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And Baby Makes Three

By: Dahlia Rose | Other books by Dahlia Rose
Published By: Sugar and Spice Press
Published: Oct 14, 2012
ISBN # 9781939151018
Word Count: 30,102
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Interracial Romance>Erotic Romance

One night of pleasure led to the positive pregnancy test that she held in her hand. Maria Watson succumbed to the most passionate night in her life in the arms of Lieutenant Brody Gillis. While Ivy was celebrating her wedding night with her new husband Rafe. Maria was in his best friends arms and what a night it was. Now as she stared at the positive pregnancy test, her dismayed thought was, merciful heaven what do I do now?

Maria didn’t know if she wanted a relationship but she did know she was keeping her baby. She was burned by a soldier before and wasn’t looking for a repeat with a playboy like Brody. Yet he kept coming around and sending her flowers after that one night. When she told him she was pregnant, he vowed to be the best father to their child and boyfriend to her. Maria wanted to believe all the sweet words that Brody whispered in her eyes. But once burned, twice shy and when it seemed Brody’s playboy ways surface once again. Would it end up that she’d be raising her baby alone?
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“How’s your morning sickness?” Ivy asked.

“The question should be how is my morning, noon and night sickness.” Marie moaned in the passenger side of the car. It was her first appointment with her prenatal doctor and she was thankful Ivy offered to drive. Everything made her feel ill. Her favorite foods were done for. She was surviving on ginger ale and ramen noodles with hot sauce. The kid sure loved sandwiches that were comprised of mayo, tomato, vinegar, and salt and pepper. If she could hold the food in it was a good day, but still the nausea kept her off her feet most of the time.

“How about the lemon remedy?” Ivy asked.

Marie didn’t know which lemon remedy she was talking about, but she had tried them all—sucking on lemon candies, keeping a lemon handy to sniff when the nausea came on, putting fresh lemon slices in her drinking water, but they were all iffy at best.

Marie shrugged. “It’s hit or miss. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The books say I should start feeling relief at about thirteen to fourteen weeks. When that happens, I’m doing cartwheels.”

Ivy laughed. “How about we hold off on the acrobatics until after the peanut is born?”

Marie rubbed the lower part of her tummy and smiled. They’d taken up calling her unborn passenger peanut and, between the two of them, had been voraciously reading baby books. Who knew a rendezvous after Ivy’s wedding in September would lead to this? They had done the math. Calculating from the date of conception and deducting two weeks for gestation she would be due near the end of June or early July. She decided on a midwife center instead of a traditional doctor’s office because she wanted a more home-like environment when she gave birth. There were doctors on staff, for epidurals and in cases of emergencies, but she was really happy with her decision and was anxiously looking forward to seeing her baby for the first time.

“Um, any word from Brody?” Ivy asked casually.

“Nope, not a word for four weeks. I think our happy bedmate days are over,” Marie said with as much nonchalance as she could muster. She wanted to pretend that it didn’t hurt, but at night when she was alone, oh, it did, and she cried. She had his cell number and almost called a few times, but each time she could never bring herself to hit send to connect the call. She didn’t want him to feel indebted to her.

Ivy maneuvered into the parking lot of the midwife center. “Well, maybe you should call him.”

“Ivy, we’ve already had that discussion,” Marie said firmly.

“Okay, okay,” Ivy said and turned off the SUV. “Let’s go in and see the peanut.”

Inside, Marie filled out all the forms and understood why people were so frustrated when any nurse at the hospital showed up with a clipboard. There were so many papers to deal with and a lot of repetition, so Ivy helped fill some out as she was getting weighed and her blood pressure was being taken. She came back out to sit in the waiting room with Ivy and the other pregnant women. The center felt homey. There were wonderful vibrant colors and comfy chairs for the patients and even a kiddie center for women who had to bring small children. Ivy kept looking at the door and at her watch, and Marie furrowed her brow in curiosity.

“Ivy, what’s up? Do you have somewhere to be?” Marie asked.

Ivy looked at her with innocence written across her face. “No, why?”

“You keep looking at the door like…” Warning bells sounded in her head. Marie glared at Ivy. “You promised you wouldn’t tell him.”

“And I didn’t,” Ivy protested. The door swung open just then and Brody strode inside wearing his uniform. “I kept my promise, but Rafe told him.”

“All of you are rat finks,” Marie said angrily using her favorite term.

“Honey, don’t be mad. He’s been calling me every day to check on you.” Ivy took Marie’s hand. “Give him a chance.”

Brody came forward and got down on his haunches in front of her. “Naughty Marie, didn’t you think I’d want to be in your life, in the life of our child?”

She shrugged and looked away, trying to ignore the happiness that was bubbling up inside of her. “Who knows? A playboy like you doesn’t need a baby carrier strapped to the front of him while playing beer pong.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it. I’ve been chasing you like a hound dog chasing a bone and you keep pushing me away,” Brody retorted. “You can’t push me out of this child’s life.”

“I don’t want him or her to not know a father, but I don’t want you feeling like you owe us anything either. I was in that bed enjoying what we did just as much as you and it’s half my responsibility,” Marie stated in a matter of fact way.

