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A Healer's Bond

By: RaeLynn Blue | Other books by RaeLynn Blue
Published By: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Published: Jul 28, 2010
ISBN # 9780984609338
Word Count: 33,000
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Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc), Epub

Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Interracial Romance>Erotic Romance


A Healer's Bond by RaeLynn Blue - Romance>Paranormal/Horror eBook

The John Doe bleeding out on the ER gurney had to be the sexiest man Adele had ever seen. Too beautiful to die. As an ER nurse, she works to save him, but her bond--her connection--to him lingers long after he's out of danger. What she didn�t expect was that before the night was over her life would end up in his strong, surprisingly capable hands. Wyatt Young�s exile had few perks�condemned to Greensboro, he had a steady stream of loud, cranky people, and lousy food. Constantly hunted by his uncle, he�s startled when he wake up shirtless in a hospital, with his sword missing and his torso ripped apart. A beautiful healer helps him recover�a healer he can�t stop thinking about even when he passes out. A bond is formed between Adele and Wyatt�one they can�t fight. Wyatt�s uncle seeks to make Adele his personal healer�at any cost. Adele is the key to Wyatt�s salvation and his redemption. He won�t let her go without a fight. Ever.
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�Adele! Get over here!� Jason, the doctor on duty roared, sending spittle across the bleeding man�s torso. The din drowned all the other noises, shouts and the blast of the coughing scarlet spats bursting from the injured man�s mouth. �This guy is going into cardiac arrest!�

�Hold your water, Wilson!� Adele said under her breath and blew a soft curl that had escaped her ponytail out of her eyes.
She dug into one of her front smock�s pockets and took out her syringe. She hurried into the curtained off room, and the scene hit her hard, stopping her in her tracks. On the slab of cold metal lay a man so striking, her breath hitched in her chest. The swarm of medical staff around the ivory, chiseled physique didn�t seem to give a damn how he looked. Spasming and flapping about like a fish out of water, several of the nurses struggled to keep him on the table.

�Hold him down!� Jason ordered; his gray hair fell into his eyes. �His blood pressure�s falling. Adele! Wake the fuck up! Get over here! Sedate him already! He�s trying to get off the fucking table! Paddles! Paddles!�

Habit took over and Adele bolted into action, allowing her instincts to come like lightening through her. She couldn�t let him die. Not him. The thought didn�t even warrant her full attention. A numbness that usually came with this type of emergency thawed. The patient groaned as the syringe bit into his muscular arm, finding its target and pumping its liquid relaxation into his bloodstream.

Adele wanted to save him. She always wanted to be a nurse. Taking care of others came naturally as it seemed with most African American women. The caregivers of their communities, the nurturers, the matriarchs, and nothing made her feel more alive and worthy than helping someone in pain find peace. Nurse-that may have been her profession, but the hunk on the slab conjured more than a healing instinct.

Much more if the tingling in her back held any indication.

�Clear!� Jason bellowed and all the dozens of gloved hands on the naked torso she had mentally claimed as her territory retreated.

Electricity burst through the unnamed man forcing the handsome body to surge upward from the table. In the wake of the widespread flurry of trying to save his life, a tight tension emerged as the seconds ticked by.

Come on, breathe, beat heart, beat!

As if answering her silent pleading, the soft beep, beep on the monitor signaled a whoosh of relief. One of the nurses wheeled in a temporary bed and together they lifted him onto the scratchy white sheets and pillows. People began to dissipate, moving on to the next adrenaline jolt-emergency.

I should be going, handsome stranger.

But she couldn�t. His chocolate curls lay plastered to his damp, perfectly sculptured face. She rubbed the wet strands back and watched him wince as if her touch burned or caused him pain. Her fingers moved on their own accord, running up his muscular arm, across the band-aid there and on.

He groaned.

Fearing he may be cold from the chilly room temperature, she threw a blanket over his nakedness. The paramedics had cut away his shirt to give them direct access to the large gaping stab wound in his abdomen. They�d already stitched it back together, but he had lost so much blood. The blood transfusion line worked to replenish the loss, but his heart had tried to give up first.

Thankfully, that hadn�t happened.

�Who are you?� she asked aloud, and peered closely at his shoulder where some kind of design had been burned into the skin. Not a tattoo, a brand, and it appeared to be a K encircled in an oval. He�d been branded, but not in the Greek Fraternity manner. Or maybe it was, though he looked too mature to be into the whole frat thing.

Her hands drifted downward, and over his rock hard abs. She caught herself before they drifted further below. Ethics blared inside her and she snatched her hands from beneath the blanket. Cheeks warm and panties wet, she stepped back and picked up his chart.

