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True Mates

Series: True Mates , Book 1.0
By: Zena Wynn | Other books by Zena Wynn
Published By: Loose Id LLC
Published: Jan 29, 2008
ISBN # 9781596326279
Word Count: 33,821
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Eligible Price: $4.99

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Categories: Romance>Werewolves/Shifter Romance>Interracial Romance>Erotic Romance

Kiesha Morgan is a plus-sized, bi-racial business woman who lives life on her own terms. Her life is all about control...her control. She owns her own business, her own condo, and conducts her relationships the same way she runs her business -- by her rules. Any man that doesn't like it is welcome to leave.

Alex Wolfe is the town of Refuge's only veterinarian. He's also a shape-shifter, and the Alpha of the Raven Pack. He's been waiting for the woman who can complete him, his one True Mate. Even though the odds of finding her are slim, he refuses to settle for second best. Once he finds her, he'll never let her go.

Their worlds collide when Kiesha is snatched out of her nice, safe world and mysteriously teleported to a clearing in the woods outside of Refuge. She's out of her element and things are out of her control.

Life just got a little bit more interesting.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Dubious consent.
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She hung, hands tied together over her head, her toes barely touching the ground. She wore a loose, flowing nightshirt, which barely covered her shaved mound. The brilliant light of the full moon shone like a spotlight, magnifying the surrounding shadows. A breeze stirred, playing with the hem of her garment. Her nipples tightened painfully in response to the cool air.

“I’m going to kill him,” she said to herself. “He’s dead, just as soon as I get down from here.” She didn’t know how in the freaking hell he’d done it, but somehow, in some way, he was responsible.

Kiesha pulled and tugged her wrists this way and that, trying to loosen them from the ropes binding her. When the bonds refused to relax, she tried twisting her body, hoping that if she put enough pressure on the rope, it would come undone from the tree limb. Every time she rotated in one direction, momentum carried her back to the same position in which she began. She panted and grunted, then escalated to cursing, venting her frustration as her efforts remained fruitless.

Over her mutterings, she heard a noise. Pausing in her struggles, she listened closely. Loudly, she called out, “Conor, I’m going to kick your butt when I get down from here. You are so dead! If this has anything to do with your harebrained ideas about werewolves and all that other bull you’re always talking about…”

Ever since she had known Conor, he was always spouting off about werewolves. Going on and on about what was true and what was myth. He’d said he was training her because one day she would need to know. Yeah, right. As if she believed that crap! But she listened to him anyway, because her momma had taught her to be nice to people, even if she thought they were crazy. Humor them, she’d said. What could it hurt? We wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings now, would we?

Thanks to The World According to Conor, she now knew the proper way to greet a werewolf, the hierarchy in werewolf packs, and a bunch of stuff she considered useless. This is what I get for humoring the man, she thought. I’m hanging from a tree, half-naked in the middle of the woods on the night of a full moon.

She heard another sound; it sounded closer than before. “Conor! Get me down from here!” As she waited for him to respond, the hair on the back of her nape stood on end. Something -- or someone -- was watching her. She’d assumed it was Conor, but now it occurred to her that maybe it wasn’t. Suddenly, every horror flick she’d ever seen flashed through her mind. Her mother had always warned watching that stuff would come back to bite her.

Kiesha breathed slowly and deliberately, trying to calm the panic seeking to take hold of her mind. She looked around the clearing, straining to see into the shadows. She thought she saw a pair of yellow eyes staring back at her. Lots of pairs. Oh, this was so not good. As she watched, creatures materialized from the dark thicket into the shadows at the edge of the clearing.

Wolves. Big ones. Five of them.

Frantically, she tried to remember everything she’d ever learned about wolves. Don’t stare them in the eyes. No, wait. That was dogs. Show no fear. Well, forget that! She was already so scared, she was surprised she hadn’t pissed on herself. Why, oh, why, hadn’t she watched Animal Planet while she’d had the chance? Then maybe she’d know what to do.

Did wolves eat humans? God, she hoped not.

She chanted “Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God” under her breath until it became a mantra. Her mind blanked by fear, she could think of nothing else to say.

At the sound of her chanting, the wolves paused and looked at each other. Some form of communication seemed to pass among them. One by one, they stepped forward into the clearing. Staying totally still, she waited to see what they were going to do. Conor, if I die tonight, I will haunt you forever, she thought to herself.

