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July Pick: Ransom
by Julie Garwood

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It's not summer any more, but it's still sizzing in the book club. Due to popular demand (and pleading - no immunity to pleading up in here) Smart Bitch Sarah's Sizzing Book Club has been continued for the rest of the year! Each month Sarah will announce the Sizzling Book Club pick, and All Romance will cover it with deliciously savory eBook Bucks Rebates, so you'll get a 50% rebate in bookish currency from All Romance. Just use the coupon code SBTBARE at checkout.

Q: How does this bookclub thing work?
A: There will be one session per month. The book will be announced at the beginning of each month along with the details for the related event.

Q: Events? What kind of events?
A: Super secret surprise events. Watch the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books Blog for details. Events details will be reposted to the schedule below after they are announced by Sarah.

Q Can you give us a hint?
A: Nope. Sarah told us if we leaked any information ahead of time, including the next book club pick, she'd steal our mini bar. SO NOT COOL.

Q: Can I recommend a book for the bookclub to read?
A: Not to us. Sarah is in charge of the reading list and she is one opinionated bitch. Feel free to post suggestions/recommendations in the comments section on posts related to the bookclub. Sarah absolutely wants to know the most-anticipated upcoming romance you want to read, but she may not be able to add your book to the list. Can she be bribed? The last time we asked we were sent a photograph of a pink 52-foot yacht. With a very, very big bar.

Q: How do I submit a recommendation or request for the book club?
A: You can email Sarah at sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksDOTcom with your suggestion. Please use the subject line "Book Club Suggestion" so she knows to grab it as soon as it comes in.

Q: What kind of books is Sarah looking for?
A: Good ones! Sarah is open to contemporary, historical, erotica, novella, print, digital, paranormal, YA - pretty much anything. She's after good books with strong romances, happy endings, and lots in the narrative to discuss during the book club chats, which are held at varying times, and hosted at the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books Blog.

Q: What's in it for me?
A: In addition to countless hours of entertainment and spectacular books there will be PRIZES and DISCOUNTS. Keep your eyes peeled on Sarah's blog. All prizes/contests will be run from there and all winners announced there.

Q: I missed out on a discount and/or prize because I a) have been too busy to check the Internet; b) my hard-drive crashed and I couldn't get on-line; c) I missed a session; or d) fill in the blank. Can I get the book discount and/or be eligible for a prize anyway?
A: No. WARNING: If you write and ask this question, vengeful rabbits may visit your home. Discounts are a limited time only. In other words, you snooze, you lose.

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