“So you want me to be a dad, but there is no chance for us?” Brody asked quietly. “I’d like there to be a Marie, Brody and Baby Makes Three, a family. Let’s start over and see where it goes, but for the record, you were never a booty call for me. I never thought that at any time. I’ll be there when you get a food craving at 3:00 a.m. I’ll make you tuna with extra pickles—”

“Tuna with extra pickles?” Marie asked.

“Yeah, one of my buddies in training said his wife loved them when she was pregnant, plus I’ve been reading books on being a dad and what to expect when you’re expecting. I fully intend to have sympathy pains when you’re in labor,” Brody announced.

Ivy started laughing and a woman close by said, “Aww,” completely moved by his gesture. Marie had to admit everything he was saying sounded good.

“Well, I do like tuna and pickles. In fact, that sounds good right about now,” she admitted.

“I’ll make you some tonight, and look what I have.” He pulled open the utility pocket on his brown digical uniform and brought two small bears out. One in pink and one in blue and each bear wore a tiny Marine hat with the Marine emblem on the front. “Either boy or girl, we’re covered.”
Reader Reviews (19)
Submitted By: ordan on Jan 27, 2014
loved it
Submitted By: lyjo46 on Jan 25, 2013
I loved this book, it has an interesting story ,with well developed characters . I loved the chemistry between the hero and heroine.
Submitted By: brownbrown on Jan 23, 2013
good book just too short. chemistry was good not off the charts but good. also character development alittle lacking, i for one always like good background/history on characters and i also like conflict with secondary characters as well but...........i don't always get that with novellas. this was a novella in my opinion.
Submitted By: Laters50 on Jan 22, 2013
I really enjoyed this book, just too short
Submitted By: Isabelle on Jan 15, 2013
This is a great story about the healing power of love. Adding to that a man in uniform, where can you go wrong? These are great characters with a believable plot.
Submitted By: uksuzi on Jan 9, 2013
This was a good book, it had me bitting my lip to see if the "other" woman was pregnant also. The guy was a stand up kind of guy and supported both woman until the truth came out. Loved it!
Submitted By: courtneyc22 on Jan 4, 2013
Amazing book. Words cannot express how much i loved it. I was so not ready for it to end. The chemistry, dedication, and support with the characters was Amazing.
Submitted By: roxy17 on Jan 2, 2013
This was just average for me in spite of the fact that the hero and heroine experienced the ups and downs of expecting a baby, as well as grappling with an abusive ex. Perhaps, I didn't like the idea of them just having sex after their friends' wedding reception as opposed to developing a relationship first and then having sex. I'm old-fashioned, I guess.
Submitted By: betyboop36 on Jan 2, 2013
it seems two woman where pregnant by him. one he loved the other he couldn't stand for her selfish and needy ways. he still remain honorable to them both even though one was using him for his money. the one thing he wanted was to be needed by the best friend and love of his life.turns out the one thing he really wanted he ended up having . a future and family with the love of his life.
Submitted By: IamME3982 on Jan 2, 2013
Dahlia is actually one of my face writers...reading her books inspired me to get back into writing myself.this book has love comedy and everything in between....
Submitted By: mesut on Jan 2, 2013
What a man!!! I liked that he had to work to win Marie's heart and having a baby with her was a bonus. I believe Brody really liked Marie from the beginning but Marie had some trust issues. All in all, they both worked towards having the love and family they wanted. I am a big fan of Dahlia Rose and this book was a good read.
Submitted By: sandwich73 on Jan 2, 2013
I loved this book. It is great to see how the main characters form their relationship and how it grows. It is a sweet military/prengancy story. You can feel the love and wish for a relationship like it for your own. The story shows what is important in life, family and friends.
Submitted By: merrymink on Jan 2, 2013
I expected more from this book - and I didn't get it. That said, it made for some nice but forgettable reading/characters.
Submitted By: tickledpink49 on Jan 1, 2013
Average at best. There was just something lacking, something I couldn't put my finger on but left me disatisfied with the story. I was unable to engage with the characters. I felt a lack of connection between them, no chemistry.
Submitted By: sra246 on Jan 1, 2013
This book was a good and sometimes funny read. I wished it was a little longer though.
Submitted By: carolinagurl on Jan 1, 2013
I love Dahlia Rose...her interracial romances are always heart warming. I must say this one is my new favorite...her characters are so real and the sex scenes are so descriptive, I feel like I'm experiencing every touch; or maybe I just wished I was :)
Submitted By: toneendrew on Jan 1, 2013
Enjoyable read! I love that Brody was so excited and elated about his impending fatherhood. The way the two eventually worked out their differences showed a level a maturity and respect that I enjoyed reading about. Good job Ms. Rose!!
Submitted By: DrJ on Dec 18, 2012
A novella that is full of kindness and friendship all wrapped around the impending arrival of an unexpected baby. Yet these characters seem to have the goal of making their child first priority and out of that grows an interesting, erotic, and ultimately loving relationship. As always, Ms Rose does a superb job telling a love story and making her characters real and gritty, believable and human.
Submitted By: ladytee20019 on Oct 21, 2012
I really loved this book, it was well written and erotic. The love and friendship between the characters was awesome. I really like it that both of them worked on their relationship.

And Baby Makes Three

By: Dahlia Rose