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Aphrodite Calling

Series: Gods of Love , Book 2.0
By: Jennifer Lynne | Other books by Jennifer Lynne
Published By: Jennifer Lynne
Published: Jun 22, 2012
ISBN # JNNLNN0000002
Word Count: 18,500
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Categories: Romance>Fantasy Romance>Erotic Romance Romance>LGBTQ>B/T/Q


Aphrodite Calling (Gods of Love) by Jennifer Lynne - Romance>Erotic Romance eBook

A god of sexual desire on the edge of burnout meets a modern-day woman with a unique and secret past. In the arms of transsexual woman Gina, has Himeros finally discovered the one with whom even a god of love could find fulfilment?

This is the second in an erotic collection of stand-alone novellas in which even the Greek gods themselves are not immune to the influence of love.
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Editorial Reviews:
From The Romance Reviews
With its sweet but sinfully titillating nature, I was begging for more...Jennifer Lynne has a very interesting and fresh take on mythology that's not only great reading but extremely delicious!
From Long and Short Erotic Reviews
Absolutely anyone who enjoys a story of self discovery and larger than life personalities would love this story...I know of many people who would enjoy reading this story, and I plan on recommending it to each and every one of them.
From Perv Pack Reviews
This book charmed me from the first page. It is a fairy tale complete with love/lust at first sight, villainy, and fantastical world-rocking sex...It will steal your heart, make you hot and leaving you smiling.
“Who are you, Himeros, and why are you doing this? Helping me escape, I mean. Though,” she paused and looked at the numbers flashing past as they ascended in the elevator, “maybe I’m not escaping out of here, as such. Am I going from the frying pan into the fire?”
He shifted a little, and the confined space suddenly seemed a lot smaller than it had a few seconds ago. She had the impression of vibrating energy, reaching out to encompass her. If she hadn’t known better, she would have said his tanned skin held a strange shimmer that made him look as if he were lit from within. She blinked, but the light intensified.
“I am Himeros, god of sexual desire, and I am here to answer your call to Aphrodite,” he said. “You are most certainly heading into the fire, but this is one fire you won’t want to extinguish, once you’ve savored the heat of these flames.”
“My call to Aphrodite? What exactly do you mean by that?” It’s certainly getting hot in here, she thought. Why am I so aware of him? I’ve been around men before. Sexy men. But it’s never felt like my body is finally waking up…
“Gina.” When had he moved closer? Why was he now standing directly in front of her, his arms raised to press a hand against the elevator wall each side of her head? Had he answered her question? She couldn’t remember. Aphrodite…
“We will wake you up, together.”
Her breath caught. He was now leaning forward, almost touching her, his face so close to hers she could see the flecks of green in the blue of his irises. So close that if she raised her hand, she’d be able to brush the delicate end of his long eyelashes, or trace the angled shadows cast by those gorgeous cheekbones.
“We’re here.” His words whispered in a puff of warmth across her lips and she parted them involuntarily.
“Are we?” How she was managing to keep talking was beyond her. She wanted to close the few centimeters of distance between them and explore that mouth again, to feel the firmness of his body up against hers, to enjoy the heat of a hard cock that wasn’t her own pressing against the soft curve of her stomach.
“You have a choice, now, Gina,” he said. “Join me here, tonight, and I promise you will not regret your decision. But if you don’t want that, tell me now, before we step over the threshold...”
“Himeros,” she whispered, not sure what she was asking, and at the same time knowing what she needed to say. “I want to, so much, but there are things about me you don’t know.”
“I know everything, Gina. I told you, I heard your call and I am here to answer it, if you wish.”
She shook her head. “I’m afraid.” She closed her eyes to avoid seeing the revulsion and started when she felt the touch of his fingertips on her cheek. A touch that sent shockwaves right through her body—unfamiliar shockwaves in places that had been numb for too long. She’d been wrong. She wasn’t strong enough to handle everything. She wasn’t strong enough to handle this.
“Himeros.” She took a deep breath and pressed back as far as she could against the wall. “I’m not, well, I wasn’t…” Just say the damn words. Get it over with. “I wasn’t always like I am now. I used to be—”
“You were born with male genitalia, and you lived as a man for the first twenty-four years of your life. You were Gerry, and now you are Gina. I know, gorgeous woman. I told you, I already know. Open your eyes and see how much I want you right now.”

Aphrodite Calling

By: Jennifer Lynne