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An Old-Fashioned Romance

By: Marcia Lynn McClure | Other books by Marcia Lynn McClure
Published By: Distractions Ink
Published: Jan 23, 2012
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Categories: Romance>Young Adult Juvenile Fiction


An Old-Fashioned Romance by Marcia Lynn McClure - Romance>Young Adult eBook

Breck had always struggled with finding contentment in city life. She remembered visiting her uncle's ranch as a child—the way she had always felt free—as if she could breathe better when away from the city. Breck figured she was that one child in every family who should have been born in a different era—but she hadn't been. Thus, Breck had finished her degree at Colorado State and settled into a big city job at Wilson Investigations. Still, there were moments of happiness found in city life—instances of excitement and delight. Whenever Breck found herself in the presence of her handsome, yet seemingly haunted boss, Reese Thatcher—she often new moments of pure euphoria! But fact was fact, and though no other man was the zinger her soul longed for, Reese Thatcher was a man a woman simply dreamed of winning—not one a woman actually won. Wasn't he?

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An Old-Fashioned Romance

By: Marcia Lynn McClure