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Alien Overnight

Series: Aliens Overnight , Book 1.0
By: Robin L. Rotham | Other books by Robin L. Rotham
Published By: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
Published: May 09, 2007
ISBN # 9781419910852
Word Count: 65,454
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Categories: Romance>Erotic Romance


Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight) by Robin L. Rotham - Romance>Erotic Romance eBook

Commander Kellen is on Earth recruiting women for his planet's sex-starved males. Not particularly excited by human anatomy, he seeks nothing more for himself than the occasional slaking of his needs with some anonymous female — which shouldn't be a problem, since she'll have to face the other way to accommodate his special anatomical needs.

Dr. Monica Teague is thrilled with her ten-year assignment caring for Garathan's sexual recruits. Her quirky looks and childish excuse for a body guarantee she'll never be expected to put out — which is kind of a bummer, now that she's up to her armpits in horny alien beefcake.

But, when an overdose of alien pheromones makes Monica drunk off her ass, Kellen quickly claims the odd little doctor before another Garathani realizes what she is. The overdose sparks a violent chain reaction in her, and when Monica finally wakes, she's got the body of a porn star — and two sexy alien mates who are determined to tame her.

If only she were as determined not to let them…

Reader Advisory: Contains menage a trois sexual scenes.
Reader Rating:   4.0 starstarstarstarstar (28 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip

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Copyright © ROBIN L. ROTHAM, 2007

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

"Kind of you to join us today, Dr. Teague."

Monica jerked, sending the empty coffee cup careening off the side of her desk and onto the utilitarian carpet.

"Thanks a lot, Commander," she muttered, leaning down without looking at him and trying hard not to blush. "Ever hear of knocking?"

Their fingers made unexpected contact over the smooth ceramic and she snatched hers back as if they´d been burned. So much for not blushing. When he set the cup on her desk without replying, Monica met his eyes briefly before looking away, her cheeks hot. Usually sunglasses lent her a certain feeling of anonymity, but not today. Today she felt absolutely naked in front of him.

"Thank you."

"Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, Doctor?"

His chiseled face was devoid of expression, but she could tell from his tone that he´d enjoyed asking her that. The man had an unusually good grasp of the subtleties of the English language-for an alien-and a well-known fondness for euphemisms, the more obscure the better.

Whether he was trying for amusing or annoying at the moment was impossible to tell, but at least he´d provided a convenient excuse for her behavior. He´d rattled her enough that she was no longer in the mood to confront him about the guards. She just wanted him gone so she could break down in peace.

"That about sums it up," she said, nodding.


Well, shit. Go away, Commander, her eyes telegraphed through the tinted lenses. Unfortunately, he wasn´t getting the message. Planting his feet slightly apart and clasping his hands behind him, he stared at her like he´d heard something freaky was about to happen to her and he didn´t want to miss it. His military posture threw the bulge at his crotch into prominent relief and only divine intervention could have kept her eyes from settling there. None was forthcoming.

Speaking of freaky things you wouldn´t want to miss...


Suddenly drowning in drool, Monica swallowed hard and met his gaze again. The barest hint of a smile curved one corner of his mouth.

"I, um...I just didn´t sleep well last night." Oh hell, she was blushing. Again. Damn that stupid dream! Until this morning, she´d felt pretty comfortable with Commander Kellen and the other Garathani reps. Now she felt off balance and embarrassed in his presence. And crabby. Hopefully, as with most dreams, the mood-altering effect would wear off soon and she would revert to her usual oddball self. Then she could tell him where to shove his guards.

"Perhaps you should return to your quarters and rest until the afternoon orientation."

"Thank you, but that won´t be necessary," she assured him, sorting through papers like she had some earthly idea what she was doing. "Did you need something?"

"No. I was merely...concerned about you."

His hesitation made her look up.

"Oh. Well, as you can see, I´m fine." God, what she wouldn´t give for a poker face like his! Those lapis eyes were disconcerting in their study of her. She´d thought herself accustomed to the unblinking Garathani stare, until this moment, when it was trained so intently on her.

Phantom sensations from her dream chose that instant to bedevil her, prickling her nipples and arrowing straight down between her thighs. An alien invasion, he´d said, and she´d known instinctively he wasn´t talking on a planetary scale.

The heat that rushed up her neck this time was excruciating, consuming her entire face in a fireball of humiliation as her heart pounded beneath her breastbone. She closed the folder with hands that wanted to tremble and reached down to open a file drawer, desperate to escape his questing gaze.

