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American Flyboy

By: N.D. Clark | Other books by N.D. Clark
Published By: N.D. Clark
Published: Dec 10, 2015
ISBN # e000000000794
Word Count: 55,260
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Categories: Erotica>LGBTQ>Gay Erotica>Multiple Partner Erotica>Historical


American Flyboy by N.D. Clark - Erotica>Historical eBook

Lt. Kenneth Hellman is an American fighter pilot escorting B-24 bombers on a mission over Germany in WWII. After his plane is hit by enemy flak, he is captured and interrogated by one of the most ruthless men in the Waffen SS, Colonel Wolfgang Farber.

When two of Farber's men make sexual advances, Hellman is torn between loyalty to his country and acting on his latent homosexual desires; his decision will send him reeling as he faces a world he could never have imagined, one filled with raw, unbridled sex, his deepest core convictions called into question and many narrow escapes from death.

After surviving horrendous torture, he is then sent by train to a POW camp in Lamsdorf, Poland. After three days on the train, Hellman arrives at his assigned German POW camp, Stalag Luft VIII-B for captured enemy airmen. His first introduction to POW life is a run in with the unscrupulous Sergeant Heinrich Hitzig who runs a gang of guards inside the camp.

Kenneth soon meets Colonel Wilhelm Braun of the German Luftwaffe, the Commandant of the camp, who is smitten with his newest arrival. The German commandant saves the American flyboy from the dreary and abusive life of the typical POW by appointing him his personal assistant and valet.

But now, the Russians are closing in on the camp and Kenneth and Wilhelm must attempt to flee to safety. At a small airport in Lamsdorf, the Gestapo has discovered their plans and moves to intercept.

Wilhelm engages the Gestapo agents in gunfire and is ultimately captured, but his courageous acts have given his American Flyboy time to escape.

Will Kenneth and Wilhelm overcome daunting odds to be reunited and rekindle their fledgling relationship?
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Sensuality Rating:   lip
Wilhelm whispered in soft breaths, “Raise your hands above your head Kenneth.” Standing behind him, he pulled the grimy POW uniform top over his head and inhaled the intoxicating acrid smell of the flyboy’s sweaty male pits. Kenneth shivered at Wilhelm’s unexpected warm breath on the nape of his neck. Massive broad shoulders tapering to a V-shaped back left Wilhelm breathless as he loosened the silk blindfold, allowing the soft, smooth fabric to glide down Kenneth’s naked back.
He shuddered at the sleek sensations. “Are you trying to seduce me Wilhelm?”
Wilhelm stepped closer and pressed his body into Kenneth’s. He wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed him innocently. Kenneth kissed him back softly, lingering. Wilhelm coaxed Kenneth’s lips apart, entering his mouth and tickling the sensitive palate with light flicks of his tongue. Kenneth crushed his lips to Wilhelm’s with bruising kisses.
Wilhelm broke away, gazing longingly into Kenneth’s eyes. “To answer your question Kenneth, I am guilty of feeding a wounded POW a wonderful meal, relieving his pain with fine brandy, delighting him with romantic music and drawing him a hot relaxing bath of chamomile salts to soak away the stress of a bad day. Your glass is empty. Why don’t you finish undressing and ease into your bath while I get you another drink.” Wilhelm’s voice trailed off as he left the bathroom. “I’m baffled how you arrived at such an audacious conclusion as seduction.”
“My mistake,” Kenneth yelled after him, as he kicked off his dilapidated work shoes and pushed his boxers and grungy work pants down his long muscular legs.
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Submitted By: Jazyq on May 2, 2016
This basically porn with Nazis thrown in for some titillation. My mistake for not realizing it when I purchased the book. Good for people who just want a collection of sex scenes.

American Flyboy

By: N.D. Clark