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As the Ice Melts

Series: Love for the Seasons , Book 2.0
By: RJ Jones | Other books by RJ Jones
Published By: RJ Jones
Published: Apr 01, 2016
ISBN # e000000001935
Word Count: 38,000
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Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Romance>Contemporary Romance>Erotic Romance


As the Ice Melts (Love for the Seasons) by RJ Jones - Romance>Contemporary eBook

As hearts begin to thaw, a betrayal of trust threatens to put out the flames.

When Marcus McDonald receives a formal warning from his employer, he knows it’s time to tuck tail and head home to Manchester. His medical condition forces him to keep people at arm’s length, and it wouldn’t be the first time his temperament has landed him in trouble.

All Adam Radney wants is some time to paint, but his father’s death, leaving Adam and his mum up to their ears in debt, means taking on two jobs. Working at the family’s run-down Manchester fish and chip shop, Adam is confronted by a new, surly face in town and instantly dislikes the icy newcomer. So what if he pushes all of Adam’s hot buttons?

When the ice melts and things heat up between Marcus and Adam, Adam thinks all his dreams have come true. With Marcus’s help, new customers arrive and the chip shop starts to flourish, easing Adam’s mind. But when Adam puts all his trust in Marcus on the busiest night the shop has seen in years, thing go awry and it leaves Adam with more questions than answers.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
“A formal warning? What the hell for? I thought you were the golden boy?” my best friend Colin practically screeched over the phone.
“You don’t want to know. I seriously screwed up.” Shame washed through me, cold and depressing, reminding me of what I’d done. I could’ve ruined someone’s career, for Christ’s sake, and for what? A fuck? That wasn’t like me. I might have been a bit of a prima donna, but I didn’t usually take shit so seriously. I could feel myself spiralling out of control. I’d been working and cutting loose in London for too long, and I could feel the strings that had held me together starting to fray. Partying had taken over my list of priorities, and the dressing-down I’d received at work had slapped me in the face like the wake-up call it was.
“I think I need to come home.” I couldn’t keep the pathetic tone out of my voice.
“Damn. Things must be bad if you’re contemplating that. Where would you live?”
Obviously, I hadn’t thought ahead. No way in hell was I contacting my mother—not that I knew how to anyway. “Don’t know. Gran’s, probably.”
“Do you plan on having sex ever again?”
“That’s not what I need. I’m exhausted, Col. I think trying to work and party in equal amounts is wearing me down. I need to get away.”
“So take a week off and go to Ibiza.”
I rolled my eyes. It wasn’t like he could see me. “I need to get away from that scene. I don’t think going to Ibiza will help.”
“Go to Spain, fuck your arse off for a week before you go to Gran’s, coz you know once you move in with her, your sex life is in the crapper.”
My mind changed track quickly, scanning through the list of things I’d need to do if I moved north. “I’ll need a job. I can live on my savings for a while, but they won’t last too long.” If I’d been the responsible adult I was supposed to be at twenty-seven years old, I wouldn’t have spent all my money on partying. I didn’t drink alcohol, but club entrance fees and several mocktails added up. Growing up in a household like mine had taught me about what not to do when it came to certain things. Obviously, giving away all my money wasn’t one of them, but I never wanted to be broke so I had some cash tucked away, I just didn’t know how much.
Colin’s voice broke into my thoughts. “What kind of job could you do here? It’s not like we have anything flash for you to decorate or design.”
I sighed. “I have no idea. Maybe some of the big houses on the canals are in need of a Marcus Makeover.”
“You should weave your gay magic down the high street. The shops there have gone from shabby chic to shabby shit.”
“I’m a bit better than a window dresser, mate,” I huffed.
“I know that, you knob. I’m just saying the town looks like crap. It needs a bit of sprucing, you know?”
Jesus. Was I really contemplating going home? It wasn’t as if there was anything there for me, except Gran and Colin. But maybe that was what I needed. To get back to my roots. Minus my mum, of course.
“You know you can always stay here if you need to.”
“What? Live on your couch while I listen to you and Jerry shag each other stupid through those flimsy things you call walls? I don’t think that’s a good idea; I’d just want to join in.”
“It’ll be like old times then, won’t it?” I could almost see Col smiling wickedly.
I thought back to the last time I’d stayed with my best friend, and although I had a great time getting fucked by both of them, I wasn’t keen to do a repeat.
“Let me have a think about it,” I told him, not wanting to hurt his feelings. “I’ll let you know what I decide.”

As the Ice Melts

By: RJ Jones