One of the wolves stepped ahead of the others and into the moonlight. It was large and gray with a white muzzle. Along his back, the black-tipped fur formed a pattern. It was hard to tell, but his eyes appeared to glow. No, must be a trick of the moonlight. He eased forward slowly, almost creeping, his ears to his head. If she didn’t know better, she’d say it was trying not to scare her. As if! Who wouldn’t be afraid of a wolf the size of a pony?

It crept toward her, sniffing the air. Maybe it was just curious. She really didn’t know and didn’t care, as long as it didn’t eat her. As it got closer, she looked directly into its golden eyes, too afraid to move. It came within inches then sat back on its haunches. The wolf stared at her, tongue hanging out of its mouth, head tilted to the side. She swore the thing was laughing at her.

“Find me funny, do you?” she asked. Its ears tilted forward as though it -- he, if the size of that thing between its legs was any indication -- was listening. “You try waking up tied to a tree in the middle of the woods surrounded by predators and see how you feel.” A strange light entered its eyes, and she somehow knew he was laughing at her. Great! He thinks I’m a comedian. Glad someone’s being entertained.

While her attention was focused on the gray wolf, the others had quietly eased closer and now sat near him in a semi-circle facing her. As she glanced from wolf to wolf and nothing happened, fear subsided and curiosity took its place. One by one, her muscles relaxed as the tension left her body. She’d never been this close to a live wolf before. If she survived, she might never be again.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, she studied the rest of them. The wolf next to the gray one was just as large, but built on a leaner scale. His black fur was frosted with white. The third wolf was all white with the exception of his nose and muzzle, which were black, drawing attention to those killer fangs of his. The fourth wolf was all black, except for one white sock on the front paw. It might have been comical if he hadn’t looked so vicious. The last one was blond. She wondered if wolves had dumb blond jokes like humans did.

Some sort of signal seemed to pass between them once again, and she tensed. What now? One by one, they leaned forward and began to sniff her, starting at her feet and ending at her crotch. One came so close that she felt the moist air from his nostrils on her mound.

“Hey! Cut that out. I’m not some bitch in heat for you to be sniffing at!” One of the wolves made a snuffling sound that reminded her of laughter.

Then the gray wolf moved closer. Beginning at her feet, he slowly ran his nose up her legs, leaving a trail of cool dampness in its wake. With a quick swipe of his tongue, he licked her clit. She gasped as she clamped her thighs together and tried to move away. His growl was low and mean.

He licked her clit again as she swung back into position. Then he tried to shove his nose into her crotch. “Back off, you mangy mutt,” she said, and kicked at his head with her foot. He danced gracefully out of the way. Again, she heard that snuffling sound, this time from the rest of the group.

As she dragged her toes to stop from swinging back and forth, the gray wolf looked at the others and nodded. She blinked. He couldn’t have just nodded his head. She must be imagining things. No, better yet, she was dreaming. This was a nightmare from which she couldn’t wait to awaken.

The wolves threw back their muzzles and howled at the moon, a sound of joyful celebration. It startled her and she jerked, accidentally biting down on her tongue. The pain assured her that this was no dream.

As she sucked on her tongue, trying to ease the pain, the gray wolf stepped forward again. One minute, a wolf stood before her; the next, a man.

A naked, aroused man.

