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As the Leaves Fall

Series: Love for the Seasons , Book 1.0
By: RJ Jones | Other books by RJ Jones
Published By: RJ Jones
Published: Mar 18, 2016
ISBN # e000000001857
Word Count: 45,000
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Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi)

Categories: Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Romance>Contemporary Romance>Erotic Romance


As the Leaves Fall (Love for the Seasons) by RJ Jones - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Aiden Turner's world flipped upside down when his vengeful ex-boyfriend destroyed a major project, costing his uncle’s architectural firm an important client. Feeling guilty, Aiden has since sworn off all romantic involvement with anyone he works with.

Noah Walker is getting ready to interview for his dream role when he catches Aiden’s eye on the London Tube. They strike up a conversation, and even though the attraction sizzles between them, Noah must decline the offer of a morning coffee. The interview is crucial, and he needs to focus on getting the job, not getting a date.

When Aiden discovers the enigmatic man on the train is the same man he is interviewing, he is torn. But he knows Noah is the right man for the job, and he attempts to put some professional distance between them. However, it's not long before Noah makes his way under Aiden’s skin.

Neither man can afford to risk their employment, but keeping their relationship a secret takes its toll. When things get ugly, they need to decide what’s more important—or if the job is worth the sacrifice.
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IT WAS my perfect job. I wasn’t skint yet, but I’d been out of work for a few weeks, and architectural positions in central London were as rare as cheap Cup Final tickets. I didn’t know when this opportunity would come again. Competition was fierce and it was down to two of us. Today we were being interviewed by the person we would be working the closest with, and if I didn’t gel with him, then I was out and the other guy got the job. Talk about pressure.
But it wasn’t just any job. It was the job at the firm I had always wanted to work for. They were at the top of the architectural game. They only hired the most talented people and they landed all the big clients. I had first applied for a position with Spencer & Associates straight out of university, but back then I had no experience and competition had been intense. Now, almost fifteen years later, I had a second shot. I wasn’t about to blow it.
I caught my reflection in the carriage window and wondered briefly if I appeared as desperate as I felt. I decided not to worry too much more over my appearance; I’d already spent enough time that morning in front of the bathroom mirror making sure my tie and suit were perfect. I turned my attention back to the notes on my phone. My interview was in just over half an hour and I needed the time to go over my points.
We pulled into Notting Hill Gate and I looked up when I was jostled by people trying to get on the already packed train.
I was still watching the crowd when he walked on.
Broad shoulders clad in a navy blue suit, a sky blue dress shirt and a navy tie that shimmered under the overhead lighting. Designer stubble on a strong jaw. I watched as he scanned the crowded train before his gaze met mine. My heart thudded in my ears, and it became a little difficult to breathe. His eyes matched the blue of his shirt and his lips quirked a little before he grabbed the overhead strap and held on while the train pulled away from the station. His light brown hair was pulled into a low ponytail at the base of his neck and it brushed his collar and shoulders as he rocked with the motion of the carriage. He broke the gaze and pulled a phone from his pocket with well-manicured fingers. I watched him scroll his thumb over the screen. Breathing became harder. He put the phone back in his pocket and checked his watch. I realised I was ogling him when he turned and gave me a subtle once-over. His plump lips quirked again as his tongue made a slight appearance and he smiled. I dropped my gaze to my phone, attempting to get my head out of the clouds and away from thoughts of what those long fingers could do. I turned back to my interview notes. I didn’t need to be thinking about the gorgeous hunk on the train; what I needed was to concentrate on my future. I couldn’t afford a distraction today.
When I reached my stop, I rose and headed for the door. The hotness with long hair moved to exit as well and I followed that arse up the stairs, through the crowd and onto Oxford Street. His muscular thighs moved sinuously beneath the fine fabric, making my mouth dry and my brain forget about my ideal job. Interview? What interview?
Mr Blue Suit peered behind him and caught my gaze once more before he checked his phone and continued walking. He wasn’t paying attention and smacked straight into another guy.
“Watch it, fuckwit,” the other man sneered. He was dressed in a black suit and a crisp white shirt and would’ve been quite the looker if he hadn’t ruined it with his rudeness and scowl.
“Sorry, I didn’t see you.”
“Yeah, no shit. Stupid fuck.” Rude guy stomped off towards Portland Place, the same way I was headed.
“Wow, he seems nice.” For some reason, my mouth engaged before my brain when I found myself standing next to him.
“We all get stressed, but there’s no need to be rude.” He smiled slightly, no doubt feeling a little miffed at the encounter.
“I agree.” I knew about stress. I smiled and our eyes met once more. My throat thickened and I tried to swallow. “Well, have a nice day,” I managed to get out.
“You too.”
I walked towards my appointment and, hopefully, a restart of my stalled career. I tried to focus on my interview responses and not the intriguing man I’d just met. I wanted to get there early so I could keep studying my notes and take in the atmosphere of the office. I hoped it would give me an edge.
I hadn’t taken but a few steps before I noticed the guy in the navy suit was walking beside me. “You headed up Oxford Street? Mind if I walk with you?”
“Portland Place, actually, but I don’t mind if you walk with me. I’m Noah,” I told him, holding out my hand for him to shake.
His warm hand gripped mine, lingering that little bit longer than necessary. “Aiden. Thanks for the company.”
“My pleasure.” It really was.
“Heading to work?”
“Interview, actually. I’m a bit nervous I’ll screw it up. It’s the third and final, down to me and another guy, but I know it’s the right position for me.” I had to remind myself this job was more important to me than it was to him and I shut up before I made a right dick of myself by going on about it.
“So no pressure, then?” Aiden said with laughter in his voice.
“None. Unless I want to move in with Mum.” I chuckled.
Aiden fell into an easy step beside me. “No wife?”
Ahh, there it was. That little question told me so much. I had suspected he was gay when he’d stepped onto the train and given me that small smile accompanied by the brief once-over. No straight man I knew had ever checked me out. After all, my gaydar wasn’t the one laid off.
“Nope, no husband either.”
Aiden seemed to chew on that little piece of information for a bit but didn’t pursue it.
“So, an interview, huh? I’m doing a couple of interviews myself today but I’ll be on the other side of the table. I don’t like them much either. I don’t envy you at all.”
“I’ve been luckier than most so far. I was laid off a few weeks ago and I’ve got my savings, but they won’t last forever. When I heard about this role, I knew it was for me. I just hope I get along with the guy doing the interview, as he’ll be the one I’ll be working with the most. It’s important…” I caught myself before I bored the snot out of him. “Sorry, I’m rambling. You don’t want to know about my unemployment woes.”
Aiden tucked his hands into his pockets and smiled up at me from under his lashes. “On the contrary. Would you have time for a quick coffee before your interview?”
Damn. Was I seriously going to turn him down? I wanted to have a coffee with him, but I needed this job. My dream position. I was torn, but as much as I wanted to sit in a nearby café with Aiden, I needed to focus on my appointment. I knew it was my last chance with this company and the opportunity wouldn’t come again.
“I’d love to, but I need to get my head ready. I really want this role. Maybe I can take a rain check?”
Disappointment flashed briefly across Aiden’s face before he schooled his features and smiled. “Sure. Maybe next time, then? Good luck for today. I hope you get the job.”
“Thank you.”
Aiden walked across the street and into a nearby Starbucks. Once inside he glanced over his shoulder and smiled. I waved and continued on my way with the sense I’d just done one of the dumbest things of my life.

As the Leaves Fall

By: RJ Jones