His fingers curled under her chin and urged her face up for his inspection.

"You don´t look fine, little Terran."

Little Terran. If his hot touch on her skin hadn´t made her freeze, the echo from her dream sure as hell would have. Had he ever called her that before? It was hard to remember, with her brain shorting out like she´d plugged in one appliance too many. She´d certainly picked a hell of a day to leave off the war paint. Would this infernal blush never fade?

It was way past time to go on the offensive. Jerking her chin out of his hold, Monica stood up and met his eyes with steely determination. Okay, rubbery determination.

"I promise you, I´m fine." Drawing a shaky breath, she asked, "Why do you have guards watching me?"

"Ah." And here she´d thought his gaze couldn´t get any more penetrating. His head tipped to one side, causing that gold and brown mane to ripple. "So that´s what´s bothering you."

"Damn right it´s bothering me." She crossed her arms over her ribs. "It´s true, isn´t it? They´re guarding me."

He regarded her impassively for a moment, then nodded slowly. "Yes, they are."

"Goddamn it, Commander, I told you I´d avoid-"

"They´re for your protection, Doctor."

"My protection," she snorted. "What do I need protection for? You´re the one who´s-" Monica clamped her jaw shut to stem the flow of revealing words.

"I´m the one who´s..." Kellen looked fascinated. "Do go on, Doctor."

"Well, you are a likely target for violence from xenophobic Earthlings," she improvised, absurdly pleased with herself for coming up with something plausible under stress.

"Your susceptibility to our pheromones makes you a far more likely target for the unscrupulous advances of desperate men."

"Oh, give me a break. They´d have to be pretty damn desperate."

"Which is precisely why we´re on Earth, if you´ll recall."

She noticed he didn´t deny her contention. Ouch.

"Listen, Commander, I´m sure you think you´re doing me a favor, but the fact is, I can´t live under constant surveillance. You can just call off the guards now and I´ll take my chances." Such as they are.

"I´m sorry, but I can´t do that." Before she could object, he held up a hand and continued, "You may be willing to take the chance, but you´re hardly the only one with anything at stake here. If you happened to be attacked, it´s not inconceivable that this entire program could be stalled indefinitely by the political fallout."

She ground her teeth. "But it´s not-"

"Dr. Teague," he enunciated clearly, "feminine defiance can have unpredictable effects on my self-control." Planting his hands on her desk, he leaned into her face. "Perhaps you should concede this battle of wills before the guards have to drag me off you."



Reader Reviews (10)
Submitted By: ValMass on Jan 7, 2015
Fantastic series!! Love this author!
Submitted By: jorikempe on Jan 3, 2015
The Aliens are here to recruit women from earth to mate with them. They are horny and we are genetically compatible. Dr. Monica Teague volunteers to help the women through their mating's and deliveries. She has never fit in and seems stuck as a pudgy adolescent. Commander Kellan realizes she is an immature Garathani hybrid and claims her. Finding out she is half alien and claimed doesn't go over well. Especially growing to 7 feet. This book is erotic and funny. I really enjoyed this series.
Submitted By: valjomi527 on Aug 16, 2014
Don't waste your money or your time.
Submitted By: julia_102526@yahoo.com on Mar 16, 2013
I enjoyed reading this book, good plot.
Submitted By: tradaker on Jan 7, 2013
love this author. I will be reading all her books. I couldn't put the book down and finished it all in one setting.
Submitted By: rin69 on Dec 4, 2012
Great read!
Submitted By: tazzy429 on Feb 11, 2012
There's a decent plot, good character development, and plenty of hot sex. However, I must say I was somewhat frustrated with the contradictory way the heroine accepts her fate. She's a strong lovable character that let's you down at how easily her mates get her to succomb to their way of thinking.
Submitted By: tazzy429 on Feb 11, 2012
There's a decent plot, good character development, and plenty of hot sex. However, I must say I was somewhat frustrated with the contradictory way the heroine accepts her fate. She's a strong lovable character that let's you down at how easily her mates get her to succomb to their way of thinking.
Submitted By: barefootokie on Dec 13, 2011
Unforgettable. This is one amazing book and lovin this series. It is a must read.
Submitted By: barefootokie on Dec 13, 2011
Unforgettable. This is one amazing book and lovin this series. It is a must read.

Alien Overnight

By: Robin L. Rotham