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Alien Tentacles: Forced, Bred, Enslaved

By: Jillian Cumming | Other books by Jillian Cumming
Published By: Jillian Cumming
Published: Aug 01, 2012
ISBN # JLLCMM0000091
Word Count: 3,207
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Categories: Erotica>Sci-fi/Fantasy Erotica>BDSM Erotica>Contemporary


Alien Tentacles: Forced, Bred, Enslaved by Jillian Cumming - Erotica>BDSM eBook

The last thing Tess remembers before waking up in the strange, bright room is going for her evening jog.

That's when the voice speaks to her. It tells her that it wants to create a hybrid between their two species, using Tess. If she gives her body willingly, she will enjoy it.

That's when the tentacles come out of the walls and grab hold of her.

Warning: this 3207 word story contains explicit alien tentacle sex, oral, double penetration, bondage, and breeding. For mature readers only.
Reader Rating:   2.0 starstar (2 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplip
The feelings of fear and arousal collided somewhere in the middle of Tess’s body. They amplified one another, making her simultaneously want to scream out and to put her fingers down her shorts to find out just how wet she had become at the memory of the previous night’s encounter.

She fought back against them. “What do you want with me?”

“Your body,” the voice growled back.

The words were simple enough, but their meaning penetrated seemingly to the core of Tess’s being. Her friends had told her not to go jogging after dark. They said creeps liked to wait for women there. Tess had laughed them off.

Standing, Tess turned in a slow circle. The dark spots were everywhere. Even on the floor, right where she’d been sitting. She felt suddenly naked, exposed, as though they could see everything despite her clothes.

“Will you let me go? Please?”

There was another moment of potential, as though the mind to which the voice belonged was carefully considering her request, weighing it against its own desires.


“Why?” Tess asked. She kept spinning in circles, looking from one spot to the next, unsure which she should speak to.

“You are needed. Your species... interests us. We desire a hybrid for study and possible relocation.”

“A hybrid?” Tess asked.

This all had to be a joke. She pressed back against the thought that told her she’d just been abducted by aliens.

“Yes, between our two species. We have developed the capacity for such a thing. Calm yourself. There is a high probability that you will find the process enjoyable, should you choose not to resist.”

Then the voice was gone. The build-up of energy that had accompanied it had dissipated. The spots, however, remained. In fact, Tess thought she saw movement in the one she watched.

Crouching down, she put her hands on the floor to support herself and looked forward. Yes, there was something in there. It looked like something was wriggling its way in through a long, dark tube.

But what was it? What was the “process” the voice had talked about?

Then Tess realized what the voice meant: it wanted to use her to create a hybrid of their two species. It wanted to mate with her, to use her body to create this new life form that was both human and alien.

She screamed as something long and thick burst from the spot she looked at. It was darkly colored, with thick veins and bulges running across its surface. There were also ridges along the surface, and what looked like a slit at its very tip.

The tentacle – she couldn’t think of a better term for the thing – was about as thick as two of her fingers side by side.

Then it seemed to see her. More of it shot from the hole, wrapping around her wrist. Tess screamed, trying to step back. She found she couldn’t move and looked down. Two more tentacles had come out from the floor and wrapped around her ankles.

A fourth tentacle leapt out from another hole and grabbed the wrist of her one free hand. They had her. Tess pulled and struggled against them, but she could hardly move. They were strong; the more she wrenched at them, the tighter they wound around her wrists and ankles.

She began losing feeling in her hands and feet, they squeezed her so much.

The walls of the room absorbed her moans and whimpers as Tess tired herself out trying to free her limbs from the iron grasps of the tentacles. Then even more of them seemed to erupt from all the previously empty spots on the floor, walls, and ceiling. They wrapped around her stomach, her breasts, her neck.

She felt the coils of the one around her neck shift as the tip moved up to wave in front of her face. Even though it had no eyes, it seemed to be appraising her. As she watched, clear fluid leaked from the slit at its tips, and its entire length seemed to tremble a little.

It moved forward until it bumped against her lips, leaving them wet with the clear, sticky, and warm fluid. She couldn’t help getting a little of the stuff in her mouth.

Her eyes widened as she realized what it was. The tentacle was leaking precum. It wanted her body. They wanted her body.

Tess’s mind immediately went back to the previous night, and her steamy encounter. Her body responded, her flesh flushing with blood, her heart quickening, and her pussy getting wetter than it was before.

The tentacles must have noticed this change; the ones holding her legs slithered up her thighs under she could feel the heads, wet with alien precum, pushing under the legs of her shorts. Could they smell her wetness? She thought that they must. She shivered and moaned as her pussy clenched up. She wanted them inside her, filling her up.

She also didn’t want them inside her. The one in front of her face kept pressing at her lips, harder and harder, trying to make her open her mouth. Its precum coated her lips, leaked down her chin onto her shirt.

Her nipples had hardened as her body became more aroused. Even though she wore a sports bra, when she looked down she could see them poking at the white fabric of her shirt.

The tentacle holding her by the waist shifted. It moved under her shirt. With one powerful exertion, it tore her shirt down the middle in front, exposing her heaving chest and her milky skin.

Alien Tentacles: Forced, Bred, Enslaved

By: Jillian Cumming