It read �John Doe 02282009.�

She allowed her fingers to stroke his lower lips, noting their curvy shape and how deeply pink they were. Kissable lips. Lips that shouldn�t be on any man who didn�t want a woman puckering up and tonguing him down. What would it be like to have all this patient�s hard surfaces pressed against her tender spots?

God, I need to reacquaint myself with Mr. Black because I�m trying to kiss an unconscious patient. Shit, Adele. Get a life!


Jason called her again. Bastard. There were other nurses, but he liked to pick on her for reasons she couldn�t come close to fathoming.

Once she got to the curtained entranceway, the good-looking brunette released another pant.

�You! Come with haste!� he croaked, struggling up on to his elbows.

His bag-heavy eyelids flapped open. His voice, thick with urgency forced her to turn back. It rolled over the machines� murmurings and bowled directly into her heart.

�Yes?� she asked, hurrying to his side. She wiped the new droplets of sweat littering his wide brow. �You were badly hurt. You�re at University General�s Emergency room.�

�Stop babbling woman!� he growled, leaning up further and sitting up fully. The blanket dropped to his waist and exposed the deliciously ripped torso, and the glaring scarlet slash of violence.

Brilliant leafy colored eyes met hers, but they burned with purpose and fire.

�I have to get out of here!� he said before falling into a series of coughs.

�You aren�t going anywhere,� Adele said and gently tried to push the hard body back down to the bed. �You suffered a
major stab wound, lost a lot of blood, and died for about four seconds��

The brute ignored her and began to snatch out his I.V. without even blinking. His blood transfusion line met a similar fate, spilling crimson droplets across the floor, his chest, and the blanket.

"I have much to do,� he said as much to himself as he did to her. He threw the covering to the floor, swung his legs around to the side of the bed and stood. Bare feet met cold linoleum.

"Stop!� Adele yelled, but couldn�t stop her eyes from following the blanket�s descent and the tight, yummy and very nude body it revealed.

He snatched her by the shoulders.

�Out of my way!�

"You can�t just leave��

�Watch me��

��fall,� Adele finished for him, as she hurried to grab the handsome man who crumbled on the spot. �I tried to tell you. You aren�t going to get too far. You�ve lost way too much blood.�

Those fire filled eyes drifted close and his head swayed, rolling sideways and slumped, like the rest of him.

Damn, he�s heavy!

He fell forward, into her arms all dead, no pun intended, weight. He dropped like a wilted flower, and Adele could feel his pulse beat sluggishly against her flat palm.

�Jason! Todd! Bon!�

Todd ran into the room, eyes wide, white coat flapping in his haste.

�Adele? What the hell happened?� Todd asked, hoisting the now unconscious patient back onto the table. Taking the man from her as if he didn�t weigh anything, Todd sucked his teeth in displeasure.

�He woke up and went crazy,� she explained and took out another syringe.

Todd nodded. �Blood transfusion is not done. Brain can be all ready and charged, but the body ain�t ready to do nothin�.�

Adele nodded in agreement. Though she had some ideas for that body she�d like to try out when it became ready. Sexual healing not withstanding.

Todd dumped the patient back onto the bed as she went about reinserting the patient�s transfusion line and his IV. She upped the dose to keep him sedated. Obviously what she had given him earlier wasn�t enough to keep him sleeping.

Todd sucked his teeth.


He lumbered out.

Unable to follow him directly, she lingered, her eyes tracing the outline of the patient�s body beneath the blanket�s thin white covering.

�Come on. Dr. Wilson needs you to help deliver a breech baby over in 3.�

Even as she followed Todd out of the room, the situation stayed with her. The look in those fabulous eyes would haunt her tonight when she finally closed her own to sleep. Well, morning, since it was already two a.m.

�Adele! Trauma code yellow!� Jason screamed as he raced by the room. �Room three!�

Reluctance rooted her to the spot.

Duty drove her feet forward.

Leaving her curiosity behind.
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: Byte Sam on Jan 2, 2013
I really enjoyed this book. Loved the chemistry between hero/heroine. The sex and action was good.
Submitted By: virgogirl on Nov 20, 2010
The story did not live up to its excerpt! The characters where underdeveloped and the storyline was weak and gappy. Would have loved to seen a full fledged love affair between the main characters!!!
Submitted By: None09 on Sep 21, 2010
I loved everything about this book. The storyline, characters and sex scenes definitely worked. I buy lots of BW/WM titles and this is definitely one of my favorites. I plan to buy more from this author.

A Healer's Bond

By: RaeLynn Blue