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Sister's Keeper

Series: Sister's Keeper , Book 1.0
By: Marilyn Lee | Other books by Marilyn Lee
Published By: Red Rose Publishing
Published: Aug 25, 2011
ISBN # 9781454300854
Word Count: 21,448
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Interracial

Kelly’s always considered herself the responsible sister. So when her twin abruptly elopes with a former boyfriend, she feels compelled to break the news to the man expecting to spend a romantic weekend with Karen. Her plans to do the right thing go awry when he mistakes her for Karen. One passionate kiss and she’s helpless to stop herself from being swept into a passionate affair with Karen’s jilted lover.

Despite the desire raging between them, Kelly is torn by competing needs. A part of her wants to confess her true identity. A stronger, more sensual part, urges her to cast off her good-girl persona and revel in the knowledge that the man of her dreams can’t keep his hands or lips off her.

Dom Evans, just out of a bad relationship, is stunned when he opens the door one night to find himself staring at a shy, but sexy woman he can’t resist.

Although he knows she’s playing a game of pretend, he wonders how long it will be before she realizes he’s guarding a secret he has no intentions of sharing with her—until he’s forced to.
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Without giving her time to find a delicate way of telling him who she was and why she was there, he pulled her into his arms.

“Hey! Wait. I’m not—“

He silenced her protests by crushing her lips under his.

His lips were warm, insistent, and demanding, his body unyielding against hers.

A shock of need sent a shudder through her body. She closed her eyes and savored the taste of his caressing lips while enjoying the feel of his big body against hers. Then, needing more, she pressed closer, parting her lips.

Sucking her tongue into his mouth, he held her with one arm around her waist, leaving the other hand free to stroke over her body.

She moaned against his lips as she felt his hand glide below her waist to touch and caress each of her ass cheeks before he then slipped it between their upper bodies. His fingers brushed over the buttons holding her blouse closed.

This is crazy, Kelly. Stop him before he starts unbuttoning your blouse.

Ignoring the voice of reason, she rubbed her breasts against him.

In response, he swiftly and skillfully undid several buttons, which allowed him to slip his fingers inside her bra.

A jolt of need sent a flood of moisture into her panties. “Oh!” She shuddered and arched her back, pressing both her lower body and her breasts closer.

He lifted his mouth from hers. “You like that?”

The question, asked in a soft, husky voice, stoked her passions. What was not to like about having a big, warm hand on her neglected breasts? And she could feel the outline of what appeared to be a rather nice sized cock pressed against her. Like did not begin to describe the emotions roiling inside her.

Driven by primal need, she slid her hand up from the nape of his neck to cup behind his head. Lifting onto her toes, she sought his mouth. “Yes,” she murmured against his lips. “I like it and I like you too.”

“Believe me. The feeling is mutual.” He put his other arm around her, positioned her against the open door, and devoured her mouth.

Kelly responded in a mindless haze, feeling the hardening contours of what was definitely a very nice sized cock pressed intimately against her as they kissed and caressed each other.

Each kiss and caress made her hotter and more desperate to feel his cock sliding balls deep inside her empty, aching pussy. “God,” she moaned, just thinking about it. She sneaked a hand between their bodies and cupped her palm over his groin, massaging and caressing his shaft and his balls through his pants.

He thrust his hips forward against her hand. “Damn. Don’t do that unless you mean business.”

The hoarsely voiced warning was enough to bring her back to her senses. She snatched her hand away and stared up at him, sucking in a deep breath. How far did she want to take this?

He stared back for several moments, in silence. Then he sighed and finally drew his lower body away from hers. Keeping one arm around her waist, he matter-of-factly rebuttoned her blouse.

Kelly was thankful for his arm because she found it impossible to stand without support. Confessing to him that he’d been kissing and arousing the wrong sister was out of the question.

He brushed the back of his hand against her cheek. “Are you all right?”

All right? She longed to rip off her clothes, spread her legs, and have him ravish her right there on his front steps. She longed to undo his zipper, slip her hands inside his pants, and fondle his big, bare cock before slowly sucking it between her lips. Once it was sufficiently wet and hard, she envisioned guiding it deep into her body.

Big-time lust gripped her only moments after meeting her sister’s jilted lover. Was she all right? Absolutely not.
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: cocoabrownchic on Jan 1, 2013
I tend to LOVE anything by Marilyn Lee, so this was a slight let down for me. I could not really get into the storyline, what little of it there was. The preview had me intrigued, but I was unfortunately let down by Ms. Lee this go around. If you've never read anything by Ms. Lee, please do yourself a favor and not let this be your very first purchase from her catalog of books.
Submitted By: same on Jul 4, 2012
Pretty raunchy without really connecting with anything of substance. Storyline was weak and some areas were boring.
Submitted By: sparklenight on Dec 16, 2011
Very confusing waste of time and money

Sister's Keeper

By: Marilyn Lee