Conor wasn’t crazy. Werewolves were real. “Oh, man, I am so screwed.” Then everything went black.
Reader Reviews (26)
Submitted By: ksugreat on Jan 17, 2014
I love me some werewolves and this is a fun story and a great start to her series. There is no real new twist to the shifter part of the story, but the dialogue is fun and the story moves quickly. The characters are likable and it is overall an enjoyable read worth the price I paid and led me to buy more in the series.
Submitted By: enjoy on Jan 17, 2014
I enjoyed this series although not an original theme or genre the way its written is original enough to keep it fresh. We also get introduced to a wide range of characters without being distracted from those central to the story.
Submitted By: sassytw on Jan 13, 2014
I enjoyed this story by Ms. Wynn. Alex was a strong male character and Kiesha was a perfect match for him. She struggled with the new world she found herself in but didn't stop that from standing her ground when Alex is a bit too bossy. I am looking forward to seeing more from this author.
Submitted By: sarahd on Jan 9, 2014
Great characters and good chemistry. i know that when i read a book from this author that it will usually be a good story with some hot scenes thrown in.
Submitted By: sra246 on Jan 3, 2014
LOVE the True Mate Series!! Zena Wynn has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I never get tired of rereading her work!!
Submitted By: firefly2518 on Jan 28, 2013
3.5 stars - Pretty good: was fairly sexy and did like the characters but too much plot crammed into too short a length so a little unbelievable that she could accept the existence of supernaturals so quickly.
Submitted By: sweetpea122 on Jan 18, 2013
I really enjoyed reading Kiesha and Alex's story! True Mates is the first book in Zena Wynn's True Mates series. It's a hot and fun read that you will be sure to like.
Submitted By: jpeeps83 on Jul 11, 2012
Just getting to it now and it was good, it gave you the back drop of her other true mate series books.
Submitted By: tazzy429 on Apr 23, 2011
Absolutely loved the well written story, it just pulls you in further and further. The alpha male was insatiable and totally irresistable to even the most reserved of females. I was motivated to read the entire series.
Submitted By: blueisland23 on Apr 15, 2011
This was a cute story with good dialogue and interesting characters. I liked it and hope that the next story in this series is even better.
Submitted By: cocod on Apr 12, 2011
I just found her falling in with this major lifestyle too simplistic. There was lots of room for conflict between the main characters and inner conflict for the female lead. And info about the peripheral characters was wasted because the story was so short. Could have been much, much better. And the fact that I cannot recall their names is quite telling. Really didn't make much of an impression.
Submitted By: nverde6 on Apr 9, 2011
A thoroughly unreal but very sexy story about a woman who is magically kidnapped and transported to another state and then instantly falls in love with an alpha wolf. FUN HOT and sexy. This story runs in conjunction with the other true mates novels and the other couples are mentioned throughout.
Submitted By: moonmama on Apr 2, 2011
LOVED IT! This is one I will definitely be rereading. The love scenes where HOT! I love the story mainly cause it was something different,I felt the connection between the main characters. Anywho well worth the money.
Submitted By: DrJ on Oct 7, 2010
Finding your future mate hanging in a tree has to be weird, but the story of this love affair gets very interesting. Set in the lush forests of the Carolinas this inventive and entrepeneur human female meets her match and her true love in this wolf shapeshifter Alpha. Lots of great loving and a really warm and satisfying love story.
Submitted By: pollekeskisses on Sep 15, 2010
Wonderful book, actually a wonderful series. Strong characters and well it gets you hooked for more. The only thing that bugged me was the 'repeat of chapters' in the books. I understood the 3 books stories(true mates, nikolai's wolf and mary and the bear) ran practically at the same time, but it was getting annoying. Still it couldn't keep me away to read more.
Submitted By: divachocolate on Jul 1, 2010
I just loved this couple. Nothing like a strong woman & a man who loves her that way. Hot is there sex life, just the way it should be!
Submitted By: pammkj on Jun 7, 2010
This book was soooooo-good. Loved it!
Submitted By: TFoskey on May 28, 2010
Enjoyed the book. I absolutely love Alex; Kesh is also pretty a good character.
Submitted By: None09 on Apr 7, 2010
Started off strong, but ran out of steam. The story was dragging by the end.
Submitted By: browngirl7 on Mar 14, 2010
I loved this story!!!! I didn't want it to end and now I am hooked on the True Mates series. If anyone reads this - Read The True Mates Series!!! You won't regret it.
Submitted By: on Mar 6, 2010
This read was so good. The hero is sexy, strong- yummy! One of those reads you'll read over and over.
Submitted By: maggiemae69 on Dec 24, 2009
Great story. It jumps right into the meat of the tale and never slows down. The characters are believable and I found myself routing for them. I read it all in one sitting and came rushing back here to buy the sequel. The sex is hot but it's the plot that kept me reading. Great marriage of the two.
Submitted By: neneburge on Nov 11, 2009
Loved Alex and Keisha!! They were sexy and sweet!!! Very good!
Submitted By: sheri on Oct 25, 2009
i loved this book. The sex scenes were phenomenal but also loving and caring. I loved that the character was a full figured woman and let people know that real woman have curves. Loved the story and its progression. i recommend this book to everyone
Submitted By: Envynone on Aug 17, 2009
I enjoyed this story. The H/H were good together and the sex was good and plentiful. I would love to have seen more conflict in the story but it was still a really good read. The next story in this series was set up well in this book and really makes you want to read the next book.
Submitted By: flamminhot on Jul 23, 2009
I loved reading this book. This book really drew me, it really left me wanting more. I look forward to reading part 2. I was never interested in shifter books but this one really sold me. I look foward to reading more of this author's books...Great job!

True Mates

By: Zena Wynn