't hold back, period. Aubry Riley was the type of man to display his emotions, good or bad. However, Portia doubted he allowed anyone to see beyond his rock star persona.

His index finger rested against her clavicle. "I wasn't going to say any of those things. Wasn't going to call you Tinkerbell." He moved his finger down until it rested over her heart, then traced along the scalloped edges of her bra. "Beautiful. Sexy."

He caressed a path downward over her bra and circled her cotton-covered nipple. "Very sexy."

"Oh," she breathed out, as his fingers played a scale from one breast to the other. He did the same thing, treating her neglected breast to the same tease as the other--tracing a circle over her nipple. The thin cotton material of her bra was too much of a barrier. She wanted it off. She wanted to be skin to skin with him. Sun-kissed to snowy white. Summer to winter.

"I'm going to kiss you. Keep your hands on the table."

As You Wish (Rock Stars in Love, Book 1)

By: Elyssa Patrick