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Addict, Hunter: A Thieves Series, Book 2

Series: Hunter: a Thieves Series , Book 2.0
By: Lexi Blake | Other books by Lexi Blake
Published By: DLZ Entertainment LLC
Published: Sep 22, 2015
ISBN # 9781937608422
Word Count: 112,739
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Eligible Price: $4.99

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Categories: Romance>Vampires Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Werewolves/Shifter


Addict, Hunter: A Thieves Series, Book 2 (Hunter: a Thieves Series) by Lexi Blake - Romance>Paranormal/Horror eBook

In order to destroy a legendary monster and save the royal family, Kelsey must make a deal with a devil…

When Kelsey Owens returns home to Dallas, she is a changed woman. After months of training with Marcus Vorenus, she has more control over her abilities. She’s ready to start her new job, even if it means dealing with the King of All Vampire and his partner, Devinshea Quinn. Her first assignment, however, will force her to face her past. Grayson Sloane is in trouble and she has to find him.

With the help of Gray’s brother, a full empath demon, Kelsey tracks her one-time lover down. Before she knows it, she’s pulled into Gray’s undercover operation in a demon sex club and sitting across from a Duke of Hell. Abbas Hiberna plans to use her city to test his new drug, Brimstone. It doesn’t just give supernatural creatures a high. It also leaves them vulnerable to demonic persuasion.

When the king’s own men begin to turn against him, even the royal family is in danger. Keeping them safe will put Kelsey in the duke’s crosshairs and test her fledgling relationship with Marcus. With her new life crumbling around her, a dark secret about her former lover is revealed, and Kelsey will have to choose between saving Gray Sloane and the revenge she’s waited a lifetime for.

A Hunter: A Thieves Series Novel by Lexi Blake
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“You’re supposed to be in Italy.” Gray made it sound a little like an accusation.

“I just got back yesterday.” I really wished I had more clothes on. I noticed that the man Gray had been talking to was watching us now.

“So it only took you twenty-four hours to get into serious trouble,” Gray complained.

It wasn’t how I expected the reunion to go. I was the injured party. I was the one who had come to save him even though he’d treated me like crap. The least I expected was a little gratitude. “I’m on a case.”

“That’s your excuse for everything, sweetheart,” Gray said flatly.

Tears welled in my eyes and I fucking hated that. Only Gray ever made me lose control. That mask was coming in handy. I should have been happy. He was making it easy on me. I could go home to Marcus and cuddle up and know that I was in the right place with the right man. The time I spent with Gray had been a huge mistake. “Then it can be my excuse for leaving. I can see you have everything under control here, Sloane. I won’t bother you again.”

His hand wrapped around my upper arm and drew me close to his body. Every inch of my skin came to life the second he touched me. “You bother me every second of every day, Kelsey mine, and it’s far too late for you to leave.” He pulled me into the confines of his muscular arms. His mouth went straight to my ear and he whispered. “I’m undercover, sweetheart, and now you are, too. You know how to play this role. Keep your mouth closed and look submissive. Please don’t fight me on this. I’m trying to keep you safe. You have no idea what you’ve gotten into. Play along with me and I’ll explain everything in a while.”

I nodded. I knew exactly what he wanted. I was capable of keeping my mouth shut when the occasion called for it. I’d been in the business long enough to know that listening was way more important than talking.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes, gorgeous.” His hands slid along the curve of my hip. “I missed you, Kelsey mine.”

Addict, Hunter: A Thieves Series, Book 2

By: Lexi Blake