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A Heart for Christmas

Series: Love at Christmastime , Book 1.0
By: Lisa Y. Watson | Other books by Lisa Y. Watson
Published By: Lisa Watson
Published: Nov 01, 2013
ISBN # LDWTSN0000006
Word Count: 26,912
Heat Index
Eligible Price: $3.99

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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Fiction


A Heart for Christmas (Love at Christmastime) by Lisa Y. Watson - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Book one of the LOVE AT CHRISTMASTIME Series

In A HEART FOR CHRISTMAS, Yvette Stilwell, a young widow, has overcome
a terrible loss. Her eight year old daughter, Lacey, is her primary
focus and romance is a thing of the past...until now.

When Christopher Darcy realizes that the woman sitting next to him in
the airport is the “one that got away” so long ago, he is amazed at
his good fortune. But Yvette is not exactly ready to rush into
anything, even after she discovers just how attractive a holiday
romance may seem...

Will the magic of the season and some well-placed mistletoe bring them together?

A Heart for Christmas is a sweet holiday novella to warm your soul any time of the year.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
The heat crept up Yvette’s face at his comment. Christopher saw her pick up the safety card from the seat pocket in front of her and give it her undivided attention.

“You’re not blushing, are you?” Christopher said in awe.

“Of course not,” she denied hotly.

“Though I have to admit, I find the prospect thoroughly amusing.”
She swung her head around. “Oh really? And why is that?”

“Because you never glanced my way in school. You were too focused on your studies, your close circle of friends, and your late husband.”
When she didn’t have a snappy comeback for that, he knew his comment had hit home.

“You know in some ways, you’re nothing like I remember. And yet, some things are exactly the same.”

Yvette smiled. “Is that so? Like what?”

“I don’t know. Just things.”

It was Christopher’s turn to be evasive. There was no way he was going to mention that her beauty hadn’t diminished with time. If anything, the years had enhanced it. Yvette’s brown hair was longer now, and her sable-colored eyes were not hidden behind thick black eyeglasses. Her five foot, ten inch frame still supported the curves she’d had at twenty-one. The added bonus was that they were more ample now. Her golden brown skin was flawless, but it was Yvette’s smile that held his attention the most. That hadn’t changed in the eleven years since he’d seen her last. Though she had not associated with him back then, Yvette had left a memorable impression. She was not someone you could easily forget. And for her to be there in such close proximity on a plane for the next eight hours was a very welcome surprise.

A Heart for Christmas

By: Lisa Y. Watson